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  1. A supercar (what ever) is a good idea to get brand awareness … a very important first step. But then I´d like to see more than a small GT4 for China. It will be important that they show their product ideas to challenge the sports car market early.
  2. Reactions to a Lotus in Germany? My best friend looked once at my Evora and stated wisely … aha this is a British plastic kit car with a Japanese engine? Looks quite solid. But why didn´t you buy a Porsche 911? 10 minutes later he could not even remember the brand name and referred to it as the Barchetta … It is amazing that some German car guys really do not know anything about Lotus and that they are unable to keep the shape and make in mind for some minutes and refer back to the 911. I am sure this happens with Corvettes, GTRs and McLarens too. But: Lotus Barchetta - not a bad idea indeed. Evora GT 410 with a small windshield, two seater, rear seats fully covered and no roof and no rollbar … not a bad idea
  3. OMG I strongly dislike 4-cyl-engines whatever the output via turbo and hybridity maybe … and I am way too old for entry level cars …
  4. I did not know that the Alpine is a success? I would have expected Lotus to go the opposite way. Higher price, more entertainment, more luxury better auto-gearbox and look for a new dealer network which has customers in the high price market already? But as this is just talk and 2020 is basically tomorrow I do not think anything is happening at all. If there should be an entry level Evora why did they go for the GT410 only? In Germany the 400 is no longer for sale. All you can buy is dealer stock.
  5. Does anyone have an idea what the more practical sportscar on the basis Evora will be? 2020 to be released and no pictures yet? A 4-door Evora with a higher roof and a boot on top of the V6 maybe ?
  6. They are NA and not supercharged? Cosworth GT4 racing engines?
  7. Evora GT410 Sport vs. Porsche 991 GT3 Touring. Again the Evora stood its place well against a Porsche. I was not surprised about the result but I am surprised to read such a comparison in a car magazine at all
  8. The high level of comfort comes from the rigid chassis and was one of the reason I went into the Lotus camp from Porsche. This stiffness makes the suspension actually work which makes it feel comfortable even it is still firm. But all depends of the driver education. At BMW M and Audi RS they learned the markets. I personally know from the engineers that they sometimes reduce the slow driving comfort to give the inexperienced driver the sensation of driving a sports car. Their new markets and new types of customers demand it: shaking = sporty, awful noisy = sound. That is why I like Lotus: it is not made to fit into markets, it is just designed to work
  9. The Porsche factory is very active to silence these problems normally and the Porsche fans help too. They are clever people. They protect their values and keep pricing and resales value up. Something we must learn from them.
  10. Exactly my thinking and my experience. Maybe you should tell all that again to Lotus factory marketing. I wonder if they know what type of car and how good such an Evora is? At least they do not tell that openly to anyone in the automotive world by my feeling. Maybe it is just a complete working car and that´s what they don´t like overthere? I think I`ll take this afternoon off and go for a drive. The weather forecast for the weekend is not so good.
  11. Just saw a post in Facebook (Lotus Evora Owners Group) today: somebody uses the Corvette spec Michelins (even run flats) on his Evora 400 … 245 front and 285 rear. He praises them … but this idea sounds horrible to me.
  12. I drive on Evora S standard PS4S with rim protection on the road. This tire is more complete than the Pirellis in my eyes. It looks better and it protects lightweight rims much better. 235/35/19 on 8x19 pressure 1.8b cold and 275/30/20 on 9,5x20 pressure 2.2.b cold. Geo has more camber at the front for additional turn in bite. If you´d run the bigger 285 rear you will also change the rake and gearing a little.
  13. I would always change the Evora headers when upgrading engine performance as a first step. In my opinion this is needed to make the engine run safe and reduce the heat at the cylinder heads and make no damage to the catalyzers. Hi flow headers with a single metal catalyzer in the back work very well and you can feel that change alone immediately. So it is logic to go for the full 460 option in the 400 because changing the headers is the most expensive part of the job. That´s what Komo-tec offers. And the price approx. 5000.- EUR for 55 hp for the parts and mapping is fair. Any 430 by mapping only makes no sense to me as it can be dangerous. But maybe this is a typical German quality-performance thinking - we can drive the car very hard on the motorway so we must take care and do it right from the start. And it is also my thinking that the Evora needs approx. 10.000 EUR performance tuning investment to become the sharp Lotus everybody wants to drive. It is 10-15% of the car price in Germany and it is worth it
  14. As we all love the Evora and wonder why the car is so underrated and marketing ideas are missing here - Porsche again shows how it is done and even the the cheap way … Porsche did average jobs in developing Cayman and 911 (the good jobs came from BOSCH and Michelin) but a perfect job in selling and marketing, brand awareness and in making-customers-buy-new-every-2nd-year. And there is a new example. I saw today the 911 992 GT (RS) prototype without any camouflage on the road. It says, "sucker, scrap your 991 GT3 RS and buy me immediately". Porsche are now testing at the Nürburgring and the press will be happy to go there. I expect pictures to online next week the latest. Porsche is perfect in this kind of pre-markting in viral ways and collecting orders before the car is in the books. Porsche could keep the car in Weissach test track in secret but they already chose to drive on the normal road to the ring … they want to be seen and they want to be pictured.
  15. In Germany a normal 911 is around 150.000.- EUR. Well above the Evora. But it is not a real sports car for sports car drivers. The Porsche 911 is sold as a business coupe and is run mostly by a company not an individual owner. So the price is the leasing per month not the buying price like with the Evora. Evora means a pure exotic sports car. 911 means normal business car. The Evora is right as a pure sports car, just like a expensive sports motorcycle, a toy for playboys, but the image is just 0. Not bad, not god, just none. That is a huge mistake of Lotus. They could sell 3-4 times the numbers if they would care about this car in marketing in Germany. At the moment the Corvette sells … why? It is no 911! But the marketing push for the Corvette to be recognized in the difficult German market is really big (many well prepared press cars) and the car is now driven mainly by enthusiasts. The image is getting good and so increase the sales. At least I see many more than Evoras. The Corvette is sold for the same reason like the Evora would be sold: a toy which can drive very very well and looks like a real sports car should. I think looking to the brand Porsche always is not a good advise. Porsche is 50% religion, 50% image, 10% cars, 15% financial services … so 125% success. Yes, Porsche is magic. Compared to that: Lotus is 75% real man made and man driven sports cars and 15% problems with self confidence. And 10% are missing always. But that can be ironed out by us by clever tuning.
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