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  1. Still no latches to be seen anywhere. Anyone heard any updates?
  2. Has anyone been successful in sourcing mark 1 Evora door latches (passenger side)? They have been on backorder for years. Still haven't been able to unlock or lock my door with the key fob in years.
  3. Anyone replaced a starter motor in the Evora? Can't seem to find a guide in the Evora manual with regards to which parts to remove to access the starter. Is it a case of just trying to remove the airbox as I go? Should I aim to replace the motor from the top by removing the airbox or should it be done underneath by removing the undertray? Thanks
  4. Parts aren't cheap. You will need a new cover which is about £330 itself. Add a few hundred for labour as well. Worst thing is that it will warp again the next summer. My replacement cover warped on day 1. It was replaced again and that has warped too.
  5. Mine hasn't been working for the last 3 years. Never bothered me too much. Wouldn't mind getting it fixed but only willing to pay a max of £400-500 for the repair including parts regardless of whatever is causing the issue. Of course a repair will most likely be four figures and will only fail again in a few years. The passenger side central locking door lock has also failed again. Not paying another £600 for the repair. Max is £100. Passenger air bag cover has warped again 1 year after replacement. Not paying £700 again. I will just live with these three common issues. Car is perfect otherwise. The car better now give me 10+ yrs of no more issues. Only regular oil changes and filter changes to pay for.
  6. The Exige and Elise also need some loving every year which is the reason for the low mileage. I face the same oil change conundrum for all 3 cars but it probably makes sense to keep the annual oil changes.
  7. I have done done 600 miles the last 12 months in my Evora. It is coming up to the time I normally send it to an independent to perform and oil change and other bits for service. Given the low mileage would you guys still do an annual oil change or would you perhaps move to every 2 yrs oil changes. I don't think the car needs it but there is always that question of future resale with an annually stamped service book. I will probably be doing similar miles annually in the future given I share my driving across my other cars.
  8. I think the Gulf one looks very good. Love the stripes on it too. Just not to sure about the body colour roof. This and Bosshogs 410 at £60k must be the best value buys at the moment.
  9. Black does not allow the black pack to do its job of making the Evora look more slim and sleek. Black/dark cars and non black pack cars (especially to the younger generation) look alot less super car and therefore more difficult to sell.
  10. Yes that is perfectly fine. As long as you change in pairs it doesn't make much difference for road cars. Do the fronts then the rears when they are due another time. PS4 is a better tyre than the P zero. PS4S is a more sportier/firmer version of the PS4 but not much in it unless you are tracking but if you are tracking then you would want the cup tyres anyway.
  11. You are buying at the bottom end of the market. You should expect some niggles. For an early car without niggles you will be looking at £30k not £25k.
  12. Yes worth doing at its relatively cheap price. Just don't expect night and day improvement in sound. The exhaust note will improve by approx 20%. It also saves a little weight.
  13. Yes that is the lead you need but you still need to cut some wires and solder it to an iso block or the wires provided by the new pioneer stereo (use the diagram above as a guide). It isn't a straight plug and play.
  14. I've debadged mine too. Threw it straight in the bin not realising Lotus sell the badge for £80. Rear looks unsymmetrical with the Evora badge. Looks alot better with just the lotus lettering imo. It was the first thing I did when I bought my car.
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