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  1. Hey gents. It’s been a long time. Believe it or not, this is still ongoing saga. Hoping to bring it to a closure to this story soon. I’ll keep everyone posted when it’s finally over. happy New Year, -Jim
  2. Hey D101, I have a feeling that the conclusion of your problem is not the seat nor the ergonomics. There may be an underlying pathology that no matter who types of seats or bolsters you try, the complaints will ultimately need to be addressed. If the complaints are noticeable when sitting or standing for prolonged duration (even when not driving). The symptoms may be related to spinal complaints. If the complaints are only noticeable with driving in the Lotus, it's likely you will need a lumbar support pillow. Moreover, you may try to change the ergonomics of your position. I would think protracting your seat closer to the steering wheel, while reclining the seat more, may transfer the correct lumbar lordosis and thoracic kyphosis. Meaning in simpler words, more weight that is evenly distributed withing the spine, the better it feels; or slouching backwards (zero-gravity position is good, Forest Gump sitting is bad) when driving. Needless to say, make sure you have safe margin of distance with steering wheel and brake/pedal. If you would like to discuss the symptoms or complaint any further, you can PM me. Dr. S
  3. I’ve mentioned it on another thread but I’ll mention it again for future E400-30 owners. If your vehicle is equipped with subwoofer option, a little tweaking with the settings will be sufficient. It’s not the best but even for an audiophile like myself, it’s not bad. First problem with the Evora is the way the tweeters are arranged and directed to the window, there’s seems to be sharp resonance and seems harsh without some adjustments. Secondly, because of the way factory crossovers are either a cheap piece of junk or default settings which doesn’t allow the deeper decibels to separate over to the woofer, you get a mixed range of MHz coming from all speakers, which distorts with anything over 1/5th max volume. Lastly, because of the smaller cabin with not too much soundproofing, there’s a noticeable amount of reverberation. Easy remedy is going into setting and putting the fade 70-80%rear and adjusting the treble, increasing the bass with moderate mid-range. You can also download an Alpine app that may help fine-tune the settings. The subwoofer didn’t even work until my fade was at 60%, which confirmed my suspicion of crossover mating and settings. Lastly, there’s a sticky that gives a step-by-step instructions on proper setup. I’ve done both and I wasn’t a particular fan of the step by step adjustments that’s on the sticky. If you look at the pattern of the sequential adjustments, it’s heavy on the mid-tone range. Not bad if you listen to Yani all day. But if you use the quick adjustments that are preloaded on the Alpine, you can adjust the presets depending on your music taste. Again, not bad but I’d say it’s on par with most factory vehicles without premium sound upgrades. I’ve considered putting better speakers, but as I weighed the options (literally) I couldn’t justify adding 20lbs extra when the stereo is on mute most of the time. -Jim
  4. Sage words, LL. I have to agree with you on all points. I’m actually excited to see how Lotus is going to turn things around. I have faith in the company but I see them as a real contender in the industry. How can they not, they have fleet of cars that just amazes people, an essential ingredient for successful car manufacturer. I have to think Lotus is lurking in the forums and carefully listening and being attentive to its owners. Beyond the algorithms and formula for success, it will always come down to customers who believe in the company. I’ve always been a sucker for rooting for the underdogs. And I’d like nothing more than seeing a Cinderella story unfolding while being a proud Lotus owner.
  5. I'm going to go along with the choir and repeat the sentiments. The root pathology is the dealers and the service centers. For too long, they've tainted the Lotus brand. Trust me, I'm in similar situation with slight variations of the outcome. Brian, who I presumed you talked to, is taking the helm in the US market. I'm sensing some paradigm shift as they're remedying these problems from the root cause. Trust me, they're listening and following these threads. I hope you and I will continue these forum threads with positive outcomes and happy endings, as I know there are ton of non-registered users who use these forums to do their research and due diligence before spending their hard earned money. You can trust Brian to make it right for you. Thus far, I'm lead to believe that you can trust an Englishman ;-) Being the devil's advocate, Lotus is not responsible for wheel balance after passing the quality check from the factory. Tires get out of balance from sitting on the lot, be it E400 or Caravan. But that's not your responsibility, it's the dealership's responsibility. Have fun with your Lotus, it's a beauty!
