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  1. Sport220

    Emira GT4

    Guessing this is one of the Komo-Tec cars
  2. Could be that I chose those quotes because they’re about what is relevant in a Lotus to me and not because I wanted to rattled other forum users. Could also be that I said “surprise surprise” because of exactly what you mentioned. Ridiculous
  3. Guess the ball is on Lotus’ side £80,000 target price so considerably cheaper (and lighter I’d wage) than Type 135
  5. Link to the timetable
  6. Was going to wait to have this month's evo delivered but decided to skim through the autocar review, and... surprise surprise "most importantly, the hardware and software is developed in a new engineering centre in Raunheim (...) And that German origin shows almost as soon as you begin turning a wheel. The Eletre doesn’t feel like an old Lotus at all." "if you come expecting family DNA, by which I mean overtly communicative steering, tremendous agility and poise and yet a mysteriously pliant ride, you won’t find it." "The Eletre feels like an EV first and a Lotus not at all."
  7. Another boring race saved in part by a SC. WEC Monza 6h much more entertaining
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