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  1. I have discovered that my speedo drive has broken on the cable closest to my gauges. The cable that runs toward the engine bay is looking fairly hammered as well. Has anyone ever found a cross reference part number for this speedo drive cable system? Or am i better offer forking over the $165. to SJ Sportscars and calling it a day? Always appreciate other Owners tips, Thank you for listening, Chris Herbert 1989 Lotus Esprit Turbo Non Chargecooler.
  2. I looked at it this thread when i was choosing a steering wheel, I thought someone else may find this useful.. I was originally thinking of going with the MOMO Heritage Prototipo, However after some thought and looking at other Esprit Owners Steering Wheel choices I decided that it would show too much of the Steering Wheel Column.. So I went with the Momo Mod78. also .. if anyone is wondering yes the backlights to my gauges were updated to Green LEDs and it was a very gratifying modification,, Some of the original bulbs were burned out and the ones that did work were very dim and really hard to see at a glance while driving at night.
  3. Anyone have any experience with replacing there stock steering with a "Standard Momo" steering wheel? I am wondering the difference between one of the adapter rings on Ebay or the Boss from SJ Sportscars. Is one going to push the steering wheel a lot closer to my chest than the other?
  4. Hey Everyone, decided to go ahead and get that Momo Steering Wheel I had been eye balling for some time. (going in my 1989 Lotus Esprit Turbo.) I have read about some Esprit owners getting some kind of plate that more or less gives you the Bolt pattern you need for any standard Momo, That and some guys have had something made on a lath.. Anyone have any experience with the Conversion Kit from SJ SPortscars.. I have ordered a lot of stuff from Steve that has worked out well.. Steve did say however that the boss is thick and thus a flat wheel is best.. I ordered a Wheel that seem to have a minimal Dish,, Still some of this stuff is hard to really figure out unless you have everything in front of you.. Any Thoughts?
  5. Hey Jenna, I just wanted to tell you that I love that you named your Esprit "Penelope". My 1971 Norton Commando that I owned for 25 years was named Penelope. Very traditional English Girls name. I now have a 1989 Lotus Esprit Turbo and I certainly couldn't give Her the same name as my beloved Norton Commando. So my Girlfriend and I decided to name Her Betsy. Your Giugiaro styled Esprit Looks Amazing! I really wanted the body style that you have when i started looking for an Esprit. It just so happened I couldn't find a decent example in Northern California at the time. So I opted for the 1989 I got from a Doctor who blew the Turbo and parked it. I am very happy with it, I do dream of having a Giugiaro body style Esprit some day, if the opportunity ever presents itself I would be all over it. .
  6. Filip, Thank you thats really helpful.. Will report my results after firing her up!
  7. Lots of progress today, I have both new Oil Cooler lines all hooked up.. My original plan was using a male to male coupler to connect the old oil cooler line to the new one and pull it through the chassis that way. I figured out pretty quick that there was no way to get the coupler and the two ends around some of the corners involved in this process. So what i ended up doing was cutting the end of the old line off that connects to the oil cooler, connecting my coupler by putting a bolt through it and connected some nuts so it wouldn't just come out of the line.. Then I used some rope and duct tapped the hell out of it as i was paranoid i would lose my connection as I pulled it through the chassis.. You can see in the pictures what i did.. So I think my last question for you guys is regarding priming the lines with oil... I poured some oil in the lines right before tightening them to the Oil Cooler. But I can tell i didn't exactly fill the lines.. Honestly I poured a little in and then blew on the hose to make sure i got some oil deep in the line.. Did this several times. Not sure how successful i was.. When I originally disconnected the oil cooler lines from the oil cooler there was some oil loss from the oil cooler itself and a good amount came out of the lines. . Am i being a nervous ninny? I was thinking of getting a syringe and pumping oil into the lines.. thoughts anyone before I fire my engine up?
  8. Got the first Oil Cooler line routed thru the chassis, little challenging but doable, Getting the shift linkage out of the way and cutting all the zip ties takes some creativity. Speaking of witch I wonder if the Hot Oil Cooler Line and the "Cooled Line" are really best being zip tied together? There is so much heat generated from the Hot Oil Line isn't some of that heat going to be transferred to the line coming back from the radiator? I almost feel like separating them a bit and possibly putting some kind of thermal wrap on that line.. Am I crazy? anyone do anything like this? or would the benefits be so minimal its not worth bothering with?
  9. Sailorbob, Thank you for that! I was really weirded out by noticing it wasn't routed as show in the service notes.. relieved, C.H.
  10. ESCAPE, Sailorbob, Steve 4012, Barrykearly, Jonwat, Davevr6car I am finally at the point were i can pull my new oil cooler line through the chassis and noticed that the oil cooler lines appear to be routed incorrectly on my Esprit Turbo. To the best of my knowledge I am the 3rd Owner so I think this is possible. Please let me know what you think? The Line that is highest above the Oil Filter is clearly marked with an arrow pointing outward is connected to the Drivers side of the Oil Cooler (Left hand Drive USA Model) and obviously the Oil Line near the bottom marked with an arrow going into the Oil Filter is routed to the Passenger side of my Oil Cooler. If I am understanding this illustration out of the Service Notes I need to flip flop the way these lines are connected.
