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  1. This morning when I drove the car to work. Both left and right indicators are flashing at a faster speed. All indicators both left and right are working. The hazard switch works fine and all lights flash at the normal speed. When hazard button is pushed. Everything else electrical appears to be functioning as it should indicators seem to be controlled by a Pektron control module. Does not Look like there is a separate relay. Anyone experience this issue with their indicators? Or had any issues with The Pektron control module? Car is a 2011Evora IPS. Thanks Paul Aston.
  2. Robin, i purchased and fitted one of The Elise Shop radiators last week. my original plastic capped radiator had failed in the same way as yours. Aluminium replacement is a quality piece of kit. Fitted without a problem. Could not believe the amount of road debris that had collect between the air con radiator and the main one. Only issue we had was that the inlet and outlet on 5he new radiator must be slightly smaller than the original. Fixed that with some good quality hose clamps. 2,000km since I fitted it. All good so far. Paul Aston.
  3. These instruments sets are manufactured by Pektron in the UK. They manufacture different types of automotive instruments. They may be able to recommend a repair company. Do a Google search for Pektron repair. The rev counter stepper motor failed on my instrument unit. I am based in NZ but was able to find local company who sourced a stepper motor and relays and completed the repair. Thanks PA. Probably worth doing a Google search for PEK
  4. Well after a number of months a couple of attempts. The rev counter in my instrument unit has been repaired and is back in the car. The rev counter stepper motor and a couple of relays that drive the motor had failed. Not sure which failed first and wether one part failing caused others to fail. These units are manufactured by. Company called Pektron in the UK. Great to be back driving the car again. PA.
  5. Hi does anyone have experience with sorting out water leaks around the doors. Everytime we get medium to heavy rain while my car is parked outside. Water gathers in the door seal at the front corners (see photos). Where does the water come from? Thoughts on how to fix/cure? Thanks Paul Aston.
  6. Up date. Looks as though my problems with the rev counter are a dry solder joint somewhere in the instrument unit. counter works fine on start up. Then starts to play up after a few minutes. All other dash functions are fine including the operation of the shift lights. Will look at wire to rev counter as esseye suggests. Otherwise will remove the instrument unit and get it to my local electronics guy. PA.
  7. Issue with rev counter could be heat related. Over the last couple of days I have started the car and the rev counter has worked as it should. As the day gets (it has been in the mid thirties here) the irrational behaviour returns. Eventually the rev counter stops working altogether. I guess it could be an electrical connection failing with expansion? might be worth disconnecting the instrument pack connector and using some contact cleaner. Paul Aston.
  8. Bibs, Software up dates are an issue for us here in NZ with no official dealer. Tried the reset procedure as follows. Drivers door open. Key turned to position 1 held in trip reset button for 3 seconds. Then turned key to position 2. Stil holding reset button. Rev counter and speedo needles do their thing . However rev counter struggles to sweep the full arc of the dial. And has come to rest at 1000 rpm. Nothing showed on the dash to tell me what software version the car s running. Where should that show? Will try the battery disconnect when I have time tomorrow. thanks for your help so far. Paul Aston.
  9. Bibs, Thank you very much for your reply. Battery is getting in for 4 years old. So will get that checked on Monday. Thank you for your offer of tracking down the reset procedure for the dash with the factory. Much appreciated. You don't get that sort of support with any other make of car. A great part of Lotus ownership. Paul Aston.
  10. The rev counter in my 2011 Evora has started to do some strange things. And will occasionally stop working altogether. on start it wil do the usual check but will go almost completely round the clock face and stop it then (as I drive) slowly return to zero and stay there. I can leave the car overnight and it will reset and the rev counter will work as normal. However during the day on the next start up or the one after the problem will return. anyone else experienced this? Is there a hard reset procedure. only the rev counter is effected. All other dash functions are good. There are no warning lights. Thanks
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