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  1. Remember to cancel the direct debit from your bank
  2. I'm sorn thanks for reminding me .who s paying for the potholes
  3. Only after I got h er to put the nuts on the exhaust manifold
  4. Hey maybe I could get my 9-year-old to put my exhaust manifold back on the excel
  5. Funny I haven't seen the word school in in the spelling test yet
  6. I'm learning more now than I did at school or at least it's different
  7. I'm just home school in a 9-year-old Chris that s a laugh
  8. You haven't got get out have you at least it's got a cabin filter
  9. Take the Lotus out for a spin that should cheer you up happy Birthday mate
  10. I reckon you're not going to get to eat them anyway mate
  11. Hope it's the silver sockets and not them black ones they're really tough
  12. Can I go on this list I think I've missed out some how .I'm on it afterall
  13. If it was me I would stick with the original air filter box and I am suffering K&N filters on mine and I get a lot of cabin fumes in my Lotus Excel also have the drain off pipe which is self-lubricating the chassis and everything else underneath
  14. I've got a rotten cold and I thought I'll protect you lot from it
  15. Sorry people could make this one at short notice
  16. Are we going in a convoy I've got my tickets
  17. 1984 excel love to go I'm in I will get a ticket Thursday
  18. I'll get you a doggy bag for the black pudding Chris
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