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  1. I think the Gulf one looks very good. Love the stripes on it too. Just not to sure about the body colour roof. This and Bosshogs 410 at £60k must be the best value buys at the moment.
  2. Black does not allow the black pack to do its job of making the Evora look more slim and sleek. Black/dark cars and non black pack cars (especially to the younger generation) look alot less super car and therefore more difficult to sell.
  3. Yes that is perfectly fine. As long as you change in pairs it doesn't make much difference for road cars. Do the fronts then the rears when they are due another time. PS4 is a better tyre than the P zero. PS4S is a more sportier/firmer version of the PS4 but not much in it unless you are tracking but if you are tracking then you would want the cup tyres anyway.
  4. You are buying at the bottom end of the market. You should expect some niggles. For an early car without niggles you will be looking at £30k not £25k.
  5. Yes worth doing at its relatively cheap price. Just don't expect night and day improvement in sound. The exhaust note will improve by approx 20%. It also saves a little weight.
  6. Yes that is the lead you need but you still need to cut some wires and solder it to an iso block or the wires provided by the new pioneer stereo (use the diagram above as a guide). It isn't a straight plug and play.
  7. I've debadged mine too. Threw it straight in the bin not realising Lotus sell the badge for £80. Rear looks unsymmetrical with the Evora badge. Looks alot better with just the lotus lettering imo. It was the first thing I did when I bought my car.
  8. Yep door latch will need replacing and will fail again in a few years. Just had mine replaced again recently. Approx £400-500 each time. Its these little required repairs that are expensive on the Evora alongside passenger air bag cover, air con and peeling headlights. Cost more to sort these out than replace a gearbox.
  9. Yes, I remember you quoting such prices elsewhere which was why I was shocked at prices been quoted to me. No minor fix costs less than £400 nowadays.
  10. If you like having multiple cars like me the high tax rate is an issue. I have 5 cars (3 Lotus') and collectively do approx only 3k miles each year. I therefore refuse to buy any car with road tax at the higher tax band. Patiently waiting for 2023 when all cars including V8/V12s will only cost £140 per year.
  11. The right car rarely comes along. Evoras are so rare that it will take years before all your boxes get ticked. You will need to sacrifice some aspects of your desired car. In my case I bought a colour that was probably at the bottom of my preference list. Fortunately I've come to like the colour alot more.
  12. The BMW will cost more than £3k per year in depreciation alone.
  13. Sorry to see you leave the Lotus ownership fold Jayemm. Whilst I love Lotus cars, I would never buy a new one for the reasons already mentioned.
  14. Evora S will feel slow in a straight line compared to the M3. However it is a superior car in every other way from a driving perspective. Buy an S at £30k to £35k and it will be worth the same after 8 yrs. The engine is reliable. Its just the other bits that are not as reliable. Air bag cover (£600-900), peeling headlights (£400), door locks (£400 each), boot lock, window regulator (£500), air con (£1-2k), clutch (£2-3k), gearbox (many £ks) and to a lesser extent the supercharger could go wrong over 8 yrs. Every minor repair seems to cost £400/500 in my experience, never £50.
  15. 9k in 10 yrs with a failure would be a joke let alone 4 yrs. The Evora isn't even torquey. In fact it is embarrassingly not torquey. Completely unacceptable even for a McLaren 720s. I very much doubt Lotus or the dealer will contribute anything as I struggled to get an air bag cover replaced despite a new item failing in 2 weeks. Only threat of legal action changed their minds.
  16. I honestly think that without the sport button, I would have traded in the NA for an S. My car suffered from the brake switch issue which took over a month to resolve due to comedy service from Elise shop in sending out a brake switch. During that month, the inability to use the sport button made the car feel pretty ordinary. However, Im glad I don't have a S as I don't want future super charger issues nor gearbox/clutch issues. Door latch, window regulator, air con and air bag cover problems are enough.
  17. Evora NA feels so slow without the Sport button on. It is the first button I look for after starting the car.
  18. Hi bibs. I would like to order an outdoor car cover but the shop link does not give an custom options namely a Lotus logo. I assume the standard £250 price does not include a lotus logo. If not how much extra will it be and how do I spec it on your store. Thanks
  19. Which is why rejection is the only option. Anything less than £20k when buying new is not on. It should not have passed QC.
  20. For a carbon fibre roof the whole point is a CF look. If the only option was to paint the roof I would want £30k back not £3k. In fact I would rather leave the CF roof as it is and get back £20k than to paint it and get back £30k. These little aesthetic things are very important to alot of people. They only way to buy a Lotus car these days is used and at the bottom end of used. Less expectations and a car that will no longer depreciate in most cases.
  21. I replaced mine around March this year. After 1 week of sunny weather in May the new air bag cover succumbed to the same warping. Lotus have today just posted another replacement for the replacement free of charge (however still need to pay again for labour) . The part itself costs over £300 (it should cost max £50 for what is a piece of foam wrapped in leather with a bit of metal attached). I think all covers will eventually warp including the new ones. Its just a joke that it is a dash out job to fix. Its these recurring little problems thay make Evora ownership annoying not the £2k+ bill for a clutch repair. To replace the air bag cover will cost around £700/800 including parts. Complete joke. Air bag covers should not need replacing on any car that has not been involved in a head on crash. My advice is just to live with it. Just like living with broken air con and faulty windows that don't pop back up when you close the door. These issues will just reoccur over time due to poor design/parts.
  22. Can someone supply a £100-£200 front splitter? The komo tec price is rediculous. Also how much labour would these 400/GT430 front bumpers cost to fit including painting. I am assuming not a few hundred quid.
  23. Anyone know what is the best way to store my removed calipers. At the moment Ive just put them in the box that the new calipers came in. However they still have some of the brake fluid inside them. Should I remove the pads and pistons and then dry everything up or will leaving as is be ok perhaps sealed in a plastic ziplocked bag?
  24. Just did the swap this morning. Very simple, just time consuming (took me 3.5 hours). Once the wheels are off its just a matter of 2 caliper bolts and unscrewing the brake fluid hose that goes into the caliper. Attach thw new caliper and then bleed. Use the opportunity to clean or repaint the disc hubs. Would recommend that anyone who does this swap books the car in for a brake fluid change soon after. My brake pedal doesn't feel as good as before even though I thought I was very careful with the bleeding. Car now looks much more sporty and aggressive.
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