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  1. Exactly my thinking and my experience. 

    Maybe you should tell all that again to Lotus factory marketing.
    I wonder if they know what type of car and how good such an Evora is? At least they do not tell that openly to anyone in the automotive world by my feeling.
    Maybe it is just a complete working car and that´s what they don´t like overthere? 😉 

    I think I`ll take this afternoon off and go for a drive. The weather forecast for the weekend is not so good. 

  2. 12 hours ago, rallyesax said:


    As @Bravo73 said, you can go for standard PS4S front and rear. Then you'll have no balance issue. 

    On Evora 400, pressure is 2.0/2.2b so probably different from an Evora S but it goes with the wider tyre size. 

    I drive on Evora S standard PS4S with rim protection on the road.
    This tire is more complete than the Pirellis in my eyes. It looks better and it protects lightweight rims much better. 
    235/35/19 on 8x19 pressure 1.8b cold and 275/30/20 on 9,5x20 pressure 2.2.b cold. 
    Geo has more camber at the front for additional turn in bite.  
    If you´d run the bigger 285 rear you will also change the rake and gearing a little.



  3. I would always change the Evora headers when upgrading engine performance as a first step.
    In my opinion this is needed to make the engine run safe and reduce the heat at the cylinder heads and make no damage to the catalyzers.
    Hi flow headers with a single metal catalyzer in the back work very well and you can feel that change alone immediately. 
    So it is logic to go for the full 460 option in the 400 because changing the headers is the most expensive part of the job. 
    That´s what Komo-tec offers. And the price approx. 5000.- EUR for 55 hp for the parts and mapping is fair. 
    Any 430 by mapping only makes no sense to me as it can be dangerous.

    But maybe this is a typical German quality-performance thinking - we can drive the car very hard on the motorway so we must take care and do it right from the start. 
    And it is also my thinking that the Evora needs approx. 10.000 EUR performance tuning investment to become the sharp Lotus everybody wants to drive.
    It is 10-15% of the car price in Germany and it is worth it 🙂 

  4. As we all love the Evora and wonder why the car is so underrated and marketing ideas are missing here - Porsche again shows how it is done and even the the cheap way …

    Porsche did average jobs in developing Cayman and 911 (the good jobs came from BOSCH and Michelin) but a perfect job in selling and marketing, brand awareness and in making-customers-buy-new-every-2nd-year.
    And there is a new example. I saw today the 911 992 GT (RS) prototype without any camouflage on the road. It says, "sucker, scrap your 991 GT3 RS and buy me immediately".
    Porsche are now testing at the Nürburgring and the press will be happy to go there.
    I expect pictures to online next week the latest. Porsche is perfect in this kind of pre-markting in viral ways and collecting orders before the car is in the books.
    Porsche could keep the car in Weissach test track in secret but they already chose to drive on the normal road to the ring … they want to be seen and they want to be pictured.  

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  5. In Germany a normal 911 is around 150.000.- EUR. Well above the Evora. But it is not a real sports car for sports car drivers. The Porsche 911 is sold as a business coupe and is run mostly by a company not an individual owner. So the price is the leasing per month not the buying price like with the Evora. Evora means a pure exotic sports car. 911 means normal business car. The Evora is right as a pure sports car, just like a expensive sports motorcycle, a toy for playboys, but the image is just 0. Not bad, not god, just none. That is a huge mistake of Lotus. They could sell 3-4 times the numbers if they would care about this car in marketing in Germany. At the moment the Corvette sells … why? It is no 911! But the marketing push for the Corvette to be recognized in the difficult German market is really big (many well prepared press cars) and the car is now driven mainly by enthusiasts. The image is getting good and so increase the sales. At least I see many more than Evoras. The Corvette is sold for the same reason like the Evora would be sold: a toy which can drive very very well and looks like a real sports car should. I think looking to the brand Porsche always is not a good advise.

