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  1. I found this ad on craigslist in Las Vegas for a 1977 S1 that is "Blue Lagoon" . The asking price is $300,000. Dollars! I thought it was a mistake and asked the Seller if this was a typo? I recently looked at a White S1 that is nearly as nice for $10,000. and told him about the car.. He responded by saying "Show me a S1 in "Blue Lagoon" for $10,000. it must be in parts! (no actually the S1 i recently looked it was not in cant say it was "Blue Lagoon" it could use some interior work but is far from a "basket case", actually it was a low milage car and the body was straight)

    Are  Esprit S1 prices approaching the 1/2 a million dollar mark? or is it just S1's that are Blue Lagoon that go for $300,000?





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