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  1. That might well have been me 👍. I was staying by Loch Goil and have a friend in Kilmun, I was hunting rally cars but had sadly missed most of them. I did go to Inveraray on the Monday( earlier in the week) and then took the Colintraive ferry to Bute on the Sunday morning but had been up and down the A815 quite a few times in the week (great road). if it was me I’ve finally been spotted 😃, first time in 3 1/2 years of ownership! Only saw one other Lotus over a ten day period and that was a Europa on the M6
  2. Does an Exige have the option for a 2nd set of wheels? Lots of car manufacturers allow you to have a summer set and a winter set of tyres. So once the winter set are coded then you just press a button and the car then looks for the second set (winters normally). If the Exige doesn’t have the option for a 2nd set then you will have to either get the sensors on your track wheels recoded to the car and then the originals recoded once you’re finished on track. What I would do is “clone” the original tpms to the new sensors - look at Schrader EZ sensors as these allow the tyre shop to copy the hexadecimal code from the original sensor and program it onto the new sensor.
  3. With my previous car I used Carbon NV in Milton Keynes. Mark there was very helpful and the quality of what he supplied was very good. Reasonably priced too. I know he’s not adverse to making changes as the pedal box cover he supplied for my car was for a car engined car and I sent him my one as I had a bike engined car and he copied my original one in carbon. My experience of all carbon products (in the kit car scene) has been that they all need some fettling to fit, but then there is a lot of variance in the bodies of Westfields... Looking in the gallery on his site it does look like he has made some Lotus parts before. I have no connection with the company other than having bought some stuff from him in the past.
  4. @Daveb99 they cost me £36 inc vat, my cars out of warranty so I had to pay for mine but that’s ok as the fix works.
  5. Just to follow up on this I fitted the new inserts yesterday and the rocking has gone. Quite pleased that its sorted now. Now to find the creak from the seat which has gotten worse since fitting the inserts... I was kind of hoping the creak was a by product of the loose seat runners as all the seat fixings are tight. I also fitted my 2bular rear exhaust box so all in all a good day.
  6. I can't see a date of publication on the bulletin so I would imagine its anyone's guess when it was implemented. When I mentioned to B&C that a Google search brought it up in the 2 Eleven parts notes he seemed surprised as they didn't know about them. If they have only fitted a couple this year under warranty you could be onto something!
  7. Unfortunately I didn't think to ask if it has finally cured the issue. Maybe a 2 Eleven owner will be able to answer that? I will try and document the process for fitting the inserts if I can.
  8. SteveJL


  9. I had a fairly detailed email exchange with Customer services yesterday about the seat runners. They gave me the part number for the items that @PeterSweden has posted a picture of. I placed the order for a pair with B&C yesterday and they are being delivered to me on Wednesday. B&C parts said that they had fitted a couple this year under warranty. The part number is as follows A142V0001K I had a Google for the part number and discovered that they are listed in the service parts list for the 2-Eleven (section 13.01 item 8) Parts List 2-Eleven A127T0325D_1.pdf Hopefully this helps someone
  10. Thanks for the welcome! I almost didn't buy the car due to the colour, many years ago I bought a 2.8 injection Granada Ghia X in a pale green colour, came home with it and my mum said to me that green cars were unlucky. It was the most unreliable car I had ever owned at that point! Never owned one since .
  11. Hi all, thought I had best introduce myself. i picked up a Elise S CR from a specialist in November last year. Still finding various forums and the like. Absolutely loving the car. I had a Westfield Megabusa which I built back in 2008/09 prior to the Elise. Was made an offer I couldn’t refuse so it went - never thought i would sell that car... I have to say I’m enjoying not getting wet and having a heater! Off to Scotland in May with some kit car mates and then the Alps in September - can’t wait 😀
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