  6. You beat me to the punch. I was thinking the exact same. I'll get the full membership for now. Perhaps upgrade to gold when I actually get my car. Unfortunately, I was getting loads of error code while trying to upgrade my account and unable to finish while being ushered off my phone on the plane. I'll give it another try. Loving the friendly sparring match. I can definitely count on TLF members to give me few laughs
  7. I wanted to give everybody an update. I’ve had some revelations since posting this. Truly a turning point as of Friday. I want to especially thank our fellow Evora enthusiast and our sister forum LTF. I believe there is a particular gentleman who went above and beyond and contacted the appropriate bosses at our flagship headquarter, across the pond. I also want to thank all the forum members who encourage me to maintain contact with Lotus and some of those who supported me during this process. You guys have certainly could have ushered me off or wrote me off as penitent consumer. I won’t say which forums specifically, but similar thread had been made, only for the poster to be tarred and feathered for having valid grudge again the manufacturer’s vehicle defect or shortcomings. Seems though TLF and LTF are self-regulated by conscious members and observant moderators. Shortly after posting my rant/thread, I received a call by an English gentleman by the name of Mr. Ryan Watson (his title is “head of Lotus cars USA” per voicemail). He sympathized with my frustration and has found solutions for my current situation. I didn’t even have to re-tell the story as I suspect this thread was presented to him by a concerned Lotus enthusiast/moderator/owner. That alone was a relief, as I hate repeating and re-living the same nightmare repetitively. Shortly after speaking with Mr. Watson, I was contacted by Mr. Brian Shepherd who is CS manager at Lotus USA. So, they are on it like white on rice. And again, followed by a different PPP service manager, Josh. Ryan is sending/flying over two technical engineers to Park Place Premier (PPP) and overseeing the warranty work. To my surprise, I received the call and a subsequent message from another service manager at PPP, letting me know that they are replacing my HVAC unit. Not surprising, the whistle in the HVAC unit was not normal, thank you very much Mr. Cody H. 1. instead of me picking up my vehicle, he is personally having engineers drive the vehicle to Fort Smith Arkansas, where I live. 2. Ryan also assured me those engineers are fully capable of figuring out any problems that I may have had and the solutions for these problems. They will be essentially test driving my vehicle from Dallas to make sure that it is in tip top shape. 3. Not interested in getting a better deal out of this, I just want my car back. As others have mentioned and others have forecasted, Lotus has indeed rolled out the red carpet for me. To be honest, I was grinning ear to ear while Mr. Watson prophetically apologized for my situation and that Lotus brand does stand behind their products. I was smiling because as a former Porsche owner, I’ve had my share of problems with the car, but I doubt any bosses from Porc would every call me, no matter how dire the situation. That and British accent is pretty freakin cool IMO. On an unrelated note, some have mentioned the “lemon law” or consumer protection law for cars/trucks known as “Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act” in the USA. Unfortunately, I’ve already had an attorney look into this matter. More than likely case, I would have followed up with pursuing this. Though I should mention, lemon laws differ state to state. And to note, in the state of Arkansas (one of the more fiscally conservative state of USA), the laws protecting the consumer from “lemons” are very strict. My attorney was able to checkmark every part of the Arkansas lemon law statute and consider the problems a significant defects, however it would have been a costly fight, as to consider my Evora dangerous or hazardous defect that is likely to cause death or serious bodily injury. This may have been arguable. Moreover, it would have been a heartbreaking experience to do something like that to Lotus, my favorite car manufacturer. Regardless, as aggrieved as I was, I was willing to spend my money to justify my anger until my resentment was satisfied. However, my antagonism was toward PPP and not Lotus. Thus, in the end, I was contempt with taking a significant loss on a vehicle that had 2700 miles. And lick my wounds as I look for another sports car. Though my