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  1. It's time for his Poker Face
  2. Mine used to cut out if I had too many keys on the key ring Chris
  3. You need to get that checked make sure the Feltz been put on properly otherwise it's probably going to leak
  4. Probably just Roofing labourer no instruction
  5. I'll definitely get a second opinion before that goes too far
  6. Maybe it was a health and safety risk assessment
  7. Yeah they're probably going to eat the biscuits in the heating cupboard
  8. God really quite impressive ps the barbecue isn't the clutch the barbecues at Dave and meghan's I can't get myself on the list some how ChrisJ Me and Schumacher Sparkles (dammit, they've got me saying it now) NigelM Senior internets Pete Stephen & Kim Dave Eds Chris Fella Kevin and Clare (might come in two cars if ok. Will have the girls) Phil flash PainterDave + 1
  9. You'll be alright Phil just leave it in 3rd and ride the clutch a bit , can I be on the BB q list +1
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