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  1. If something is really engineered well (and with the purpose of being track legal and still offer good exhaust gas flow, it is)
    and well made
    and its looks are that good -
    I am basically interested 🙂

    Any loved Evora deserves that kind of attention to details when you start tuning.

    Just feel sorry that the weight is not lower than stock.
    But I like the more throaty 2x3=6 cylinder sound and I expect a feelable performance improvement.

    At the moment I run the stock exhaust (German police is checking far too often meanwhile) but a high flow cat back system and the headers from Komo-Tec: result is that it sounds even more like a hoover (like a smooth 6 in one System) with closed valve but then when I open the throttle, the valve and the revs go up it sounds brilliantly aggressive and it really does feel much more responsive than before. 

    But this system here is something else. But it wont be TÜV-legal overhere in Germany.

  2. 8 hours ago, Julian73 said:

    When did McLaren last place on a podium, let alone win a race.


    I also think winning races in F1 is/was important to launch McLaren street cars. They have no heritage. They came "naked". They had to rely on F1.

    But maybe some people still think if Hamilton wins in the Mercedes their street McLaren is a part of that 😉  



  3. ... in the 200k+ area reliability can´t be the major key and also the not brand name - otherwise McLaren wouldn´t be successful.
    They never had a big reputation for street cars and what I heard of several of my customers these cars park a lot in their garages ... waiting for updates to be street ready again.

    McLaren simply shows the way for Lotus to step up and gain new (maybe less critical) customers (Esprit or Evora 2.0). The budget is there now.

    @pete757 is basically right.

  4. 1 hour ago, jonnyboy said:

     It's an incredibly risky move to start squaring up to McLaren/Ferrari/Lamborghini when the attempt to square up to Porsche has been a valiant but limited success. 

    The risk is really worth it. Facing Porsche can´t be the task for any small production sports car company. Turning Lotus against Porsche is a folly.

    But if Lotus will challenge McLaren they will succeed. The brand name is similar powerful. 

    So simple step up.
    An Esprit with the right electronic package, right engine (V8) can do that. But not under 225 k entry cost. The entry cost is the key to success in todays world sports car market. Today below 100 k? A lot of people do not even look at a brand then at all ... they do not look into anything below V8, Twin Turbo and a certain performance level. Lotus stayed below for too long. The Evora did good already.

    If I walk through the car park at the Nürburging in the paddock - if I don´t have to take the BMW I might be the only Lotus and even my old Evora gets attention. It is the true sports car shape. Even in between a bunch of 991 GT3 RS people look. But it is simply to "small engined" ... the Esprit can do it. Plain Image booster. High brand awareness. Selling them to a new group of customers and then getting in the money with the SUV.

    PS: in 1 year in the big automotive business nothing will change.
    It takes longer to discuss the new company e-mail design.  

  5. 13 hours ago, Trevsked said:

    Was told there’s no more to come on the grounds of reliability in its current state. Opening the engine and making changes will be expensive and reflected in the selling price and I’m sure Lotus are aware the cars isn’t exactly cheap or even reasonable, definitely on the upper end price wise. I’d love to think there’s another 20hp there for the taking but in real terms I don’t think it will make much difference to how it goes. I can however imagine a set of carbon wheels, ceramic brakes and electronically adjustable suspension. These would make a difference and more in line with Lotus philosophy. Imagine these plus that promised Titanium harness bar, LCD dash display lighter comfort seats and a few more special parts and that would be a glorious run out edition.



    I think carbon fiber wheels and active suspension together are far more expensive than changing ALL moving parts inside the engine and gearbox.

    Apart of that CF wheels are not able to be homologated in Europe to my knowledge as there is still no decided testing method by the authorities.

  6. Cleaning these furry wheel arch liners is horrible.
    I once brushed them. I was covered in extremely fine dust from tires and brakes and road.
    Second time I used a vacuum cleaner and gloves - much better 🙂
    Everytime after driving a longer distance in the wet I normally take of the wheels and clean it all.

    Question: did anyone take the liners out to clean it all? 

  7. I use the Michelin PS4 235 front and 275 rear. I would not go wider on the rear - keep the weight down, don´t want to change the overall ratio and I never had the feeling I need more rear end grip provided by approx 8 mm more rubber.
    I have several Michelin Evora tires here in my stock for testing.

    If you use the Michelins on an S it is clever to change to the geo setup of the 410/430 (toe in and camber). At the front you will need more camber to reduce any tendency of understeer - the Michelin is much more stiff than the Pirelli.
    I drove the Michelin PS4 in standard geo and it was some more understeer than with the Pirelli P zeros. The rear geo of the S is very good with the Michelin in my opinion. Also set the pressure lower as with the Pirellis 😉 I use cold at 1.8 bar and rear 2.1 bar for road use. I can not say anything about wear at the moment. Before the geo change at the front the car had a "light" feeling on the Autobahn but this was cured now. Maybe some more rake or a front splitter would help too.
    I prefer the Michelins PS4 over the Pirellis because I did not like the Zeros in the wet and standing water ...  I do normally not drive the car on the track so the PS4 is fine for my use, it protects the rims and it looks good too.

  8. So if the HRE is a little over the top in terms of pricing - would be a set of about 4.500.- EUR net price but with lower weight than factory forged or HRE interesting for you? 🙂
    We are just deciding if we offer a wheel for the Exige V6 7,5x17 offset 23 and 10x18 Offset 32 ... if performance is important it can´t be really cheap.

    Maybe @Bibs has an idea for a wheel for Exige V6 - maybe we should start an design opinion poll here in TLF someday later when we have a done the calculation for forces for the Exige? 
    What is the max axle load and max. downforce of the 410 at the moment?
    What do you think?


  9. 14 hours ago, EGTE said:

    Very nice, Steffen!


    What are the wheels, btw?

    My new business project to make some Evora drivers more happy 🙂

    In Germany it was impossible to get any high class aftermarket wheel for the Evora including TÜV license (very difficult wheel layout, small quantities, low weight needed) so I used my longtime business experience and contacts for pure racing wheels to change that situation. 

    Some infos here:

  10. Sorry to do some first advertising here 😉 
    If you don´t fear a fair price for lightweight forged wheels you could have a look here:

    Front 19" 7,95 kg rear 20" 9,5 kg 
    We started shipping now to customers and this wheel design LSL01 is made for all the Evora models especially. 
    Wheel weight is clear below Lotus original forged wheels 19/20, price still below Lotus forged wheels. The quality is top level too.

    Comes with full German street homologation (TÜV) and is not a simple adaption it is designed with the Evora´s high offsets and wide brake calipers in mind.

    With that wheel you can add lightness right where it counts without compromising the well balanced Lotus suspension.  
    The reduction of rotary mass and unsprung weight - means factor 2 compared to a comparable chassis weight reduction. 

    Testing with Michelin Pilot 4 S showed a superb handling of the car on road and track (Evora S,  used higher camber at the front 1,0 degrees) and the car turns in sharper and even more naturally. Braking and acceleration is improved too.




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