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  1. Will the new logo be used on the badges for upcoming models only? I'm yet to see pictures of a car wearing the new logo
  3. What's so idiotic about buying an already developed and ready to build, carbon fibre, lightweight, EV platform, from an Engineering team that's been powering Formula E and clearly has a lot more CFRP experience than Lotus? I see it as a great partnership and an opportunity to build an halo car without overspending. And we all know what the Chinese want.
  4. Yes, I forgot an LSD too, other major criticism. Quaife would be great
  5. Will there ever be an Exige S3 road version with DCT/sequential box option? I reckon a Cup 4xx with one could sell well. It's a track weapon, where the manual seems to let it down (talking about journos, and probably your wealthy trackday nuts) and generate more criticism than not, seeing as the car is so damn fast Anyway, what I really want them to keep/start building is a new Elan or Elise. Manual as standard, of course
  6. What can we expect for this year in terms of announcements / presence in motor shows?
  7. Why can't Lotus get a new car on TGT/TG?
  8. The bashing Lotus gets whenever an article on recent news is posted is infuriating to say the least. Please, Geely, pull this off.
  9. Great news. Hopefully the technology Will be applied in mass volume models too. Lotus in FE would be brilliant, love the racing in that series. Sounds unlikely though Anyway, a return to Motorsport is long due. Hope there's a GT4/GT3 car coming soon, even if it's an updated Evora
  10. Must do Classic Team Lotus Tour ASAP Must do Classic Team Lotus Tour ASAP
  11. I'll give this a watch when they feature a Lotus. Other than that, not interested. Prefer Top Gear and Youtube
  12. Henry Catchpole + Lotus = Car Throttle uploaded this yesterday as well Is it just a coincidence or an evidence of Geely's plan to raise brand awareness with Lotus glories of the past? I like it
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