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    TLF GT430 Club

    I just spotted the spreadsheet on here, I was a bit lazy and haven't read back to the beginning of the document. if somebody wants to add some details to it about my car (the only battleship grey 430S according to Lotus certificate) or should I edit and re-upload? Also not sure how much detail you want: GT430 Sport, February 2018. Lotus Carbon seats instead of the Sparcos, manual, black stitching, wide tyre option, exhaust button enabled, custom Hifi speaker setup (sorry for the weight, its probably only 10kg extra 😅) Nearly 20.000km and still going strong! It's probably a keeper. But who knows, if the market is strong I may get weak at some point. Not sure I can justify 3 Lotus when the Emira arrives. 🙈
  2. Wonder how they will handle allocations in other countries. Interest raised months ago at my dealer, signed "pre order" form this morning to reserve build slot for delivery around spring 2022. Dealers here don't actually collect money upfront in Germany it seems, but take good old signed pieces of paper instead. Let's hope that this won't impact my place in the queue 😌
  3. hml_xy

    Lotus Emira

    I was happy to hear that KEF will be providing the audio system. Yes - engine noise and all that, but sometimes on the cruise back from the 'ring you want to relax and listen to some music. My bet was on Bowers&Wilkins (british / Volvo) but KEF is probably still a lot bettet than the standard setup on any Lotus before 😂
  4. Thanks so much for the opportunity to feel part of the family @Bibs again! Really enjoyed the show and was lucky to make it into the Zoom call early enough. What a stunner Emira is! I was worried it might look too much like Evora but oh boy - what a beauty! Now let's hope the dynamics don't disappoint and I'm honestly looking forward to a Lotus that is a bit more usable while still maintaining (most of the) the thrill. Also, what a nice and down to earth event. Could you imagine P.... hosting such a nice and personal, friendly show for the release of a new car in Weissach? This reminded me why I stick with Lotus!
  5. Aaaand on board for the launch event as well! Can't wait, blocked calendar and made sure I can get out of office "early" tomorrow! Excited!
  6. Also signed up, thanks @Bibs for providing such a great opportunity! Looking forward to the launch and to the Emira! It'll surely be great!
  7. Everybody that was hoping to get some tickets from me. "Sadly" I was able to get a credit from the ticketing office of FOS for the full balance. Means I haven't got any tickets to share or sell anymore, but also won't be able to attend the festival myself. See you all hopefully 2022!
  8. I may have to ask Goodwood for some form of official refund since I will not be able to attend. Selling them one by one would be my last resort in case FOS doesn't accept my request for refund (can't make it to the UK due to the delta variant putting the country on the german list of mandatory, unavoidable 14 days of quarantine on return). I have 8 full weekend passes + 2 grandstand badges + 2 campsite H passes (which technicaly havent arrived from the rollover of 2020). Getting rid of them separately would be a bit painful. Not trying to get the refund would be a very expensive trainwreck. And most of all, I would really prefer to attend myself! 😣
  9. Received an email update yesterday, stating that work happens behind the scenes with the british gov to establish FOS as a pilot event. This makes it unlikely we will be able to make it from Germany. What a pity, Lotus in the spotlight, the new car being shown... gutted! On the other hand: I may have a whole bunch of tickets soon that I can offer to TLF people that want to go. Sadly I might have to ask money for them since it would be a bit too much to give away for free. Not sure if FOS will offer a way to return them in case people can't make it under these circumstances. <quote> On Monday evening we contacted you to let you know how the Prime Minister’s statement affected this year’s Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard, due to take place from 8 - 11 July. At this point in time, we are still in discussions with the Events Research Programme (ERP) and the UK Government about what the next series of pilot events will look like, which we hope will include the Festival of Speed. With the event only three weeks away, we know that our customers will need confirmation on the next steps of the event as a matter of urgency, which remains a priority for us at Goodwood. Rest assured a lot of work is being done behind the scenes to create a safe and enjoyable event for our customers, whilst maintaining all the exciting and fun elements our visitors love. ... </quote>
  10. Just came here to leave the same comment... PH does not sound very optimistic and there should be an announcement from Boris on Monday that may affect plausibility? I feel for the Goodwood orga team and all related exhibitors. It must be an awful lot of work and headache.
  11. @pete noted! Two tickets for you... @Bling also noted let's now hope Goodwood manages to send the new tickets over soon enough for me to post them to you guys. I'll keep you updated. Their official statement is "up to five days prior to the event".
  12. I don't want anything for them since I bought the weekend bundle knowing that we won't use the sunday tickets. If I mail them to the UK, the shipping costs is all I want. My exchanged tickets haven't physically arrived yet, but Goodwood said they will express ship them up to only five days prior to the event. Right now I still only have the 2020 tickets, so it may take a few more days until I can send them.
  13. On a serious note: I will have 5 sunday tickets (from purchasing the weekend passes) that I'd like to give away to fellow TLF'ers. Driving back to Germany takes most part of a day, which is why we usually have left FOS on Sunday morning. Means if anybody wants to go on Sunday only, it would be a pleasure to send over the ticket or meet at the entrance before we leave.
  14. Coming all the way from Germany if the travel / quarantine / vaccination game plays in our favour. Still have a bunch of tickets from 2020. i'll be there with a group of friends all weekend on the campsite near to the main entrance. My plan was to take my Jeep Wrangler w. rooftop tent but since Lotus is now in the spotlight I might have to bring one. Just not the perfect car to camp in for 4 days 🤣
