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  1. I presume there's not some sort of missing return spring on the clutch pedal The clutch pedal will need to return fully to the top when your bleeding it
  2. Oh that's good looks like they're making progress and it's in colour
  3. pump the pedal rapidly and then wege it down with a length of wood and leave it overnight don't know if this will help used to work 20-years ago on black cabs thanks bye ps with bleed nipple shut
  4. the wife done it told me it looks good
  5. Be careful not to get the brake fluid on your paint as it's corrosive
  6. Well at least that's something to look forward to it should still be warm
  7. Sorry I missed this thanks for the invite I'l try for the next meet
  8. It's a lovely car it seems to have headlamp washers
  9. Sorry to hear about your loss Chris
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