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  1. Any progress on the engine rebuild I was watching this and haven't heard anything for a long time now
  2. I put a new thermostat in my one made a world of difference much better
  3. My fans were a bit seized up and that was making my wiring get hot so I wol look at them to
  4. good I'm glad it's running that should really have an ignition light I'm hoping that it's on now and also mine doesn't like having a lot of keys on the keyring seems to juggle the ignition barrel about and causes popping and farting
  5. I'm bit worried about small stones kicking up and damaging the belt without the cover on their
  6. oh no my cam cover at the bottom is clearly missing
  7. On my XL one of the terminals had dropped off which stopped the lobeam from working on the hi lo beam swich .love the car looks mint
  8. Well someone's got a lower standard anyway so he is my green cars
  9. I can't do tonight I'll have to catch up with you all at the next one .Dave
  10. that looks like it was made to fit in this perfect
  11. Ive tried to re chec but it won't let me
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