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  1. Had an Exige 350 and 311. Swapped the Exige for a Corvette and kept the 311. 

    Both cars drive totally different. 311 on the road sucks. I drove 10000 road km since 2018. Michelin tires wont get to temperature. I swapped to Federal Rs Pro (yes those shitty china rubbers) and now it is more compliant on the road. On track you will have more fun with the 311. But on the road it feels kinda weird. You can drive high speed with the 311, on german autobahn I went 280kmh...It was fun and totally stable but the wind punches in your face really scary.  With the right tires 311 is really fun but factory setting is for racing and not for road driving.

    Any questions? Feel free to ask.


  2. 41 minutes ago, alicrozier said:

    Did you see any issues with the car at high speed?

    When at the Nurburgring we were seeing over 270kph on Döttinger Höhe, my friends 3-11 had a problem with the front splitter coming loose and dropping down (maybe as he was not running a front number plate) and cracks to the fairings around the roll bar.  Splitter attachment was fixed at a local motorsport garage.

    My car was OK but as prevention taped over all the gaps in the roll bar fairing.

    My Oakley sunglasses only stable up to 240kph... 😎

    No issues at all at high speed, directional stability is superb and on par with other supercars ( I can compare to Ferrari, Mclaren, Corvette). The car has just a tendency to understeer in hard driven corners. One night I had a Huracan Spyder in front of me. He moved to the right lane as he could not leave the Lotus behind till about 250kmh. I dont think the 311 has a disadvantage though 😆. I noticed that the car starts to shake at about 260-270kmh when the driving surface is not perfect clean. Small bumps and the car will start to splutter.  The optional öhlins suspension has still the factory setup, which I think is a good setup for street and occasional racing. I dont know if we can soften it a bit for street use..otherwise it is not bad adjusted from factory.


    I heard of that front splitter issue...I did not have it so far but I was just lucky as my number plate nearly got lost at high speed so that I had to fix it before it got completely lost. 


    Do you have some pictures of that broken splitter? 

  3. On 01/11/2019 at 18:09, ganzdachhaus said:

    It's interesting hearing the different experiences.

    I added a 3-Eleven to the garage earlier this year, as I wanted something a bit "more" than the Elise Cup. I've been absolutely thrilled with the car.

    On the track, it's definitely a handful in comparison. I find the Elise very flattering on the track. A few laps & I'm normally pretty comfortable. If I make a small mistake, no big deal as the Elise deals with that pretty well. Not quite the same in the 3-Eleven. Of course, everything is coming at you a whole lot faster, but it also requires you to really stay in tune with it & have a better awareness of what's going on. I feel like I always have to  be feeling the car & adjusting appropriately. If I go just a hair past my breaking point, it makes a bigger difference than the same mistake in the Elise. On the other hand, when I start to absolutely nail a turn well, I find that I'm now needing to adjust more and more for the next turn as my speed, at what was my breaking point last lap, is now much higher. Of course, some of this likely comes down to me being a rather middling driver, and probably perfectly normal for a better driver, but, brutal speed & acceleration aside, it's definitely been the biggest difference between the two cars. I actually really like this aspect of the car though. I've had occasional points with the Elise where I just feel like I'm going through the motions while turning a lap. The level of involvement when driving the 3-Eleven means I've never had that, expect for perhaps during a cool-down lap. 

