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  1. Anyone replaced a starter motor in the Evora?

    Can't seem to find a guide in the Evora manual with regards to which parts to remove to access the starter.

    Is it a case of just trying to remove the airbox as I go?

    Should I aim to replace the motor from the top by removing the airbox or should it be done underneath by removing the undertray?


  2. Mine hasn't been working for the last 3 years.  Never bothered me too much.  Wouldn't mind getting it fixed but only willing to pay a max of £400-500 for the repair including parts regardless of whatever is causing the issue.  Of course a repair will most likely be four figures and will only fail again in a few years.

    The passenger side central locking door lock has also failed again.  Not paying another £600 for the repair.  Max is £100. 

    Passenger air bag cover has warped again 1 year after replacement.  Not paying £700 again.

    I will just live with these three common issues.  Car is perfect otherwise.

    The car better now give me  10+ yrs of no more issues.  Only regular oil changes and filter changes to pay for.

  3. I have done done 600 miles the last 12 months in my Evora.  It is coming up to the time I normally send it to an independent to perform and oil change and other bits for service.

    Given the low mileage would you guys still do an annual oil change or would you perhaps move to every 2 yrs oil changes.

    I don't think the car needs it but there is always that question of future resale with an annually stamped service book.

    I will probably be doing similar miles annually in the future given I share my driving across my other cars.

  4. Yes that is perfectly fine.  As long as you change in pairs it doesn't make much difference for road cars.  Do the fronts then the rears when they are due another time.

    PS4 is a better tyre than the P zero.  PS4S is a more sportier/firmer version of the PS4 but not much in it unless you are tracking but if you are tracking then you would want the cup tyres anyway.

  5. Evora S will feel slow in a straight line compared to the M3.

    However it is a superior car in every other way from a driving perspective.

    Buy an S at £30k to £35k and it will be worth the same after 8 yrs.

    The engine is reliable.  Its just the other bits that are not as reliable.  Air bag cover (£600-900), peeling headlights (£400), door locks (£400 each), boot lock, window regulator (£500), air con (£1-2k), clutch (£2-3k), gearbox (many £ks) and to a lesser extent the supercharger could go wrong over 8 yrs.  Every minor repair seems to cost £400/500 in my experience, never £50.

  6. 9k in 10 yrs with a failure would be a joke let alone 4 yrs.

    The Evora isn't even torquey.  In fact it is embarrassingly not torquey.

    Completely unacceptable even for a McLaren 720s.

    I very much doubt Lotus or the dealer will contribute anything as I struggled to get an air bag cover replaced despite a new item failing in 2 weeks.  Only threat of legal action changed their minds.

  7. I honestly think that without the sport button, I would have traded in the NA for an S.

    My car suffered from the brake switch issue which took over a month to resolve due to comedy service from Elise shop in sending out a brake switch.  During that month, the inability to use the sport button made the car feel pretty ordinary.

    However, Im glad I don't have a S as I don't want future super charger issues nor gearbox/clutch issues.  Door latch, window regulator, air con and air bag cover problems are enough.

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