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  1. Looks a nice project don't try to start it the cam belt may snap and damage the engine looks complete
  2. I can misout as the excel has no mot and needs a cam belt I would have to use the wife's Porsche 😮
  3. Who's got them black gloves
  4. I had to change this for the wife over the weekend I'm not a fan
  5. On ebay I've seen a fold over garage see if you can find 1953hawkes it's a trader on e bay
  6. That's the same as mine apart from mine's not original paint
  7. Is the aerial not on the roof
  8. Mine was under car cover seems to make it worse
  9. I've got them too I've been told it's water in the primer
  10. It's time for his Poker Face
  11. Mine used to cut out if I had too many keys on the key ring Chris
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