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    Wife and Kids, Esprits, Scuba Diving, Motor Sport, Karting, Playing Cards, Land Yachting and generally having as much fun and laugher in this short, limited life as possible.

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    1987 Turbo Esprit HC (G Car), 1995 S4S, 1991 Hethel Excel Celebration, 2008 Alfa Romeo Spider
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  1. Hi Cliff & Caroline,  Nice to see you at Caistor Hall last weekend, although I don't think we got the chance to speak?  Would I be right (by deduction of everyone else accounted for) that you're the younger couple who were with John & Wendy at breakfast on Sunday?


    Nick & Karen Bassett.

    1. gghc87


      Not us you’ve got us muddled with some else . 😋

      We were in the white S4s 😎

    2. esprit gt3 nickbassett

      esprit gt3 nickbassett

      Oh yes, we parked next to you when we arrived on Friday evening!


  2. and the number plate a little further on 😟
  3. John two here please (Cliff & Caroline) Thanks.
  4. gghc87

    Reims and Grenoble Hotels by request they will do an evening meal as well as breakfast .
  5. gghc87

    Road Trip to South France

    We’re doing something similar with a group of friends for the Historic gp at monaco this year. We’ve taking it casual (4 nights down) so we’re only driving couple of hours am and the same pm the route avoiding motorways is roughly Calais, Laon (Champagne region) , Dole , Chamonix (mont blanc) , Turin (motor museum), Monaco.
  6. gghc87

    The Grand Tour

    Billiant. Loved it . Enough said ?