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  1. Sorry no 18/19 and no silver wheels but the lightest possible in 19/20 ... 7,95 kg front, 9,5 kg rear

    Prices are starting at 3.530.- EUR net price. 

    Ordering process via E-mail only.

    UK sales preferably over a UK reseller due to your very special VAT rules now.


  2. Hi,

    my Evora 410 Sport IPS 2017 shows the "drive stability light" in the dashboard. Also it went into limp mode.

    Out of the forum´s knowledge I guess it would be wise to start the work by simply changing the breakswitch first.

    Then maybe reset the ECU and clean the throttle sensor too and secure the cables with a cable tie (as I did with my S before, but there it was sometimes limp mode with gear and engine lights).

    And here I have now a simple embarassing question:

    How to disassemble the breakswitch from its seat? It is clipped in but I can not find any release.

    Thank you for any help 🙂




  3. Hm. If it should be for looks only then maybe look at US market to find a wheel at a good price. And you would have to lower the front suspension because I am sure the geo will be slightly changed with 20" due to the changed tyre patch on the road and the steering will become slower. If you need a 19/20 wheel set for performance I might be able to help.

  4. On 17/01/2021 at 16:03, Reindeer said:

    I'm aware this is a bit of a long shot......But has anyone got any hidden away somewhere they'd be interested in selling?

    Mine have seen better days and checking options.

    Money waiting!

    All the best,


    Will you sell your set if you can find better ones?
    I am looking for the Recaros (incl. heating), bad condition is okay, they will get a new trim to fit to my new Evora then ...
    Best regards


  5. Hi,

    at the moment I am thinking about selling my Evora S 2+2 and buying an Evora 400 2+2.

    I was very pleased with the Recaros of the S. 
    Instead I do not feel comfy and seated well in the Sparcos of the 400 or 410. It is like I am seating on top of the the seat and not really inside.
    I am very tall and slender so seats are always a topic for me.

    Has anyone changed the cushions on the Sparcos of the 400 to get a deeper and more inside seating position?
    I´d like to keep the Sparcos to keep the car stock inside but just modified.  


  6. By the way some extra news:
    As the discussion with Lotus dealers as resellers was not satisfying we are thinking Leitspeed may sell the wheels only directly to customers - no dealers involved. Maybe the way like most Lotus tuning is sold world wide.
    So there will be a new attractive pricing without the dealer margin soon and also a changed online shop form on the website.
    At the moment shipping inside EU and world wide at no or low cost is checked too. 

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  7. On 02/09/2019 at 10:30, blueg33 said:

    Interesting stuff, thanks Steffan

    So light wheels make you car faster, I might go the whole hog and remove the wheels all together, save 100kg and go like a rocket :)

    Great stuff. I think I could design a Leitspeed CAST (clean-air-see-through, hyperinvisible wheel replacement) with 0,0 kg weight … incl. TÜV testing and license maybe at 4.500.- EURO?
    I could offer a group buy with - say 10% off?

    And: Don´t forget about the brakes … they are heavy too 🙂


  8. On 02/09/2019 at 10:47, Bruss said:

    Every bit of weight saved makes the car faster. It just depends on how much it's worth to you.

    Colin Chapman thought it was so worth while that the f1 cars barely lasted a race before something failed.  Lotus road cars may or may not have the same philosophy!






    Chapman was right to built parts to last 1 race. Why should the part last longer? Today the Reglement asks longer lasting times of components as you know.

    In terms of stability and safety street use parts are normally tested by a third party testing centre to ensure enaugh safety margin even when abused.
    The Leitspeeds are German TÜV tested and therefore fully road legal in Germany.
    This is the highest quality standard (a s the company producing must be inspected by TÜV too, ISO9000 is not enaugh any more) and roughly comparable to JWL standards.
    I can not think of any other Lotus aftermarket wheel which has such a status. So the Leitspeeds are not of holed cheese - it is little more art to it. You can trust them 🙂 

  9. I did not know that the Alpine is a success?

    I would have expected Lotus to go the opposite way.
    Higher price, more entertainment, more luxury better auto-gearbox and look for a new dealer network which has customers in the high price market already? 

    But as this is just talk and 2020 is basically tomorrow I do not think anything is happening at all.
    If there should be an entry level Evora why did they go for the GT410 only?
    In Germany the 400 is no longer for sale. All you can buy is dealer stock. 

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