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  1. I found the 18/19 Yokohama setup 215 / 255 setup on my S really good. Even on dry tarmac they worked very well on the simple forged 18/19" Lotus rims. I think it is most important that the rims do not change the geo. The slim tyres work okay then. Is there a suitable Yokohama solution for 19/20 available at all? The 400s will need these, right? I would always recommend a true winter tyre, as I am located in Germany. In a region with normally no snow but I really prefer the winter rubber compound to get good grip always. Shortens the brake distances below 5° centigrade. And much cheaper than a bent chassis.
  2. You can use the VBOX Laptimer "as OLED Laptimer" with a VIDEO VBOX. There is a special cable available. Get´s a little expensive but can be worth it.
  3. The VBOX Sport is a nice datalogger if you need a quick and easy solution to get some data and improve driving skills. The analysis software CircuitTools has a huge improvement over the most others: X-axis is GPS position that means there is no offset when choosing different drive lines to compare. Data comparison is always valid. And it is a bargain too. But there is no possibility to ad video in the analysis. If you can invest more then the VBOX VIDEO is the tool to go. Compared with the AIM Smarty cam it is the professionals choice and much more valid in data and analysis. Here it is massively important that the data analysis is able to synchronize both data and video in GPS-position too 😉 CircuitTools si the only programme which can do this with the data and video produced by a VBOX VIDEO HD2. One klick. No work needed. Saves worktime and improves laptimes too 😉 This is the tool which is used most in my markets in Germany: professional GT3, GT4 and upper class touring car racing. Please contact [email protected] in UK. He is happy to help. And I just looked it up. Komo-Tec and another Exige V6 customer have used the VBOX VIDEO HD2 supplied by me … Lotus CAN bus is plugnplay too.
  4. Anyway that Carbon Pack for the 400 is cool. I like it. And I especially like the perfect PR work Lotus USA does. They made Road and Track to fall in love with the Evora even. I follow the recent Facebook posts of Lotus USA and I must admit they show off with the most attractive Evoras in perfect colours 🙂 They do great work pushing the Evora and the Lotus dealers in the US. At the same time I feel here in Europe it is mainly the owners themselves who are making some noise about this beautiful and very good GT car. What a shame. I think Lotus EU/UK does not push enaugh in the top league. Still too much focus on Elise and Exige V6? Lotus can do proper cars and nobody knows it 😉 I will ask some of my VBOX customers in the German motoring press if there is just no offer to drive a GT430 or GT430S by Lotus factory … it could be so easy. Even I could help Lotus with my contacts easily. For the German press it is important to prepare the car towards the testing type: so do the German manufacturers always that is why the look so unbeatable … preparation, commitment and care. Then you win.
  5. US homologation problems with the actual GT 410? I think the Carbon Pack would be an ideal option for Europe too. I always liked the "old" 410 Sport 2016/2017 models. Shame that there are only a few.
  6. Braid looks the same … Komo-Tech looks the same … are these all the same wheel family?
  7. Yes, the Wiki overthere looked very old and not updated. Also for Evora. I asked for help … Does anyone know the manufacturer of the Exige forged wheels?
  8. Lotus are building adorable cars which just drive nearly perfect and only they give the analogue feeling while driving. If they would boost communication (advertising, classic press work, influencers … dealer/reseller marketing) in the "corner-driving-educated" markets only (Europe, USA, Asia) they could offer the actual lineup until 2022 with good or better sales because these cars are timeless and would look absolutely new to many old and new car nuts … they can find new dealers, customers and could hopefully get more profit. Also the used car market would go up and Lotus owners may choose to buy new again? I think the Evora 400 gets a good press in USA by Road and Track at the moment form what I see in Facebook - they love this car and I hope it shows on the sales in the US where this car has fans. Maybe that is why Lotus discontinues the 400? Hahaha? Which magazine loves the Evora in Europe? I think none. They forgot about it meanwhile. From my knowledge German press is asking actively at Lotus from time to time … normally it should be the other way round! Lotus must offer cars for reviews and ideas what to do with these cars in magazines or on TV. But I hope JayEmm would have another Lotus soon. It would be just all right.
