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    1987 Turbo Esprit HC (G Car), 1995 S4S, 1991 Hethel Excel Celebration, 2008 Alfa Romeo Spider
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  1. Oops am I bad senior moment , it was Daves Sport 350 and my HC he couldn't get into at the NEC. It was 2008 , no idea what happenend to the car though. Bibbo in deep discussion with Mr C.
  2. Watching it now . Ed China didn’t fit in my S4s at the nec either. 😆. They had to take the passenger seat out so they could go round the Lotus Track with Ed China in the car
  3. Belated Thanks for a fun weekend everyone and sharing the photos. Excellent evening Bibs thank you with a fabulous group of people. 👍 Looking forward to the next one already 😊
  4. We’re at the premier inn Leyborne how Many taxis needed?
  5. Slight delay in Yasuo’s flight so starting off slow .
  6. My inbox is full 😂 I’ll sort it out and pm you later👍
  7. I use Alford MOT on Dunsfold Park it’s turn up an wait. They have a waiting area with coffee tv etc nice people . They also have flat run on lifts so no issues with the low cars
  8. See you at the start point. Looking forward to a great day out for a wonderful cause. 👍
  9. Challengers Charity are organising their annual motor event. The rally is between Dorking and Farnham in Surrey using tulip using professional Tulip Guide and ends up at an amazing private museum . Its all for charity and a great cause. I attended in 2017 in my red HC and will be again this year there are limited spaces so if it’s of interest follow the link.
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