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    2002 Esprit V8 #008
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    JE low compression pistons, intercooled w/ upgraded turbos, RC injectors, Red Race ECU, Silenced Cat deletes, sport exhaust, Wideband O2's, Running 17psi
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  1. Hi Alan, Thank you for the very detailed reply. Many of your suggestions I have already hunted through. My idle demand is correct, and the idle duty cycle is about 48. I was able to get the car to idle mostly correct by closing the throttle plates from a TPS voltage of .35 to .29. Backed all the way down, the plates go to a TPS of .27 so I turned them back open just a touch to prevent any binding. According to the book the TPS voltage should be .65 so my plates are closed more than desired from original. I blocked off the intake ports to the throttle bodies and pressure tested the system to 15 psi and the entire system held pressure with no leaks. So I have no air leaks. In all of this testing though, I did a compression check, and I have 135 - 140psi across all cylinders on bank 2 LH side and 150-155 across all cylinders on bank 1 RH side. So it looks like my cam timing is off, and probably causing my hunting idle and hesitation. I read of another person having the same problem. I have a leaking valve cover anyway, so looks like I get to pull my cam sprockets and reset the timing with the setting pins. As a side note, my timing is "correct" by the book using the locating pins. They all go in, all the way, with a few being a little tight. I will take pictures of the hole locations when I pull it back apart, but I am guessing the LH bank with lower compression has the cams a few degrees off, still "located" but not correctly set. I have speculated this for a bit, but the compression numbers really tell a tale. This engine has been out and rebuilt with low compression pistons, so apparently it went back together slightly off from where it should have been. I will report back my findings. I sure hope this finally fixes this persistent problem!
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  3. I am having an issue with a high idle, slight off idle hesitation, and surging idle. All my previous experience tells me I have a vacuum leak, but I have hunted long and hard with no result. The one part that doesn't make sense to me is the line that runs off the RH valve cover, through a one way valve, and into the EGR plate. Lines 19/20 on the attached diagram. This basically provides a open air bypass of the throttle plates. If the engine was sealed, I would understand this provides a crankcase vacuum, however the lines of the fronts of the valve covers to the airboxes have no one way valves in them, so there is always airflow through the valve covers and into the plenum. If I clamp off the line off the valve cover to the EGR, the idle stabilizes better. I have replace the idle air controller, checked all injectors for leaks, resealed plenum, checked the evap system for leak. The EGR has been removed and blocked off. Car has always done this since I bought it. Sometimes it will idle fine, sometimes it will rev to 1500, sometimes it will hover around 2000. I've done the idle reset procedure alot. Sometimes it will idle fine after for about 100 miles, sometimes it will always idle high. During the idle reset procedure when I leave the car to just idle, it will randomly rev up with nobody in the car! Sounds like someone is blipping the throttle. So what am I missing? I know this car should be able to idle!
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