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  1. Always nice to see another Lotus on the road, especially so close to home!
  2. I paid <£50k for my yellow 350 sport with black leather back in February, I think they where more open to negotiation at this time of year as they had been sat on the car over the winter. Going back to your finance question, I used magnitude finance (which I'd highly recommend) and was told to tell the dealer I would be paying in cash as basically you are but the cash isn't coming from yourself but from a alternative finance company, to their own.
  3. Was great to see and hear a couple of Lotus's drive past. Was it anyone on here?
  4. I saw this in the flesh on Tuesday. I didn't realise the 350 was getting the new bumper. They also had a new 410 in stock, I also didn't realise how much this was until now... £97.5k.
  5. I agree i'm not a fan of it silver, looks unfinished. I take it they didn't consult any of there customers when considering changing this.
  6. Lotus silverstone now have in a new 410 and new 350 which I didn't realise was getting the same new front bumper, from the 430/410. I was pretty disappointed that the salesman seemed to know less about the car than me.. Images in links below: 410 - (scratty looking) Engine bay 350 - Engine Bay
  7. yeh I noticed this after I uploaded it, I have since photoshoped it out, along with the sheep
  8. No real updates, I just loving driving the Lotus. From the moment I test drove one a was hooked. Can't beat a country road drive with the roof off.
  9. I'm taking my car to Silverstone Lotus next week for new locks, as the drivers side door release has failed. Basically the C clip has come off the back and needs refitting but Silverstone decided it needs new locks and barrels all round. I've also had a awful interior squeak resolved under warranty. The rear hatch failed but I managed to resolve this myself. So far the Lotus is doing better than my previous car (BMW M235i), which had loads of work done under warranty.
  10. Yeh I'm running without one at the moment, "as mine came unstuck with the recent heat, officer"
  11. This car was at Silverstone Lotus when I visited a few weeks back. Do you have any plans for the car? You need to cut down the bracket for the front reg plate, if your going to run a smaller plate. Have a look here at mine
  12. I see you've now managed to get it off yeh this is correct but when refitting I now only use the two below the splitter as these are secure enough.
  13. I agree with George, The body colour end plates help to tie in with the rest of the car and help make it look more original and less of a add on wing. I'm very envious, I think you've built a brilliant car.
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