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  1. Evora NA feels so slow without the Sport button on. It is the first button I look for after starting the car.
  2. Hi bibs. I would like to order an outdoor car cover but the shop link does not give an custom options namely a Lotus logo. I assume the standard £250 price does not include a lotus logo. If not how much extra will it be and how do I spec it on your store. Thanks
  3. Which is why rejection is the only option. Anything less than £20k when buying new is not on. It should not have passed QC.
  4. For a carbon fibre roof the whole point is a CF look. If the only option was to paint the roof I would want £30k back not £3k. In fact I would rather leave the CF roof as it is and get back £20k than to paint it and get back £30k. These little aesthetic things are very important to alot of people. They only way to buy a Lotus car these days is used and at the bottom end of used. Less expectations and a car that will no longer depreciate in most cases.
  5. I replaced mine around March this year. After 1 week of sunny weather in May the new air bag cover succumbed to the same warping. Lotus have today just posted another replacement for the replacement free of charge (however still need to pay again for labour) . The part itself costs over £300 (it should cost max £50 for what is a piece of foam wrapped in leather with a bit of metal attached). I think all covers will eventually warp including the new ones. Its just a joke that it is a dash out job to fix. Its these recurring little problems thay make Evora ownership annoying not the £2k+ bill for a clutch repair. To replace the air bag cover will cost around £700/800 including parts. Complete joke. Air bag covers should not need replacing on any car that has not been involved in a head on crash. My advice is just to live with it. Just like living with broken air con and faulty windows that don't pop back up when you close the door. These issues will just reoccur over time due to poor design/parts.
  6. Can someone supply a £100-£200 front splitter? The komo tec price is rediculous. Also how much labour would these 400/GT430 front bumpers cost to fit including painting. I am assuming not a few hundred quid.
  7. Anyone know what is the best way to store my removed calipers. At the moment Ive just put them in the box that the new calipers came in. However they still have some of the brake fluid inside them. Should I remove the pads and pistons and then dry everything up or will leaving as is be ok perhaps sealed in a plastic ziplocked bag?
  8. Just did the swap this morning. Very simple, just time consuming (took me 3.5 hours). Once the wheels are off its just a matter of 2 caliper bolts and unscrewing the brake fluid hose that goes into the caliper. Attach thw new caliper and then bleed. Use the opportunity to clean or repaint the disc hubs. Would recommend that anyone who does this swap books the car in for a brake fluid change soon after. My brake pedal doesn't feel as good as before even though I thought I was very careful with the bleeding. Car now looks much more sporty and aggressive.
  9. Still waiting patiently for your write up Andy. Was hoping to give it a go this weekend but will wait for your input to ensure I reduce the possibility of messing something up.
  10. The main problem is that dealers want approx £400/£450 to remove the headlights and send them off for repair and re-lacquer. People moan about the £2k clutch repair cost with the Evora but it's the constant £450 costs of headlight repair, £450 door latch repair, £500 window regulator, £1k+ air con repair, £750 passenger air bag cover replacement etc which makes Evora ownership annoying. For £1k, I would want to repair a near catastrophic engine issue not a poxy air bag cover that keeps on warping a few months after replacement. Still at least it is cheaper than owning a McLaren/Ferrari. I repaired the headlights myself (5 days ago) using wet sanding followed by four levels of cutting/polishing using a dual action polisher. Finished it of with spraying clear lacquer. Results were very good. Total cost was £25 for the lacquer. Everything else was already in my garage.
  11. Looks good. Was the process easy in the end? Any difficult things to be aware of? Still haven't got round to fitting mine. What are you moving onto Andy if selling the Evora?
  12. SSC websites states around 410bhp for the S. Should be the same for the NA I would have thought but will cost around £15k probably.
  13. Thanks. Can you get an approx price from them. Will it be a few £k more or likely double the £6300 cost for S cars. I guess most of us NA owners just need to see if we should simply rule out the idea due to price.
  14. Is this upgrade only for the S Evoras? How much does it cost? How much would one for an NA car cost given the other bits required. Am interested in one for the NA as long as it is not silly money.
  15. Im in a similar position but looking at: 1.) S1 Evora NA plus Exige V6 or 2.) Evora 400? Currently thinking the first option is better at similar money.
  16. I bet the 4 silver circles refer to the alloy wheels (black wheel with silver edge) on the GT 430/410 ..... Has to be GT410....
  17. c8rkh, will your 2bular manifold and your front splitter be available for sale?
  18. It is quite shameful that a limited edition run is not outsold upon announcement let alone a few months after. Whilst I love the 430 and Evoras in general, Lotus do really need to change their overall game with upcoming new models.
  19. You need to search for wiring diagrams. Don't rely on colour. You need to be absolutely sure which wire does what. There are thin black wires and fat black wires that do different things for example. Get the diagrams and match the functions of the wire (not by colour) between the two harnesses. You should soldier them together with heat shrink over it. Took me half a day finding which wires did what on each harness and a fews hours to cut and solidier them together. One tip is do not connect the speed sensor wire for the gps. The Evora doesn't like it for some reason.
  20. So apart from the stainless steel brackets what other parts are required? What size replacement bolts and how many? Are the rivets that you drill out metal or plastic? Any other special tool required? I will need to replace mine in the spring. Thanks
  21. Superb price at £280+Vat. I wish I had waited. Im tempted to buy a third set. I paid the higher price and still haven't put them on yet. Was also hoping to sell my used black ones for over £300. As for the dampers definitely get those too. Its an excellent price for new dampers and will make long term Evora ownership cheaper. Of course only buy if you plan to keep your car for a long time. Ive just ordered a set of front and rears. Now have a spare set of dampers, calipers, leather seat covers, brand new set of wheels amongst other smaller items stored in the garage. If only Lotus could sell door latches and window regulators for similar cheap prices.
  22. They look good but are pricey. How are these installed? Are they bolted on or glued on? Can installation be done without the need to pay a dealer/specialist to do it? I may buy one.
  23. Had my NA decatted yesterday with a 2tubular pipe. Soundwise it was a marginal improvement. Nothing significant. If it isn't as cheap as it is to do I would not bother. Other benefits include a few kilos shaved off the weight of the car and theoretically a slightly cooler engine bay. Definitely do it for under £300 (1hours labour) but anything over and it isn't worth it.
  24. Thanks. Car is on its way to B&C. Over £400 to fix. These constant latch and window regulator failures are beginning to total more than a clutch replacement.
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