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  1. Lovely breakfast this morning good turn out it's nice to follow the Lotus Esprits up the road this morning they looked and sounded really good
  2. A lovely breakfast good turnout of people is there a postcode for Pearce's Farm as matter of Interest cheers
  3. You've put a lot of good work in this car it's looking really good
  4. It's a bit like Blackadder goes to Parliament
  5. Sorry Chris I'll make a real effort to get to this one on the 13th and I've been a bit up to my neck in it to be honest and but I'll catch up with you all soon looking forward to the 13th cheers mate
  6. thanks for the info I need a airbox as well so I can get rid of the k&n fire starters
  7. Yeah Fairplay a bit of a commute for sure but if it's right and it looks right and the money is right then well maybe I'll see him soon bye
  8. Sounds an excellent plan I was just wondering who is doing your trimwork with the lether I was hoping to get my trim Dun to sorry text from I phone
  9. Good work looks good just wondering was you getting your seats re-trimmed or if you got new trim because my seats are really crusty and I wanted to get them re-trims just wondered cheers Dave
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