    Porsche is 50% religion, 50% image, 10% cars, 15% financial services … so 125% success. Yes, Porsche is magic. 
    Compared to that: Lotus is 75% real man made and man driven sports cars and 15% problems with self confidence. And 10% are missing always. But that can be ironed out by us by clever tuning.


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  6. 2 minutes ago, C8RKH said:

    Yes I'm a fanboy, but christ, if Lotus owners ca't be positive about it then what chance do we have against Porsche?  A customer of mine is a real petrol head, he has a Boxster that he and the missus use for European road trips and a 911 GT2 that he cherishes and drives.  When I told him last year I had bought a 410Sport his only response was "bloody hell, that's a hell of a car that for Lotus to push out".  A second person, a colleague with a McLaren 570 responded when i told them with "bloody hell, that's a sub 4 second car and a lot of car for the money".


    You must ask these guys why they did not have bought the Evora then if they think it is so great!
    The answer is simple: Lotus did not shout and scream about it like the other sports car brands would do!
    It is the same with Lotus dealers. Both groups selling the Evora a silent about it.

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  7. I am selling VBOX in Germany for racing as my main business.  So I am not completely neutral here 😉

    The VBOX Laptimer is a state of the art laptimer with a very basic GPS datalogging function.
    The AIM Solo wants to be more a nice priced dashboard and does many things. 
    They are very different products.

    So the laptiming quality and information in predictive laptiming of the VBOX Laptimer is really spot on.
    If you (only) want a high end GPS laptimer the VBOX Laptimer will do the job properly with its several semi automatic and some real professional racing functions (track detection, PLT mode, reference lap handling … ) and maybe with the highest timing precision via GPS available. The GPS/GLONASS receiver is of high quality and the positional accuracy is very high. This is the case why most German based professional GT teams use the VBOX Laptimer (mostly in conjunction with VBOX VIDEO HD2). Even in German national racing the AIM tools are the mandatory scrutineering loggers by the the DMSB the teams go for VBOX. 

    The VBOX systems are add on systems to the highly professional datalogging systems which are already inbuilt in most GT race cars.
    VBOX GPS and video technology fills a gap and offers a different analysis and information basis to the race engineers and drivers.
    For amateur racing the VBOX Laptimer can play the role of a track coach sitting next to you with its instant live delta T channel feedback when you change your driving style from one lap to the other.
    Also it is a handy and easy to use GPS datalogger.

    If you need more infos about VBOX Motorsport products in UK get in contact with Jonathan Holman <[email protected]>

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  8. 3 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    Lotus will only be successful if people can access the brand and the products. So let's all do our bit and make sure we drive the damned things loud and hard for everyone to see and experience.....

    Yes and no … drive yes. But talking is a bit useless. I tried but gave it up with a lough.

    Factory advertising in car magazines for the Evora especially in Germany (911 territory) would have helped a lot. Really. Tests in German magazines happened exactly 3 or 4 times since 2009.
    And 2011 the Evora S won a test against the 997 S without problems. Not by price. Simply by performance and usability.  

    Germany: I am basically really fed up telling people at the gas station while filling up that no, no, this is not a new Tesla …!!! 😉
    And I am more than fed up telling a 911 guy what an Lotus Evora is. No it is not a kit car. Yes Lotus still builds cars.  No it does not break down always. Engine by Toyota? Oh rubbish. Look at my flat six it has history … so I wont explain why a flat six ist ein Scheißdrecksmotor in terms of economy, maintenance, durability and emissions and I wont explain about positioning it in the car at the right place either. 
    And I wont explain why I like that special car because it is just pointless information for ordinary "Rolexed" sports car drivers.
    They don´t get it because it is not high speed and horsepower and Autobahn image. 

