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  1. Steffen_Leitgeb-LSWGmbh

    J-hook brake upgrade on 400

    Evora 430 is "GT country". High performance and small quantity production. I simply guessed approx. 4.800 GBP price inc. VAT. Glad that I am not bad with such guessings. Compared to the new sales price for the car it is okay even. What is the delta to 410/400 discs? If you really want to cry go to Porsche for a serious 911 parts shopping and service or repair costs outside warranty. Don`t even think about the 911 Turbo S or PCCB brakes which are basically crap and ruinious when driving on track 😉 BMW M4 or Audi S4 steel brakes are not really cheap too and they are produced in real big quantities compared to any Evora part.
  2. Steffen_Leitgeb-LSWGmbh

    wheel weight Evora 410 Sport 2017?

    Will do - thank you 🙂 Maybe s.o. of them has a bugdet for speed too 🙂
  3. Steffen_Leitgeb-LSWGmbh

    wheel weight Evora 410 Sport 2017?

    I see. Good info. Is the wheel in the Lotus cup regulated somehow? Would it be possible to use a different and more lightweight racing wheel in 18" for the Evora? I understand the Evora race cars in the Cup are not fully identical with the GT4 cars. In GT4 there is a strict wheel regulation (minimum weight) and only the special wheels which have been homologated by Lotus at the FIA are allowed.
  4. Steffen_Leitgeb-LSWGmbh

    wheel weight Evora 410 Sport 2017?

    Good addition. Interesting. But why did you go for 18" front and rear? Clearly the rotational mass is better as the rim is more centered. But according to magazine tests and also Michelin statements grooved tires (even Cup 2) do need a stiff wheel system (tire+wheel) for best handling and traction. That is why I never took 18/19 into consideration while development after the Michelin discussions. It is completely different with slick tires, here the whole system can use more flexibility to put more rubber on the road under dynamic pressure. Does anyone else drive BC Forged? 19/20?
  5. Steffen_Leitgeb-LSWGmbh

    wheel weight Evora 410 Sport 2017?

    Yes. Exactly. Thank you. Perfect. My old car has changed really. The Evora S is now really quick and steers even better. If has one has an Evora 400 and compares a full titanium exhaust with lightweight wheels (approx same cost of 5k and approx the same reduction of 5,5 kg) the wheels are the more clever investment because the weight reduction counts several times: it is reduction of - unsprung mass -> better comfort, better tire grip, less wear - rotational mass -> better acceleration and deceleration, better cornering - total mass -> better of everything according to Chapman Wheel weight reduction is the most easy and best solution to optimise even a Lotus. Not really cheap but highly effective. The exhaust´s weight reduction f. ex. counts once into total mass and as it is also located near the center of gravity of the total car you don´t feel a real difference in handling. But even if lightweight wheels are technically sound … they still do not sound as good as a titanium exhaust! 😉 Now there is a new opportunity für Evora drivers to decide here. Why don´t take both and have a much better car afterwards?
  6. Steffen_Leitgeb-LSWGmbh

    wheel weight Evora 410 Sport 2017?

    Yes, thank you, @Bravo73
  7. Steffen_Leitgeb-LSWGmbh

    wheel weight Evora 410 Sport 2017?

    Okay. Still the Leitspeeds have a big advantage. I really thought the weight difference would have been smaller.
  8. Steffen_Leitgeb-LSWGmbh

    wheel weight Evora 410 Sport 2017?

    Okay. This is really a fully credible information? No guess work involved? Then the weight reduction of the press release was compared to the casted wheels and not the forged ones. Thank you 🙂
  9. Steffen_Leitgeb-LSWGmbh

    wheel weight Evora 410 Sport 2017?

    I have all the basic wheel weights - just this special 410 is missing. The 430 is not of big interest for me as it is a simple design and very cost effective on the production and therefore not ideally lightweight. Front and rear and size is 19x8 and 20x10,5 rear which makes the rear really heavy compared to standard. wheel/rim weights in kg: Evora (S) Lotus original forged 19x8 and 20x9,5 Front 10,15 measured Rear 12,1 measured Evora 400 original forged 19x8 and 20x9,5 Front 9,5 said, 9,5 measured Rear 10,5 said, 11,1 measured Evora 410 Lotus super lite forged 19x8 and 20x9,5 Front ??? Rear ??? These do not accept all Evora max loads, Lotus will sell only to certified owners of Evora 410 two seater I was told by Lotus in 2017. Our Leitspeeds are 19x8 and 20x9,5 Front 7,95 @ 380 kg max load homologated* Rear 9,5 @ 600 kg max load homologated* *German TÜV tested and homologated for use on German streets TÜV accepts the wheel for all Evora S, 400, 410 Sport, 430 GTS, 410GT max loads with downforce - except the 430 two seater in Germany only - but the wheel withstands higher loads so outside of Germany the GT 430 can use the Leitspeeds too - and there it is a huge difference in handling. The max downforce is in area wich you might reach on the German Autobahn but not on a racetrack. Not even the Nordschleife long straight. As I have all the exact weights for the Michelin different tires and TPMS valves I am happy if someone can simple measure a Evora 410 front and rear wheel.
  10. Steffen_Leitgeb-LSWGmbh

    wheel weight Evora 410 Sport 2017?

    Excellent. Thank you. I am happy with the total weight: rim + TPMS + Michelin Cup2 tires. That is enaugh. Lotus only told officially to me - more lightweight than standard but they wont sell that wheel to any Evora 400 or Evora S user as the max. load is calculated for the Evora 410 2 seater only.
  11. Steffen_Leitgeb-LSWGmbh

    wheel weight Evora 410 Sport 2017?

    Isn´t this the Lotus forums? It is all about weight and performance I thought? Nobody weighs relevant parts to check if improvement is possible? I bet when building a competitive road bike you would do 🙂 there is no difference to cars.
  12. Does anyone have the wheel weights of Lotus Evora 410 Sport (model 2017) with Michelin Cup2 tires? Anyone have the weight of the wheels alone without tires?
  13. Steffen_Leitgeb-LSWGmbh

    Alunox Noise Compliant Silencers for Evora/S/4xx

    If something is really engineered well (and with the purpose of being track legal and still offer good exhaust gas flow, it is) and well made and its looks are that good - I am basically interested 🙂 Any loved Evora deserves that kind of attention to details when you start tuning. Just feel sorry that the weight is not lower than stock. But I like the more throaty 2x3=6 cylinder sound and I expect a feelable performance improvement. At the moment I run the stock exhaust (German police is checking far too often meanwhile) but a high flow cat back system and the headers from Komo-Tec: result is that it sounds even more like a hoover (like a smooth 6 in one System) with closed valve but then when I open the throttle, the valve and the revs go up it sounds brilliantly aggressive and it really does feel much more responsive than before. But this system here is something else. But it wont be TÜV-legal overhere in Germany.
  14. Steffen_Leitgeb-LSWGmbh

    Evora GT 410 Sport 2+2

    Ah no. Somebody has put the steering wheel on the wrong side!
  15. Steffen_Leitgeb-LSWGmbh

    Tyre advice

    Yes. The rear works well with the Michelins. As I also changed the wheels (more than 9 kg less in total) to my LSL01s the car behaves now much more agile and feels more stable at the same time.