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  1. Thanks for a great evening everyone and Bibs for the excellent organisation as always. Photo of the aftermath I think. Allegedly the pink one at the back was Sparky’s port bottle 😂.
  2. Have a good Xmas my friends disappointed that you can’t attend as I was looking forward to catching up . Next year will hopefully be different. 😊
  3. 1, 2 & 3: Bibs, Rachel & Chloe 4 & 5: Sparky & The Ayatollah 6 & 7: internets & Mrs internets 8 & 9: Pete & Sue 10: ChrisJ 11: Dan E 12: Spyros 13: 14 & 15: Bart & Caroline 16: Cliffy
  4. Oops am I bad senior moment , it was Daves Sport 350 and my HC he couldn't get into at the NEC. It was 2008 , no idea what happenend to the car though. Bibbo in deep discussion with Mr C.
  5. Watching it now . Ed China didn’t fit in my S4s at the nec either. 😆. They had to take the passenger seat out so they could go round the Lotus Track with Ed China in the car
  6. Belated Thanks for a fun weekend everyone and sharing the photos. Excellent evening Bibs thank you with a fabulous group of people. 👍 Looking forward to the next one already 😊
  7. We’re at the premier inn Leyborne how Many taxis needed?
  8. Slight delay in Yasuo’s flight so starting off slow .
  9. My inbox is full 😂 I’ll sort it out and pm you later👍
  10. I use Alford MOT on Dunsfold Park it’s turn up an wait. They have a waiting area with coffee tv etc nice people . They also have flat run on lifts so no issues with the low cars
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