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    2002 Esprit V8 #008
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    JE low compression pistons, intercooled w/ upgraded turbos, RC injectors, Red Race ECU, Silenced Cat deletes, sport exhaust, Wideband O2's, Running 17psi
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  1. Hi Alan, Thank you for the very detailed reply. Many of your suggestions I have already hunted through. My idle demand is correct, and the idle duty cycle is about 48. I was able to get the car to idle mostly correct by closing the throttle plates from a TPS voltage of .35 to .29. Backed all the way down, the plates go to a TPS of .27 so I turned them back open just a touch to prevent any binding. According to the book the TPS voltage should be .65 so my plates are closed more than desired from original. I blocked off the intake ports to the throttle bodies and pressure tested
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  3. I am having an issue with a high idle, slight off idle hesitation, and surging idle. All my previous experience tells me I have a vacuum leak, but I have hunted long and hard with no result. The one part that doesn't make sense to me is the line that runs off the RH valve cover, through a one way valve, and into the EGR plate. Lines 19/20 on the attached diagram. This basically provides a open air bypass of the throttle plates. If the engine was sealed, I would understand this provides a crankcase vacuum, however the lines of the fronts of the valve covers to the airboxes have no one way
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