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  1. Top Gear article Hopefully CH will be back at Hethel this year to do a segment on it behind the wheel
  2. Out of curiosity, haven't heard of these,-heritage-centre-and-museum-at-hethel.html# since the 70th celebrations. Has construction begun yet?
  3. Just noticed this: 6:39 "An all new Elise will be breaking cover in 2020" So... Is there a chance the new car will keep the Elise name and be unveiled by the end of the year rather than in 2021? Edit: Sorry, didn't know this had been posted before
  4. Wouldn't be surprised if sales dipped below 1000 in 2021 if the new car only launches in 2022
  5. I have just checked the pricing of the new 718 GTS 4.0 and it does make the Evora GT 410 look massively overpriced... Just give us a little teaser of the new car FFS, the wait is unbearable
  6. Will we really have to wait til the end of the year for any official info on the new car?
  7. Looks lovely. Should be 75k tops though
  8. The new logo looks great on Gavan's suit
  9. Will the new logo be used on the badges for upcoming models only? I'm yet to see pictures of a car wearing the new logo
  11. What's so idiotic about buying an already developed and ready to build, carbon fibre, lightweight, EV platform, from an Engineering team that's been powering Formula E and clearly has a lot more CFRP experience than Lotus? I see it as a great partnership and an opportunity to build an halo car without overspending. And we all know what the Chinese want.
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