    Also in Germany the Evora is the fatty Lotus if you talk to all the old school Elise drivers and they look down on you because you dare to have heated seats …

    Owning an Evora is something without image and without fame. But the driving is rewarding if you tune the car just slightly different than the factory did.
    A tuning budget of roughly 10.000.- EUR is needed to make it much more Lotus, more quality and more GT and forget the talking 🙂

    But I am 100% sure it will change completely with the the next cars coming from Lotus (Geely).
    Lotus will be the biggest growing Luxury car brand in the world soon. And any new Evora and our old cars will step up in recognition quickly.

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  9. 22 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    I still think the bloody biggest issue was nobody outside of the die hard enthusiasts and journalists knew a bloody damned thing about the Evora. Best kept secret in the motoring world and a total and utter marketing bollock dropped from Lotus. After winning COTY they should have got behind it and gone for it...

    Think absolutely the same. 

  10. Is the cruise control offline too?
    Check the connector to the E-throttle in the engine bay.
    It can be common that vibration make this connector disconnect slightly and the result is limp mode.
    Just use a cable tie at the right place to secure the cables because the cable routing is not ideal here.
    It happened to me cruising on a bumpy motorway several times and found the cable routing was pulling at the connector when the airfilter housing is and engine is shaking.  

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  11. I think there should not be any additional cost to point out the brand name of a tire.
    I would never charge my customers more for adding the LEITSPEED wheel center caps for the LEITSPEED Evora forged wheels.

    And I even pass out a plain center cap carrier of 60 mm diameter for each wheel if somebody wants to put in a Lotus logo instead of Leitspeed.
    But that is just my thinking 😉


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  12. The standard Evora 400 forged wheels should accept the higher loads. It can be ordered in Germany this way I think. So I do not know why he suggested to use the casted material?
    Maybe Lotus is simply running out of forged wheels stock right now? It is a big cost factor for every manufacturer.
    And the long production times at the supplier also limit the factory output and increase stock costs.
    Casted wheels are cheaper, much more easy to produce and to deliver more just in time to the factory.

    1 hour ago, Ratman said:

    I guess that the problem is that in a 2+2 you can put 100kg on the rear seat,  or the same wheight on the shelf and the 410 wheel are not safe with more than 20kg on the rear

    2017 I wanted to get the more lightweight 410 Sport forged wheels for my 4seat Evora S. 
    Lotus factory did not allow to sell these to me because they fear structural issues of their more lightweight wheels if the car would be fully loaded (passengers and trunk). 
    It seems Lotus can´t or doesn´t want to cope with very high quality forged material?

    So I checked my racing wheel business (run a company for racing parts here in Germany) and made an alternative wheel which works,
    which is officially certified for the Evora (by German TÜV, with the demanded dynamic bench testing and driving testing by a third party testing institute)
    and accepts the 4 seaters still with a safety margin for some downforce. 

  13. 17 hours ago, NedaSay said:

    Until recently Lotus had no money whatsoever to advertise or promote or do any PR.

    If you just can not do that - you are stone dead. If somebody wants to sell sports cars PR and advertising is as important as the product´s drive style. Because if you are not known and admired nobody can or will buy. 
    Lotus cars drive well, so it should be fairly easy … and hopefully it works in the future 🙂




  14. 1 hour ago, NedaSay said:

    Lotus needs to push the car but it is almost like they want the current product to die a slow death

    I personally think the same, I never saw any Evora advertising in German or other EU car magazines, nothing, just recently the US social media team doing a better job promoting this car than everybody in the EU …
    For me the Evora is the most complete Lotus car. A car similar to the Esprit. And with the advent of a E supercar the Evora might get into the focus of more new customers too? Logic does tell that. Those who look for complete car may like the Evora too? And yes an Esprit above would even more nice 🙂


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  15. Pininfarina also shows an E supercar and they want to start production and sales of E supercars from now on.
    Out of that I expect the 1000 hp+ e-power package and its drivetrain is available from some company and Lotus should do fine developing a chassis and body which works well.
    So the 2 mio GBP supercar as a trackday car should be relatively easy to achieve. It will boost the image of Lotus, helps massively on communication, introduces Lotus cars to many new customers.
    This will be positive for all Lotus owners and for the actual Lotus sales too. I am very positive about such an idea - even it sounds mad first. But it is a perfect PR tool. 