  15. Thanks, yes ... it's still an occassion to drive the car! The suspension is still mind blowing, as is the sound. ☺️ The guys at my local detailing company were surprised when they started her up to move around at their company and heard the rev-up. They thought Lotus only has 2liter engines and were a bit shocked to hear it is a 3.5 + compressor. 😆
  16. I'm tempted as well. The idea of a more "modern" style is what tickles my interest. Also, what about rumours of Merc engines being used (read that on Pistonheads)? I really like the Evija styling and my dealer told me the 131 should be more daily/comfortable than the Evora. He used the words "a mix of Vantage, F-Type and Evija" 🧐 Not sure if he was talking about market segments because two of those are clearly front-engine based. Also, I heard that they are going to upcycle the Evora platform for it?!
  17. Yes, you´re all totally right. It is definitely pointless. I was probably just looking for a bit of emotional support and assurance that it wasn´t the german TÜV (MOT equivalent if I am correct) that took some BHPs away on the last inspection In any case, it should be about the joy of driving your own car and not so much about the comparison with others...
  18. Hu, he was successful at that
  19. Good morning all, I know that this is a controversial story and excuse myself already right now for the schoolboy-ish perspective I might have. Also, disclaimer - what I am about to talk about happened on the famously unrestricted part of the german Autobahn. No, it really did...not just saying this to protect myself from the german law enforcement (but they probably don´t read UK forums anyhow). So, yesterday afternoon I took the Evora GT430 Sport out - the sun was shining and I was driving down said Autobahn on the left lane (the one where you go fast over here), waiting for some traffic to clear up in front of me at a safe distance. Once the lane was empty, I floored the pedal in third gear and kept going. I immediately noticed another car behind me, far too close in my opinion, it´s never a good idea to not keep at least _some_ distance to the car in front. In fact, I was barely able to see the lights of the car (not just because of the horrible visibility in the mirror :D). Ok, someone wanted to race. That happens when you drive an exotic sports car. So I kept the pedal down, crossed 200km/h and the car was still VERY close. At around 250km/h I was gaining some ground and I did not want to push further, so I went to the right lane and off the pedal, letting the guy pass. I already said - I don´t like if people "race" on the streets, especially if they nearly touch your rear fender, that is an absolute no-no. And it was not my decision, but yes - I kept accelerating when I could have gone to the right lane immediately to not fuel his intention. But that´s not the topic - my question is... should a Lotus Evora GT430 Sport not be much quicker than a Seat Leon Cupra? I was a bit disappointed to be honest, yes - I know that on a track, with the right amount of corners and a much better driver than I am it would not even be close. And I also know that the Evora is not "fast" for it´s power figures. But that was a bit of a shock. Sure, you never know if that Cupra was not tuned with a bigger turbo etc... but I am keen to hear your opinions. Again - I don´t approve street racing and did not do anything in advance other than driving an exotic car 😊
  20. I was just about to post that link but thought its a good idea to search if anyone has already posted it. Your videos are pieces of art, some of the finest on Youtube! Also lovely to see you put so much effort into the Esprit. Watching the video made me realise how much I already miss good weather, less travel restrictions and most of all road trips!
  21. Thank you very much, Paul and Dave! Very helpful info and glad to hear that he won't have to get the whole engine out. @Paul Coleman when you say I should not get the poly mounts - what is the alternative? I've always just seen polymer mounts as spare parts. Was aware of the exhaust heat issue and was planning to install a heat shield.
  22. Dear forum, i searched and found helpful informations regarding the engine stabilisers to get rid of the forces the engine is putting on the rubber mounts in cornering and also found the heat shield. But now I am in a situation that my Esprit S1 requires new rubber mounts and I´d like to use the nasty winter to get them replaced. Being based in Germany, there are only a few "specialists" around that have experience with working on Esprits. And all of them are a couple of hours away from where I am based. I was lucky to find a small historic car garage that specialises in UK manufacturers and is often working on Jags, Rolls, Bentley etc. He´s also not afraid of working on the Esprit, but has never done the engine mount swap. Does anyone have any hands-on tipps that I can forward to him before bringing my car over? E.g. is this definitely a task where the engine has to be removed? I would also ask him to build me one of the stabilisers mentioned in the thread here, or is it easier to buy a kit from somewhere (SJ, ...? ) He will also then swap the timing belt and all other parts that are typically aging. Anything else to keep an eye on? Thanks for your hints in advance!!
  23. Thanks, again! Tomorrow is collection day. Leaving home at 5:30am with a trailer to pick her up. More pics to come. Ha! That's a coincidence. I think yellow works really well on the S1y You have a slightly different bumper setup - federal I guess, also judging by the number plate. Mine had a four-tip exhaust at some point in the past and a previous owner made a nasty second cutout. 😩 Glad it ended up being symetric enough.
  24. Thanks for the nice words, Bibs and Justin! I can't wait.... my plan is to pick it up by trailer next week. It could theoretically drive, but it wasn't used much in the last year and its a 500km drive. My plan is to get it checked first before I'll take her on such a long trip. A few months ago I was planning another NC500 trip this year but due to all these crazy events I might skip it and wait for 2021 instead. Not sure which one to take then, some of the roads up there make me prefer the comfort ride of the Esprit over the pretty hard ride in the GT430. We'll see ...
  25. Thanks Lotusman! Yes, I personally like the look of the Speedlines. But having a set of Wolfrace rims would also be nice (anyone selling a set? I know how rare they are. Another teaser before I'll share more images: The owner has fitted the Panasonic RM-610 that came with the Essex Turbos into it! Again - does historically not "belong" into the S1, but really cool!
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