    On the road for a nice Sunday drive through the local hills I find I enjoy the 3-Eleven more than the Elise at non-license losing speeds. Much more visceral, even at low speeds. The wind, the occasional dips & rises in temperature, the smells, the sounds... the everything. It's all there & amplified. The Elise would still win out for a weekend getaway with the wife, but just a nice morning of alone time... 3-Eleven any day.
    Regarding comfort... definitely decent eye protection when driving around town or at reasonable speeds through the local hills. Autobahn excursions (I drive to/from the track as well), mean I'll be wearing my helmet. Some debris getting kicked up when you're in a normal car may mean a cracked windshield. I don't want to find out what that might mean when your face is the windshield. Unlike others, I have not found the outside temperature to really be much of a bother. I'm on the shorter side though, so I'm pretty well tucked into the cockpit. I can't say I've ever felt any real wind on my hands & once the car is warmed up, the heat coming up from the radiator just outside the cockpit is actually quite noticeable (big negative when sitting in traffic in mid summer). Above ~200 or 220kph on the Autobahn & wind buffeting on my helmet gets to be pretty bad. No helmet lift problems for me (again, I'm sitting pretty low in the cockpit), but my helmet can shake around quite a bit. Adding the spoiler & chin aero bits to my Arai helmet has helped somewhat, but I'm still want to find something better. 

    I try to avoid any sign of wet, but the tonneau cover + some basic rain gear have getting caught in the rain not all that bad. If it wasn't for a bit of traffic, the rain gear probably wouldn't have even made a difference. Once you stop moving though, the rain is going to fall on you, so a nice set of waterproofs comes along anytime I'm headed to the track & there's a chance of rain in one direction or the other. I still have the Elise, so if it's more than just a chance of rain while on the way to/from, or if there's a real chance of rain during track time, I'll drive that instead. Largely though, neither car gets driven in the rain.

    Truly my biggest complaint about the entire care would be the windscreen on the tonneau cover. The top edge of it cuts directly across my line of sight & so I've just simply taken it off for now (again, I'm relatively short. I'd bet if your 5'10" or above, it wouldn't be an issue). Getting a spare & cutting it down just a hair is definitely on my to-do list for this next year. Windscreen on the 2-seater cover doesn't quite have the same effect as it's not transparent & so just cuts a small bit off the bottom of my vision, which would only be seeing the nose of the car anyway.

    It's a great car & tons of fun. Sad that there's not very many of them out there, but there were many more 3-Elevens at track days this year than I saw last year. (I'm guessing way less than 311 cars were built. I think the count was 103 Road cars before the start of production on the 430 model, and there were only supposed to be like 20 of those... so 188 Race cars were made?)

    Best comment so far on the 311 itself! How many kilometers did you drive? I have done 9000km so far with my 311 430. i would recommend you another helmet. Go for a motorcycle helmet or a skydiver helmet. For me (as my head sits really high in the wind) I am really content with my icaro skyrunner helmet. Really light and aerodynamic. When you wear earplugs you can drive 200+kmh all the day without getting ill. I drove many Autobahn kilometers and Trier to explorer topspeed as the car is perfectl stable untill 270kmh...then the ground effect causes some turbulences. I will stay up to 260kmh..which is the maximum comfort zone for the car unless you are on a perfect condition track surface. I am interested in hearing more from other is a fantastic car. Go for it all the time if you can.

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  4. I agree, 311 is hard to drive..Need to warm up the tires properly before giving it a full go. Wind noise is immense....I recommend you to try a skydiver helmet (like the bonehead aero)...much less noisy and you can turn your head around without pain. 

  5. Hello to you all from near Düsseldorf!!

    Is the stock exhaust that loud?  Being 130db loud is 458 Speciale and Aventador territory as I inspected some decibel readings at bilster berg. Most of the other cars are in the 120-126 db range (McLaren, Huracan, R8, Aston Martin)...hard to believe that the small Lotus is that much louder than the big engine cars.

    PS:By the way....doing laptimes between 2.08-2.15 with my modified Renault Sport Clio on bilster berg..going for 2.00min with the Exige350 this year ;) 

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  6. Hello,

    i am Nick and will get my Exige350 soon. I am addicted to british cars. Coming from an F-Type R and keeping my Mclaren 650s I am all happy about the new car. I live nearby Düsseldorf and do recent trackdays at Nürburgring and Bilster Berg. Looking forward to meeting other Petrolheads and I am always into discussion and having fun.




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