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  1. Spray a mist of water and fairy liquid mix onto the body work. Grab some tools to squeegee out the moisture and a hair drier for heat, this will help the graphics become easier to work with and also dry out the moisture which will then fix the graphics on there position. I’ve done a small amount before so it was fairly easy I’d recommend watching a few YouTube tutorials first before giving it a go yourself.
  2. I would if I could upload pictures 😤 I bought them from my dealer. So they are Official graphics.
  3. Lockdown updates Gave the car a good wash, polish and wax. Finally found time to fit the lamp graphics. Removed the rear reg plate plinth.
  4. Yes, we had a fun drive back from Caffeine and Machine 😉
  5. It would be nice but I've just bought a new house which needs some money spending on it, so it wont be any time soon.
  6. It's on my list of things I don't need, but will waste my money on anyway. I would also like some carbon engine covers.
  7. I love the front carbon panel, it transforms the car for me, giving it a much more aggressive look. Very jealous you got this for a steal. If Ben can find another one I'd happily take it off his hands. It doesn't even need to be carbon for me, I'd be intrigued to see how it looks in matt black. @alias23 Fancy another project? I might have some connections who could reverse engineer an OEM part, and create some tools.
  8. Updates: Exhaust is starting to bed in but I'm still craving more noise. Seats: I spend the most of a day over the Christmas break tinkering with the seats. My plan was to swop the driver and passanger seats around and hoping I could making some custom brackets as the driver seat is too wide with the running to fit the passanger side. The Passanger seat and subframe sat perfectly in the drivers seat position, with the help of a couple of spacers, but unfortunately I couldn't get the drivers seat and runner (now removed) to sit right in the passangers side of the car. So I had to resort to some spacer washers under the front on the drivers seat (runner now refitted) which has in proved the seating position but still not as good as the passanger subframe was. I had a rough quote of around £150 for the passanger side subframe. Alias23 Filter fitted. Awesome bit of kit. Impressive OME feel and quality. Noticeable performance gains along with the supercharger whine. My personal feedback is the fitting instructions actually make it sound a lot more difficult than it was. I was shocked at how much grit and dirt was in my filter after <1,300 miles The car now feels much more keen especially between 4.5k > 6k rpm. Overall I'm very happy with my purchase, it also reduced the weight of my wallet
  9. Yeh I’ve been debating the side sills. But need to reserve some funds for our new house, I think my next purchase would have to be an exhaust. The new exhaust on the MCF 350 is frustrating me.
  10. Nice, This is something I'd love for mine but I can't justify the price! Let me know if you change your mind
  11. I have seen this been done before. I suppose I can try it. Although Ideally I want the rear lower.
  12. Hi guys, I just wondering if anyone with the new runners are unhappy with there seating position? Has anyone done anything to modify or replace these? Coming form a 16MY 350 Sport to a 19MY 350 Sport they have changed the seat runners, as they where known for rocking under breaking. I can't get comfy in my new car as the new runners sit higher at the back and therefore more up right, which makes me feel like I'm sitting on the font edge of the seat. The options I'm thinking of: 1) Swop my driver and passanger seats around, so the drivers is fixed as this sits lower 2) Try source an old seat runner 3) Buy some universal fixed seat frames
  13. Congratulations this is stunning and you have some exciting plans. I'm yet to experience the 460 kit. Yes you're right the boot leaver is so much better but also on the wrong side for me 😅 If you would like to donate your original Forged wheels and 2 piece brakes I'd be happy to take them off your hands In other news I've got some bit to fit over christmas to keep myself busy Alias23 Filter & Headlamp graphics
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