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  1. Hey gents. It’s been a long time. Believe it or not, this is still ongoing saga. Hoping to bring it to a closure to this story soon. I’ll keep everyone posted when it’s finally over. happy New Year, -Jim
  2. Hey D101, I have a feeling that the conclusion of your problem is not the seat nor the ergonomics. There may be an underlying pathology that no matter who types of seats or bolsters you try, the complaints will ultimately need to be addressed. If the complaints are noticeable when sitting or standing for prolonged duration (even when not driving). The symptoms may be related to spinal complaints. If the complaints are only noticeable with driving in the Lotus, it's likely you will need a lumbar support pillow. Moreover, you may try to change the ergonomics of your position. I would think
  3. I’ve mentioned it on another thread but I’ll mention it again for future E400-30 owners. If your vehicle is equipped with subwoofer option, a little tweaking with the settings will be sufficient. It’s not the best but even for an audiophile like myself, it’s not bad. First problem with the Evora is the way the tweeters are arranged and directed to the window, there’s seems to be sharp resonance and seems harsh without some adjustments. Secondly, because of the way factory crossovers are either a cheap piece of junk or default settings which doesn’t allow the deeper decibels to separate ov
  4. Sage words, LL. I have to agree with you on all points. I’m actually excited to see how Lotus is going to turn things around. I have faith in the company but I see them as a real contender in the industry. How can they not, they have fleet of cars that just amazes people, an essential ingredient for successful car manufacturer. I have to think Lotus is lurking in the forums and carefully listening and being attentive to its owners. Beyond the algorithms and formula for success, it will always come down to customers who believe in the company. I’ve always been a sucker for rooting for the unde
  5. I'm going to go along with the choir and repeat the sentiments. The root pathology is the dealers and the service centers. For too long, they've tainted the Lotus brand. Trust me, I'm in similar situation with slight variations of the outcome. Brian, who I presumed you talked to, is taking the helm in the US market. I'm sensing some paradigm shift as they're remedying these problems from the root cause. Trust me, they're listening and following these threads. I hope you and I will continue these forum threads with positive outcomes and happy endings, as I know there are ton of non-regi
  6. You beat me to the punch. I was thinking the exact same. I'll get the full membership for now. Perhaps upgrade to gold when I actually get my car. Unfortunately, I was getting loads of error code while trying to upgrade my account and unable to finish while being ushered off my phone on the plane. I'll give it another try. Loving the friendly sparring match. I can definitely count on TLF members to give me few laughs
  7. I wanted to give everybody an update. I’ve had some revelations since posting this. Truly a turning point as of Friday. I want to especially thank our fellow Evora enthusiast and our sister forum LTF. I believe there is a particular gentleman who went above and beyond and contacted the appropriate bosses at our flagship headquarter, across the pond. I also want to thank all the forum members who encourage me to maintain contact with Lotus and some of those who supported me during this process. You guys have certainly could have ushered me off or wrote me off as penitent consumer. I won’t say w
  8. I’ll try to keep this moderately short. Mod(s), I'm not sure if I'm even allowed to post this, as I'm a newly registered forum member. You are welcomed to delete the thread as you see fit. I'm just sharing my experience and hoping that a Lotus staff sees and hears the experience that I'm having. Perhaps improving or defending what is being told by an individual in the US. Members, my apologies if I'm coming off as a remorseful buyer. I'm fond of the Lotus brand and may acquire another Lotus if the conditions improve. I purchased my E400 August 2017. It was on my short list of many beautif
  9. Great write up indeed. Ex-Boxster guy who can agree on all points, even when compared to the 400. I thought maybe I had some sub-woofer issues as well or just believing Lotus had absolutely sub-par sound system. However, after fiddling around with the system, I found that if you move the fade rearward 75% the subwoofer does work. Due to the geometry of the windshield the tweeters do sound too sharp and obnoxious so adjusting it and increasing the mids also helped. In all, it does sound fair. It's not 7 bose speaker good like the Porsche but still passable when needed. Try it let us know
  10. Hmmm. Kinda being rough don't you think? Especially for a unfinished product. I for one give him a huge thumbs up for having two large brass 3 to chop his beloved Evora. And you know, do something about it vs talking about it. I know a lot of guys from US forums LTF that frequent this forum. Both great platforms and for the most, great thread discussions. Not really liking the direction this is taking as I wouldn't doubt if he is also a visitor or member of this forum as well. Just my thoughts I'll be eagerly waiting for the finished product. -Jim
  11. Thank you for the warm welcome and funny response from the bunch. I ended up selling the Porsche as it was collecting dust. I'm hoping that this new cup series Exige will be available state side so I can add it to the collection. These British engineered cars are so much more joy than any German/Italians cars I've owned. Just simply amazing
  12. Good evening, Jim from Fort Smith, Arkansas (USA). As many others, a long time lurker of the forum and newly acquired E400 owner, since 07/2017. Former P car owner and now proud Lotus owner. Proud to be amongst the few. This forum has helped me making a decision on my current Evora. This place has a lot of useful info and insights which ultimately helped my decision making process. My brother in law had an Exige S and ran circles around my Boxster. I knew my next car was going to have to be a Lotus after getting schooled around the pig-trail (regarded as one of top 10 best roads to drive/ride
  13. That's pretty slick fabrication work. That should be duplicated and sold on this forum! ?
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