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  1. It may not be exactly the same but I believe it is very close to this one and it has a v6 hybrid 😎👌💪 Some more information about the price 😍
  2. Hello Apparently it's going to be a new ESPRIT in 2021 and it looks something like this 😍
  3. Track day at Dubai autodrome international circuit My best lap time is 1:58.23
  4. Is there any news about Lotus exige 2021? I'm hoping to get the new one if there was anything coming Any one has any idea please let me know I will appreciate that because I will plan my finances 😎👍
  5. Lotus track day at Dubai autodrome club circuit On board my exige v6 with TVS1900 supercharger
  6. Will it fit into the exige s v6 IPS transmission If it fits well I will seriously consider it
  7. Thanks to all for your replys I think DSG Idea will be very good especially considering that it can take 500trq On the other hand is the valve body from MWR good enough to withstand the torque load of 500 @BatMobile @DJW @Mark030358
  8. Hello everyone I'm thinking of upgrading my exige v6 gearbox to DSG Is there any way I could do that and is there anyone did it before I know its weird Idea to do such a thing but it could be rewarding for me because I'm thinking of upgrading the wheel horsepower and the only thing that keeps me back is my IPS transmission on my exige v6 I would love to know your opinions Thanks
  9. The supercharger tvs1900 is from Harrop its done at Tensi tuner garage and for ECU tuning was done by carosmatic garage Larini manifold and exhaust done at Fox exhaust system My best lap time is 2:28.95 at Dubai autodrome GP but I still have to work on my Driving skills
  10. 24.11.2018 Track day at Dubai autodrome with my exige v6 450hp 02/12/2018 Dubai autodrome track day with my exige s v6 450hp My best time at GP circuit 2:28.95
  11. 24.11.2018 Track day at Dubai autodrome with my exige v6 450hp
  12. I need some more track days to get use to the GP circut I have done 2 track days on GP before with my evolution x but that was long time ago 2013 Now with the exige I got use to the club circuit in the autodrome but still need more time in all the three circuit I think you should try autodrome GP circuit it good fun
  13. Track day at Dubai autodrome on my exige v6 450hp
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