  9. Basically this is what I thought are the major problems of Lotus which they themselves didn´t even have noticed until today … they neglect their communication chances in the market and always get overrun by the others who can do. Also they lack of a professional and good press car preparation in Germany as well - they come to sport auto magazine tests with cars just not set up to the very task (Hockenheim short track or Nordschleife) like the German competition and later everybody including the existing customers is sad … unbelievably carless. In fact it is still the 1972 problem everywhere - Lotus evolved from that state? Sure. But the others evolved too and even sped up. Distance is the same. Maybe on some areas even bigger. That´s why I could accept less than premium service even with a new Lotus and look after it myself as good as possible if it drives that good as it does! … because this is a nearly impossible job for Lotus and their dealers. They maybe have a total 1 year budget of the size of the national Audi AG dealer trainings center in Ingolstadt 😉 Or maybe less than Porsche had spent for developing the right door panel in the Panamera 🙂
  10. Agreed basically. It is the way to go. But at the moment it would be tough. Do you really think a big car dealership chooses Lotus - maybe as the 5th brand in store - for the profits … and not for the love of the brand?
  11. @JayEmm … and basically its my fault 😉 isn´t it? Or it was luck that the car was at Strattons anyway and they were able to react quickly? Anyway I think a lot of you still ask too much from Lotus factory and dealers and their capabilities … they are a super small company with hand built cars and just are starting to get going. Also the dealers are small, have low volume cars and must offer a premium customer service at the same time and you even ask this at a fair price - this is hard to do when you are not selling new cars by the truckloads … I know stories about Porsche Panamera, GT3 (RS) and the lovely McLarens which makes your Evora experience a dream. One of my customers owned a McLaren MC12 and drove it within one year maybe 3 times, a replacement given … no way. In the beginning these cars were perfect when working but they were really not bulletproof and no one outside of the box did get the true stories - why? Because the guys didn´t want to look like fools and at the same time they didn´t want to ruin the image to keep used car prices up 🙂 I really think Lotus is doing fine. I found areas where they are facing problems they may even have not noticed but I hope they will and correct. Personally I am into high quality and accordingly a high price. But I bought an used Evora S as my first Lotus instead of starting with a new 400. A test buy. I wanted to learn "the Lotus ways" because I do not trust others on that topic. And it is like with every car if you are a little handy and know technically about cars in details (or you can ask others with high technical automotive knowledge) you sort out the basic problems of an exotic yourself. The previous (very honest) owner had constant and huge problems with this Evora I bought 2016 - my father and me we just listened to him carefully and took the car home and when the described problems arose (limp mode, no throttle response, problems with the driver seatbelt, cat / lambda problems) we just solved it ourselves. Okay Komo-Tech worked on the car too but only on the catalyzer thing as I wanted to change headers anyway. When I was really f*cking pissed with the coloring and design quality of the S forged wheels I started looking closer here. And when I did not get the Lotus Evora 410 wheels due to Lotus factory intervention (utterly ridiculous) then I checked my potential from the racing and here we have the Leitspeeds as there is no high quality option in the market anyway. Reasonable price for high quality and lightweight and a reasonable service for a still low volume car company: I hope this will be the future for Lotus.
  12. Some short trip around home - for a nice meal in a good restaurant 😉
  13. No. Not at the moment. While development a discussion with Michelin showed it wont improve the car´s handling of the 410/400 cars.
  14. After JayEmms review of the Leitspeeds there were some questions again about the Lotus original wheel weights of the forged ones for the Evora types. We made a short comparison of the delta weights here. Attachment here: A PDF-comparison sheet with all the weights of Lotus wheels front and rear for cross checking other potential offers in the market. Weightcomparison-Evoraoriginal-vs-LSL01.pdf
  15. Super happy today about this: JayEmm reviewing the Leitspeeds 🙂
  16. Check out JayEmm´s recent review of the Leitspeed LSL01 wheels for the Evora. I didn´t push him to that somehow but he said the sentence of which I was dreaming somebody would say after he got his hands on the wheels and a chance to drive them on his Evora: Quoting him freely: "If you want to make your Evora ever more Lotus than it already is, go for these wheels." Basically this is what I am aiming for with offering light weight wheels for the Evora 🙂
  17. They will have an awful lot to do with this car to speed up to the AMG GT GT4 or Audi R8. Many of my GT4 racing customers changed to the AMG or Audi R8 for the season 2019 already because cars and service are the top package. Just an Evora GT4 mock up maybe?