  11. Update for anyone who might be dealing with oil cooler line replacement; I got myself a 30mm and 28mm wrench. Used the grinder to make the 28mm wrench a little thinner as there was no way I could get one wrench on the oil cooler and the other on the flange of the oil cooler line. After trying to break the Oil Cooler line free I figured out it wasn't going to budge. After reading everyones comments about breaking off the flange coming out of the Oil Cooler I soaked it with penetrating fluid several times, same thing.. felt frozen. Next I picked up some Pure Lye Pellets from the Hardware store (sold as drain clog opener) dropped probably about 2 heaping table spoons in a small glass of water.. Drew the caustic soda into a syringe and poured it over the threads and collar holding the oil cooler line to the oil cooler. Did this several times, be careful as the Lye Caustic Soda is hot and will burn your skin not just from heat but chemically After this the threads looked cleaner but still didn't seem to want to budge, finally after hitting the trouble area with a butane torch for about a min or so,, then finally cooling it off with a liberal amount of WD40 it came loose. Very excited I got it off without any damage to my oil cooler. I am not sure if it was the Penetrating Fluid, The Caustic Soda or Butane Torch.. Maybe all of them together. If your having trouble getting that line off try these steps and be sure to hold that first wrench firmly so you don't bend or break the oil cooler. You can feel by how everything flexes that it wouldn't take much to ripe that connector right off. Best of luck, now I am on to taking off all the zip ties and pulling the new plumbing thru with the old line. Will update after this next step.
  12. i realize this post is 8 years old, I am sure everyone knows that you can get these covers at SJ Sportscars now. I am guessing they are having them manufactured as Steve told me a couple years back the relay cover was Obsolete. I purchased one and the only downer is it didn't come with the mounting hardware. My Esprit has never had this relay cover during my Ownership So i don't know what the attachment points look like. Can anyone show me a picture of the hardware that holds this cover down?
  13. Once again, Thank you everyone for your expertise, I did do a temporary fix on the drivers side Oil Cooler line. I had to add a considerable amount of oil to get it back to the high mark on my dipstick. Before I started the engine I pulled the spark plug wires and turned the engine over several times. I am not 100% if this does much however someone recommended doing so after the turbo rebuild to circulate oil.. Being on the paranoid side I was hopeful this would get some oil pumping thru my engines veins. Ran her several times back and forth to work. Engine sounds great like it always has.. The fix served its purpose my Motor seems perfectly fine, I do hate having something like this jimmy rigged! So i ordered a new oil cooler line from SJ Sportscars, Just came in the mail. So now I am starting to contemplate getting the old Oil Cooler line off without destroying it. Thinking I will try making up some caustic soda with Lye Pellets and Water.. Figure I can get just a little bit in the right spot with a syringe.. If I am so lucky to make this work the next contemplation is routing the new line in using the old one as a guide. Someone mentioned using rope.. I looked to for a short piece off all thread to connect the two ends together. No such luck. Still may look for the right piece to connect the two. That or I will buy some fairly thin coated cable to run thru the center of both oil cooler lines. I have heard that you can only pull the oil cooler line one direction thru the chassis. Start from the rear of the car and pull toward the front I am speculating? Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Christopher Herbert 1989 Lotus Esprit Turbo (no charge cooler)
  14. BarryKearley, Changes, Thank you for the tips very helpful.. the driver side line was jerry rigged already as you can see in the pictures. and has clearly been seeping a bit of oil by the hose clamp. Still on the fence about just getting a new oil cooler and replacing both lines.. Considering everything both of you said. Escape, I definitely scraped the drivers oil side on the curb, will be much more careful with routing the new line. I will of course be sure it cant hit the tire either. Thank you guys, your input is always priceless Chris Herbert (hebertharvey)
  15. it appears the curb on the drive way tore a hole in the driver side oil cooler line. i have ordered a new one from SJ Sports Cars. Steve tells me that you pull the new line thru the chassis with a wire. I am hopeful someone can elaborate on this? I am guessing you run a fairly thick wire thru the new line and old so you don't lose your path. Somewhere on this forum i read it's best to have 2 people one to push and the other too pull and to duct tape the two lines together.. Thinking i will go with the wire method rather than tape.. i know I would lose my connection. Anyone who has done this please tell me about your experience with this procedure.. wondering if I should have ordered a new oil cooler as well, I have heard the horror stories of that connection cracking right off. And lastly does anyone know what size that collar is? My Metric set of Spanners only goes up to 20mm.. I know i need to get some larger ones, just wanna be sure i get the correct size with the set i end up purchasing.
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