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  1. Yeh I’ve been debating the side sills. But need to reserve some funds for our new house, I think my next purchase would have to be an exhaust. The new exhaust on the MCF 350 is frustrating me.
  2. Nice, This is something I'd love for mine but I can't justify the price! Let me know if you change your mind
  3. I have seen this been done before. I suppose I can try it. Although Ideally I want the rear lower.
  4. Hi guys, I just wondering if anyone with the new runners are unhappy with there seating position? Has anyone done anything to modify or replace these? Coming form a 16MY 350 Sport to a 19MY 350 Sport they have changed the seat runners, as they where known for rocking under breaking. I can't get comfy in my new car as the new runners sit higher at the back and therefore more up right, which makes me feel like I'm sitting on the font edge of the seat. The options I'm thinking of: 1) Swop my driver and passanger seats around, so the drivers is fixed as this sits lower 2) Try source an old seat runner 3) Buy some universal fixed seat frames
  5. Congratulations this is stunning and you have some exciting plans. I'm yet to experience the 460 kit. Yes you're right the boot leaver is so much better but also on the wrong side for me If you would like to donate your original Forged wheels and 2 piece brakes I'd be happy to take them off your hands In other news I've got some bit to fit over christmas to keep myself busy Alias23 Filter & Headlamp graphics
  6. My Old car is now up for sale with Williams Automobiles.
  7. Thanks for the offer but I think I’ll wait for one of Imran’s, A23 ones
  8. I think you should demand it's returned immediately and dispatched to me
  9. I got my old Car with 5k miles on it so it was nearly new. I'm sure things will bed in. It is a nice car to drive and like I said everything feels smoother and more refined, especially the gear box. I'm sure once I've completed the run in period and I can take the car beyond the 4.5k rev limit, then exhaust will also bed in.
  10. Not really, I'm located near Caffine and Machine. The GF is from Bath is picked it up at whilst visiting her Family. They just happened to have this in sock and Lindon managed to make the number work for me this time.
  11. Thanks but I’m looking to activate the beep. My old car did it. Also there isn’t an interior sensor according to the manual.
  12. This just gets better and better
  13. A quick overview and some things I've noticed as a 350 16MY to 19MY owner. My previous yellow 350 I picked up second hand with 5.6k on the clock. The only thing I did to that car was the Soft top conversion, what I mean was I bough a soft top roof as the car had previously had the conversion done. The car has just had it's first MOT and was now out of warranty. I px the car with 22,002 miles on it for one with 20 miles on the clock My new 350 Sport feels a lot more refined and premium in all aspects. Resulting in a better car all around. The Lighters are brighter, the speakers are better, there are less squeaks and rattles (for now). Drivers seat: The new runners are defiantly sturdier, but you do sit noticeable higher, which is annoying and will take some getting use to. They also go a little bit further back which I suppose is better for taller drivers but I prefer to be sat lower. I wonder if anyone else has this opinion and whether they have modified there current runner or replaced it? Gear knob: I seems to be an issue with the quality of engraving. Going to try and get this replaced under warranty. Exhaust: The tone is definitely different, it sound quieter and less raw but it does sounds more refined. It is bassier on start up and you do get more a a drone lower down in the rev range compared to my old 350. I do miss the raw and wraspyness as well as the odd pops and gurgles, I understand this is still bedding in and will change. The Engine: The map feels more refined and linear in its power delivery. Can't wait to take it pask 4.5k rpm Gearbox: I a lot smoother than my previous car. My old 350 felt harder to drive meaning you had to be firm and precise when pushing on. In comparison the new box feels silky smooth and softer. Driving experience: Overall there is currently a lack of drama which the old car had, I think it's because my new car feel a bit softer and smoother all round. Which is a great thing. But I now have the urge to add and uprated filter and exhaust and help the car breath again. In saying all of that I still havn't had a good drive in the car, as the weather is crap and the car is only on 280 miles so lots of running and bedding in to come. Even though people may look at this and think what was the point, for me they feel like two different cars. They have two different characters which to be honest even I wasn't expecting. My previous car always felt like a stepping stone, as I went to look at a very similar spec Blue Exige back in 2017 which was brand new, but we couldn't get the figure to work. My old yellow 350 therefore always left like second best and that I never got what I really wanted in terms of spec. How every I fell in love with the yellow car, it never failed to make me smile on a dull day.
  14. There was several reasons. The car was out of warranty and I got offered an irresistible deal on the new car. They also feel like different cars. I’ll write up a review soon
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