  18. @TheKevlarKid, sorry no, that big change (+55,5 mm) is not possible without a full redesign (new CAD, including a full production testing (bend fatigue, rolling, impacts)) of the rear wheel. It was very difficult to make a functional superior wheel design to fit the standard Evoras (NA/S, 400/410) so I do not want to make a new wheel for the GTE which is even a more small production car. Basically I did the job just because of the love for car and brand. Maybe we could do the GTE via racing production but with a different basic design - Minimum qty is then 20 front and 20 rear, but we can not do 19/20, in racing we can do 18/19 only.
  19. Haha. Absolutely right. If you handle Lotus wheels regularly and constantly struggle to put in the bolts and make the wheel fit to the hub well you will realize how perfect the Leitspeeds mount instead - with a lot of caring for details in design the mounting is much better than any Lotus original wheel … and also you do not have any problems with your spine or back after putting them on your car because of the weight advantage 🙂
  20. Yep. Carbon is a difficult material but it can be made most lightweight. I expect some progress there in future but the costs for aftermarket carbon wheels stays big. Evora 400: Our basic LSL01 wheel beats the Evora 400 standard wheels by 5,5 kg the set and d the super light Evora 410 Sport wheels still by 4,1 kg the set.
  21. Thank you for your comments @KAS-118. You are right. I think when there is enaugh time I can repeat that on a race track with a professional driver and two identical tire sets. The 3% improvement is a good value to explain a) the overall performance increase and b) compare the cost efficiency to other lightweight tuning products too. What does the 0,14 s really say? A performance gain of 0,14 s on a accel.-distance of just 125 m is not small. It is really big! I thought this is clear. You are carrying this advantage all around a race circuit as you have explained very well and it may end up in an advantage in seconds over several laps. And all without taking the car apart or changing many parts … simply change the wheels. -> I did that special straight line testing as I was asked frequently by potential customers "how big" is an improvement in straight line acceleration. And I thought such a testing is the most easy demonstration which can be the first basis for further judgements.
  22. Total rear wheel weight comparison: Leitspeed LSL01, Michelin PS4S: 21,32 kg = 9,5 rim, 11,82 tire Lotus Original forged, Pirelli Corsa: 23,72 kg = 12,1 rim, 11,62 tire I´d say the comparison in the accel. testing above is usable and credible. It can help to "quantify" the effect of more lightweight wheels in further discussions on a valid basis.
  23. Thanks for the concerns: tires: Michelin PS4s on the Leitspeeds (2017) Pirelli Corsas Lotus Original (2015) So basically the Pirelli as a Semislick should have more grip … in theory. Was stored well, never overheated on track, road use only. tire grip: tire grip was taken out of the calculation by the driving profile chosen - accel. from 2.500 rpm IPS car in 2nd gear. Because it was not needed to show impressive values, it was necessary to drive like a dyno run. This produced only low acceleration and repeatable g figures, I posted them as average in the graph. Max 0.44 g longtitudinal peak accel. is really very low today and every tire can cope with that to my experience in vehicle testing business The biggest G increase was when applying full throttle at 2.500 rpm where the rate of change was 0,29 g / 0,5s - which is low too. Can´t be seen in the graph, sorry. Please check the g-long graph and you can see a very linear power supply which is typical for a supercharged engine and perfect for tires. (I supply Racelogic VBOX Motorsports products to German industry, racing and automotive media, so I have some insight in these testing procedures). road grip: At the same place where I am measuring regularly private cars I can reach a negative g-force of -1.1 g with the Evora and then ABS kicks in. Road was clean as I had checked before. warming and rear tire pressures according to the Lotus manual: Pirelli: 2.6 bars rear Michelin: 2.2 bars rear I drove the car before measuring both times approx. 7 km country road to warm engine, gearbox and tires evenly. Testruns: each wheel set was driven 4 times, incl. changing direction 2 times to even out track influences or wind influences, track is 100% flat the runs were averaged and the delta of 0.14 is the also averaged delta Later this day I will give you the total weight of Lotus Forged Original with Pirellis and the Leitspeeds with the Michelin PS4s. Is such a small difference really important?: On a winding road or track day or even on an Autobahn competition with a Porsche or Audi RS this small advantage adds up massively. So it no longer stays a single 0.1 s. Lightweight wheels make you quicker everywhere (except Vmax) without big technical changes or a change of drivestyle and you save tires, shocks and bushings too. The Evora gets simply more alive. Makes much more fun to drive. Looks are a different point of view. Not the topic here.
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