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  1. I now have the common door lock/sensor problem where the car thinks the drivers side door is open even after it has been closed. What was the solution in the end? To replace the whole door lock or just a few components? Anyone have the part numbers for the bits that need replacing. In the mean time will removing fuse C12 and C14 be enough to prevent battery drain from the inability to lock the door? Thanks
  2. Just downloaded and read the service notes. Looks like a super easy job. Will definitely attempt it myself including the bleeding. Depending on results, will then drive to my local specialist for my annual service and replacement brake fluid.
  3. I have rung around and been quoted 3 hours and £60 ish for brake fluid change. So that is approx £300 for fitting at a specialist or over £500 at a dealer. Will changing the calipers be an easy DIY job? I could perhaps install the calipers myself and then get the brake fuid properly changed and bled during the yearly service that is due soon.
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