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    Wife and Kids, Esprits, Scuba Diving, Motor Sport, Karting, Playing Cards, Land Yachting and generally having as much fun and laugher in this short, limited life as possible.

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  1. The Grand Tour

    Billiant. Loved it . Enough said 😋
  2. Camping

    Early Saturday morning for us .
  3. The Grand Tour

    Chris Evans has just resigned from top gear !
  4. The Grand Tour

    Latest news
  5. Original Art thread

    Three years ago we were walking along the beach. It was a beautiful day and at some point I got out my mobile phone and took this picture Last Year Wendy Kimberley agreed to undertake a private commission to produce a canvas of the original picture and today it has been hung in our holiday home on the coast This incredible quality of work is amazing . Thank you Wendy
  6. Clarkson's gone

    According to Clarkson " The Grand Tour " will be shortened to " GT " which works for me.
  7. Bibs - Elise S1. theelanman - Evora j141 -Evora S ROJ - Exige V6 Club Racer bingoking - Evora GTE #8 The Pits - Dry Sump Turbo Esprit Sparky - Esprit GT3 & clipboard Sizona - expect Evora GTE #16 ChrisJ - '82 Turbo Esprit Choppa '86 Esprit S3 (no clipboard, but I'll bring a pen) Royal - '95 Esprit S4S Peapod - Exige S2 UNLUCKY FOR SOME! SnoBoardr & Dexter - Evora S Mayesprit - M100S2 Elan Pig - '95 Esprit S4 (Maybe) Hi Viz I expect x 2 (One for Wilf) Experienced finger pointing device and do as I ask face - No you cant park in the concours with your mate !! Dave Eds. Yellow E.... Kevin E -Elise S2 Red Alex L - Red 2-Eleven DaveC72 - Evora S Bazza - Dry Sump Turbo Esprit Paul-lotusesprit1 Lotus Esprit SE JAWS - Evora Rupert - Elise DanChantler - Evora Gavin '21GG' - Evora GTE #2 Delhard - S2 Exige RGB Steamdriven -'98 Esprit GT3 'the purple one' Alfa2Evora - Evora NA Ian29gte - Esprit S4s Danny (DDubya) ExigeLF1 #27 Danny (DDubya) Lotus Mark VI #66 swindon_alan - Esprit V8 Steve - Essex Esprit Dave & Ann Excell - Excel SE MarkHur - Elise S1 top- plumber Esprit S4 Bobbychewit - Exige V6 Leannestefanie- Evora S MarkW996 - Esprit S4 internets - Evora S Mark Rigby - Esprit V8-GT TrevorB - Elan SE Turbo Nasty - Esprit V8 JG220 - Evora Cocopops - Evora Alan e black elan m100 se Andrew Waite - S1 Exige Cliffy - gghc87 - Esprit
  8. Top Gear - New Series

    and if all else fails go for the sympathy vote sorry personally i'm still not buying it ........
  9. New Alcohol Concerns/Limits/POLL Time

    and i need some advise as i am concerned that these beer tankards may be to large ..........HELP
  10. New Alcohol Concerns/Limits/POLL Time

    got some new wine glasses
  11. Top Gear - New Series

    I'm personally beginning to wonder if all these negative stories being leaked to the media is a way of playing down expectations so when aired it won't seem so bad . Sorry not falling for it ....
  12. Whiplash

    Ian when I was in my teens ( yes I know ) I stopped at some traffic lights in an old mini 850 and was given a good shunt from the rear by a coach who decided not to stop . It took a couple of days but my neck become very painful I went to the docs who referred me to Physio at the hospital. Only had to go s few times but the difference was amazing and well worth it so in my view do go see the doc .