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  1. Not sure about the startup but I was more worried about normal engine noise during driving. But luckily I had an opportunity to experience open valve reving today. Asked the friendly guy behind the wheel that was waiting to go up the hill if valves are open (he said they are) and if he could give it some revs. Result: less loud than the Evora but still a good noise and loud enough for me. πŸ€—βœŒπŸΌ FullSizeRender.MOV
  2. Anyone else surprised how quiet the Emira actually is? I mean, we knew that it was not possible to keep the noise levels of Evora and Co. But standing next to it being started made me a little bit sad. But I'm not sure if the valves were open. But its not just the Emira, also all the supercars like McLaren / Ferrari are much quieter compared to what I remember from my last visit to FOS before COVID. Old news, I know... just thinking out loud.
  3. Hey, sorry the weekend tickets are sold unfortunately.
  4. Ha! You catched me? Did you take this from racetracker or were you at the Ring? I was avoiding all the front pics due to the rubber seal flapping around πŸ˜… I was about to post this one instead: The S1 is going in for the 1000km oil change after the full engine rebuild tomorrow. Means I took it very easy on that lap (the brakes also don't feel up to the task of a fast-ish lap in my opinion). And then it should be ready for the roadtrip to FOS mid next week βœŒπŸΌπŸ˜€
  5. I'll put them on PH if nobody here wants them, but would prefer to keep them in the "family" ☺️
  6. For what its worth: the emergency release cable has a strange angle at that it needs to be pulled in my car and also requires more strength than feels correct. I don't want to suggest you need to pull harder (dont break it) but I was surprised how hard I have to pull and I had to pull into another "direction".
  7. Since the plans of our group have slightly changed (Cov.....), I have three sets of full weekend tickets to sell. Face value is 177 GBP each for all four days. If anybody wants to take all three sets out of my hands in one go, I would give them away for 450GBP (makes my life a bit easier). We will arrive on Wednesday afternoon at Goodwood, I am happy to meet up then or on Thursday early morning. I can also post them as a registered mail, but costs would have to be added and we should better do that soon so that it will arrive on time. (I also still have 5 sunday tickets to give away because we are leaving sunday morning anyhow) Have a great weekend, everybody! Heiner
  8. I know the topic title is Thursday, but if anyone wants to have tickets for sunday. Me and my friends have a good bunch of tickets left that we won't use. We're making the trip over from Germany to FOS but historically leave Sunday morning. Means we buy the weekend ticket package but never use the last day. If anyone is interested, let me know and we can meet at the entrance on Sunday morning. I've got 5 tickets to give away! Don't expect anything in return for it (ok, I'm taking the Esprit S1 - let's hope I won't need road side assistance on my way back home πŸ€ͺ)
  9. Anyone else noticed that the startup and reving noise on Shmees Museum video sound refreshingly different (but very similar) to the Evora 4xx soundtrack? Sure, this is very hard to tell from a video but I would like the Emira to sound a bit different compared to the old generation cars. And the idea of induction noise on the air intake of the driver side... 🀀 Here two clips of the Youtube video with startup, sport mode valve open and some revs:
  10. Ah, is it a rubber seal? I also now notice it on the pictures of the red Emira that Pistonheads posted on Instagram. Would be very glad to hear that its actually rubber and not a panel gap πŸ˜‡
  11. Anyone else noticed the horizontal panel gap in the front of the "hood"? I never noticed this on any of the earlier published pictures, but only on this specific car... It looks a bit too wide for my eyes.
  12. Since I just picked up the S1 after nearly 6 months of full engine restore and some other details, I took it out to "carfriday" (Karfreitag - a bank holiday in Germany) for a short trip to the Ring. This day is like a huge festival around the famous Eifel track, the streets are super crowded and blocked with cars of all sorts. Driving through Adenau, I spotted something special parked on the side of the street. I immediately stopped for the photo opportunity of having two closely related, rare legends on one spot. The Delorean was in excellent condition, not restored! A California car that just found its way over to Germany (still on temporary plates)
  13. That's only two hours away! If the weather is good, it may make a nice weekend trip for myself and the S1! Date noted in calendar, looking forward to meet new people!
  14. After watching the video, I am surprised by the slight negative tone towards his opinion. He slashed the others, even the GT4 RS for being PDK only. He has a point by saying that the Emira is not a whole new car (at least compared to how Lotus is positioning it). The engine and gearbox are well known to all of us and (maybe I will be proven wrong) I guess that it will feel quiet similar to the Evora - for all the right reasons! Why change what is not broken - like somebody said before. But the noise characteristic, the throttle response and the gearshifts won't be night and day different. But believe me - I will be very happily wrong if we stop hearing the rattle and whining coming from the gearbox in low rev / low gear. πŸ˜… I tried to call it character and engaging to justify it in my GT430, but on a "comfy sportscar" like the Emira it won't fit. Everything else underneath can happily stay the same as it was on the Evora. And to give a bit of respect to Chris Harris - he's probably one of the very few enthusiasts that do their car journalist job mostly for the right reasons. Porsche fan - definitely, but we also have to admit that the guys from Stuttgart manage to build really good cars if you look at the whole package. If somebody hasn't - go check the "collecting cars podcast" series for a good glimpse into his opinions about cars besides the stuff he's now doing for the BBC. At TG they just have to please a much bigger audience. He is a guy who slept on the couch of a friend because he couldn't afford his rent anymore after buying a 911 RS in the late 90s (hope I remember the story correctly) Or his Testarossa video from the days when he was independent on Youtube, ...blasting through France to get some baguette for breakfast. Legendary!
  15. The process over here in Germany is slightly different. My dealer reached out to me last week to get a final signature under the contract (no deposits, just pure legal commitment on paper). Contract says: delivery in June. The dealer promised me the first car he's getting. But we have to be realistic, there is a massive shortage of electronic parts on the world market and freight shipping is a mess. Oh and then the pandemic. Let's hope she arrives in 2022... πŸ™ˆ
  16. Yes, that is pretty much what the guys at the repair shop also said. Somebody in the past also attempted to "optimise" the oil sump for more dynamic driving by fitting an extra metal piece in it. Clearly some butchering going on. But as you said - I am happy it got discovered before more fatal damages and now I am looking forward to a hopefully perfectly rebuild engine!
  17. Good morning TLF! I decided to bring my 77 S1 to a local expert shop for oldtimer engines - a place where the owner is also a big Lotus fan and has several Esprits himself. (Motoren Ritterbecks in Heinsberg, Germany - I can highly recommend them). The idea was to get some belts swapped, some seals replaced...standard stuff. Turns out that it was a surprise the engine was even running and did not completely blow up on me and the maintenance is now turning into a full rebuild. The previous owner had a lot of work done to the engine in 2016 (I have the invoice) but we now wonder how good that work was done in the first place. I know how an engine works, but I have zero experience with rebuilds or how old Lotus engines should look after work being done to them. But I will attach a few pictures and I am sure many of you will have an opinion if this is normal wear and tear after more than 40 years. On a positive note, I am very much looking forward to a hopefully perfect engine in the Esprit when the starts coming out next year ☺️ Have a nice weekend everybody!
  18. hml_xy

