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  1. The plan is to meet at the dealership (Leven Lotus Edinburgh, Bankhead Drive, Edinburgh, EH11 4DJ) around 8.00am, setting off at 8.30am. The first stop will be at Scotch Corner Services, we should arrive around 11.30am, this will give people the opportunity to stretch legs/get food or coffee and also let any stragglers catch up. We will set off at 12.00pm and carry on down to East Kirkby to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre (Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, East Kirkby, Spilsby, Lincs, PE23 4DE) They have a Lancaster Bomber that will be taxing that day, I've called ahead and been informed that weather permitting we will have some picture opportunities with the cars and the Lancaster Bomber. They have a museum which is £8.50 entry if anyone is interested in having a look around. From this point we aren't too far from Norfolk so i'd expect folk to start branching off and heading to overnight accommodation, alternatively we can find somewhere to get some pictures of the cars if anyone knows any good spots around that area. Everyone is welcome, the more the merrier! Lets get as many Lotus cars from north of the border and north England to head down the road together! What a sight that will be and what a cracking way to start the weekend celebrations!
  2. I'm moving house this weekend so unfortunately wont be in attendance, enjoy the run though guys!
  3. 1 & 2 Mark plus 1 3 & 4 Johnny and Audrey 5 & 6 Sharron and Dave  7 & 8 Andrew and Alister 9 Stephen 10 Jim S 11 Ian C 12 &13 Alan & Gwen 14 Duggie 15. Richard 16 &17 Del and Shirley 18 Andy 19 & 20 Mark and SJ 21 Alan 22 Ian I'll meet you guys at the bingo, its only 5 mins from my house and I can blame someone else if we get lost along the way!
  4. 1 & 2: Al. + Debbie? 3 & 4: Steve & Julie 5 & 6: David & Jennifer 7 & 8: Johnny & Audrey. 9 & 10: Dave & Sharron 11 & 12: Mark plus 1 13: Ian
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