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  1. Just a quick note to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped and contributed to my search. I am very happy to say that I have secured a car from a well known member. It’s a red 1989 Excel SE. With aboslutly everything suggested done and dusted. Including a magnificent paint job completed in 2015. So thank you very much and I hope to run into some of you at a Lotus event soon. with regards, Charles.
  2. Just did a ‘my car check’ on that one. Seems to have had a new owner on the 14th of this month. So clearly sold. On to the next then!
  3. Good evening again, any ideas on this? many thanks, Charles.
  4. M100, that’s about all 6500 will achieve!!
  5. I pulled out. The bidding went well above my 6500 limit and didn’t want to waste the chaps time. I am also now looking at Elans if there is anything about? Many thanks, Charles.
  6. Hi, I am the Deputy Headmaster at Bruern Abbey school, we used to be at Bruern now moved to Chesterton. Do you have a car fir sale? thanks, Charles.
  7. Yes please! Perhaps you could email or call me when details become available? [email protected] many thanks, charles.
  8. Thanks Barry, please could we talk tomorrow when I have finished the inspection that I am on. Also, please could you send me some details and pics of the cars? My email is [email protected] many thanks, charles.
  9. Thanks so much to everyone who has found the time to contribute. I now have a huge amount to think about. I am going to have a look at the weekend and will report back. Sorry not to have messaged before but work has been mental today. I think I do deserve a new toy! with regards, Charles.
  10. Thanks Chris, that’s very sage advice. I am in Oxfordshire so only 30 miles away from this one. I won’t be doing my own work so would have to factor the cam belt into my final bid. I absolutely agree that it should be done as soon as purchased. What would you say on value? Looking at a few classic car price calculators, 6500? Many thanks for your help. with regards, Charles.
  11. Good afternoon, Massive newbie here. I have been looking for an Excel for a while and one has surfaced on eBay. Its a 1987 Excel 2.0 with 35,000 miles on the clock. I have looked at the DVLA MOT history service and its seems to have a consistent mileage and a very healthy MOT history although it has had 9 owners. I have spoken to the vendor and he seems like a genuine chap. The car is described as in excellent condition with some age related marks and has a red (!) cloth interior and silver bodywork. It also has the optional AC. My problem is I have no real idea of its approximate value. I ha
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