    TLF GT430 Club

    I just spotted the spreadsheet on here, I was a bit lazy and haven't read back to the beginning of the document. if somebody wants to add some details to it about my car (the only battleship grey 430S according to Lotus certificate) or should I edit and re-upload? Also not sure how much detail you want: GT430 Sport, February 2018. Lotus Carbon seats instead of the Sparcos, manual, black stitching, wide tyre option, exhaust button enabled, custom Hifi speaker setup (sorry for the weight, its probably only 10kg extra πŸ˜…) Nearly 20.000km and still going strong! It's probably a keeper. But who knows, if the market is strong I may get weak at some point. Not sure I can justify 3 Lotus when the Emira arrives. πŸ™ˆ
  19. Wonder how they will handle allocations in other countries. Interest raised months ago at my dealer, signed "pre order" form this morning to reserve build slot for delivery around spring 2022. Dealers here don't actually collect money upfront in Germany it seems, but take good old signed pieces of paper instead. Let's hope that this won't impact my place in the queue 😌
  20. hml_xy

    Lotus Emira

    I was happy to hear that KEF will be providing the audio system. Yes - engine noise and all that, but sometimes on the cruise back from the 'ring you want to relax and listen to some music. My bet was on Bowers&Wilkins (british / Volvo) but KEF is probably still a lot bettet than the standard setup on any Lotus before πŸ˜‚
  21. Thanks so much for the opportunity to feel part of the family @Bibs again! Really enjoyed the show and was lucky to make it into the Zoom call early enough. What a stunner Emira is! I was worried it might look too much like Evora but oh boy - what a beauty! Now let's hope the dynamics don't disappoint and I'm honestly looking forward to a Lotus that is a bit more usable while still maintaining (most of the) the thrill. Also, what a nice and down to earth event. Could you imagine P.... hosting such a nice and personal, friendly show for the release of a new car in Weissach? This reminded me why I stick with Lotus!
  22. Aaaand on board for the launch event as well! Can't wait, blocked calendar and made sure I can get out of office "early" tomorrow! Excited!
  23. Also signed up, thanks @Bibs for providing such a great opportunity! Looking forward to the launch and to the Emira! It'll surely be great!
  24. Everybody that was hoping to get some tickets from me. "Sadly" I was able to get a credit from the ticketing office of FOS for the full balance. Means I haven't got any tickets to share or sell anymore, but also won't be able to attend the festival myself. See you all hopefully 2022!
  25. I may have to ask Goodwood for some form of official refund since I will not be able to attend. Selling them one by one would be my last resort in case FOS doesn't accept my request for refund (can't make it to the UK due to the delta variant putting the country on the german list of mandatory, unavoidable 14 days of quarantine on return). I have 8 full weekend passes + 2 grandstand badges + 2 campsite H passes (which technicaly havent arrived from the rollover of 2020). Getting rid of them separately would be a bit painful. Not trying to get the refund would be a very expensive trainwreck. And most of all, I would really prefer to attend myself! 😣
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