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  1. I saw this on Poole Quay, midday on Easter Sunday
  2. I pick mine up tomorrow as well, can't wait
  3. M7CKF

    2bular Road

    Will fitting this system make a new car warranty null & void?
  4. Nothing like a bit of postcode snobbery to make you feel welcome
  5. I'm in the process of buying a new 350, just waiting for the registration to come through. This will be my first Lotus however I've owned a Caterham (224 bhp Zetec on carbs) for over 20 years. Rode bikes for 30 years including doing a number of track days without hurting myself. First saw a black V6 at Malcolm Ricketts open day a few years ago, much better in the flesh than photos. Looked at the Porsche 718S but when I took my wife along she thought it didn't look special enough. After we went for a test drive in the Lotus she said let's try the Porsche!
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