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  16. Sharper turn in is due to reduced rotating mass (smaller rim diameter and weight, wheel weight of Lotus forged originals is 9,5 kg 18" to 10,5 kg 19").
    A more heavy wheel with and even bigger rim diameter wants to go straight and doesn´t like to change direction.
    Also the dynamic tyre radius at lower speeds or under (street) braking pressure is smaller with the 18"s vs. the 19"s.  
    Even without loading up the front you can feel this in the Evora as the nose gets a little more more weight and the Evora feels more stable and at the same time more agile at the front.

    But if you would increase the speed to higher speeds and more sporty driving the 19" would beat the 18" on turning in while braking due to the stiffer tyre, higher grip and higher steering precision and driver feedback.
    This is shown in several press tests - street tyres (and most club sport tires) need stiff and low outside walls. 

    If you want the car more agile, high grip and perfect feedback choose 19" and 20" then simply add lightness and camber.

    Changing something simple like rims and tyres can change the whole car 🙂 

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  17. On ‎08‎/‎10‎/‎2018 at 21:13, Bravo73 said:

    The KT ones are. KT commissioned them originally from Rimstock then Lotus asked if they could be OEM. 

    It is the basic Rimstock forged wheel basically for touring cars - one size fits it all … just an adaptation.
    Lotus could do so much better. But again there was a controller with an Excel sheet which stated differently 😉


  18.  … because the forms of the front and rear bumper are going to be worn out soon and were not fitting 100% into the Lotus face history too? … but revamping them or even replace by a new design is too expensive due to some controller´s excel sheet 😉 So they simply chose to devalue the limited editions GT(S)430 and use their forms for the 410 too … and yes maybe they are even running out of Evora 400 badges. 

    At the moment I can not believe in product strategy. It might be all more simple. 
    In the long run Geely will make it all okay. Volvo worked out well. But we will see.
    If Lotus gives up 6-cylinders like Volvo did … how do they want to challenge Porsche? 


  19. In Germany some GT430s are still on sale. On the other hand if global extinction is on the way … we should buy them 😉 

    I think if Lotus would have been able to make much more press noise about the Evora 400 before and later with the GT430 maybe they all would have been sold within a short time and prices would be stable - even after several trackdays … we are talking of only 60 cars and not 1.900 something like the 15th limited edition of a Porsche Speedster or else!

    Simple: if you want to sell at a higher price your brand awareness in the sportscar market must be bigger. Quality does not matter on awareness. Awareness is first. Press display, advertising and demonstrator cars are the key. 
    At the moment small boys do not dream of an Evora GT430 and put it on the wall as their bedroom poster a) I do not think Lotus ever printed some (!) and b) small boys look for more blingbling cars like McLaren, Ferrari or Lamborghini as they have no clue about driving (yet) and these cars are still promoted heavily by their makers.

    Anyway I like the Evora GT 430 and GTS 430 🙂 They are the best Evora you can get at the moment.   

    10 hours ago, Richard Goblet d’Alviella said:

    Why pay for variable traction and adjustable dampers that you need wheels off to adjust and a 8000£ titanium exhaust (without opening valve) that saves you 11kg, and downforce bits that come into play at over 125mph.

    If you can? Because it is just a cool thing to do. It makes your car special. You get more fun out of it just by owning it, looking at it and driving it.
    And you can even tune or upgrade it further and have even more fun. All what I would do 🙂 Target / mission: having the best possible GT430 on the planet (before the above mentioned extinction). 
    I would just not mind if nobody would know what I am driving. Or laughing at me at spending a fortune on a "rubbish" Lotus and not on the zillionth "super" 911 GT3 - I would be just doing it all for me.



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