primary reason to post this thread was to vent, my ancillary reason was in part due to my optimism that this thread would somehow reach the right person @ Lotus. And it did so with a help of a fellow forum moderator. Again, I want to thank everybody in this forum for the constructive responses and recommendations. I am looking forward to seeing her again, within the near future. If all aptitudes are fulfilled this time, I am likely going to keep her and cross my fingers that I won’t have significant defects. But I can assure you, PPP will not see my car nor my business. Ever! Though I was cryptic, I do want to single out Mr. @Bibs @ TLF… I want to especially thank you for going above and beyond to help another Lotus owner from State-side. I’ve had some issues with my Porsche as well. Even under warranty, my 987-2 had 3 visits to the shop. Especially that darn TPMS issue. But even with other significant issues, they were able to get the problem resolved under a week and notified me of the problem on a regular basis. Heck, a Chevy service center will do that. Moreover, they were only 1.5 hrs. from where I live, something I can live with. But Jackie Cooper (service) in Tulsa, has a good reputation. So the saga continues, I will keep every posted. -Jim
  8. I’ll try to keep this moderately short. Mod(s), I'm not sure if I'm even allowed to post this, as I'm a newly registered forum member. You are welcomed to delete the thread as you see fit. I'm just sharing my experience and hoping that a Lotus staff sees and hears the experience that I'm having. Perhaps improving or defending what is being told by an individual in the US. Members, my apologies if I'm coming off as a remorseful buyer. I'm fond of the Lotus brand and may acquire another Lotus if the conditions improve. I purchased my E400 August 2017. It was on my short list of many beautiful sports cars I had to choose from. I would say single-handedly, this forum (British) and LTF (USA) helped me decide on my current sports car. With all due respect to Porsche forums, Lotus forums are more informative and less opinionated. For the most part… For the short duration, I had the car, it was pure joy and love at first sight. I didn’t have a chance to test drive, as the closest dealership was in Dallas and didn’t plan on buying anything from their lot. But I’ve had some seat time in my brother in law’s Exige S. From what I’ve read, it’s the civilized version of the Exige, which I fully agree with. I had the exact color in mind, with the exact interior that I’ve wanted. I was able to procure one of the exact in Laguna, California. Everything you guys said about the car was pretty much spot on. The driving experience, the emotion, the feel, and the… British engineering. In my experience, though probably singular and divergent from the populace experience, it has been a complete utter nightmare. I will list some of the shortcomings of the vehicle. 1. TPMS sensors reading faulty code or not reading it all. Replace all the sensors, still reading error- $350 (problem since I received the vehicle 08/17) 2. HVAC whistle (since I received the vehicle 08/17) 3. Sticky paddle shift which cannot be reproduced but scary as hell when it happened X2 (09/17) 4. Factory tint peeling from the back-teardrop window (08/17) 5. Trunk not opening due to posterior pillar warping. (09/17)– (talked to Park Place in Dallas/USA) 6. My care gets the dreaded Christmas light on the dash, but only once. (11/17) But I was starting to think that something was seriously wrong with my car. 7. Not going into sports mode and race mode; intermittently (12/17) – talked to Park Place again and said it may be hard fix if the problem does not appear when it’s at the shop. 8. Not rev matching, constant. Finally, something they can investigate (12/17)– Immediately made an appointment for service. 9. Belt squeal from supercharger (12/17) 10. Christmas lights on dash – occasional or 50% of the time (12/17) 11. Not going into sports mode and race mode anymore 12. Going into neutral from Park position or drive position (01/18) 13. Gear grinds and clunks while reversing and turning at the same time (wheels not locked or completely turned) (1/18) 14. And the final straw was when the vehicle would not start due to being in neutral. Always at the least convenient time. (01/18) It’s worth noting, #6-#11; I drove a total of 10 miles (approx.) due to my other vehicle being in the shop and was emergency use only. Did that twice and figured out I’d rather drive one my motorcycles in dead of winter. The car was driven without incident to Park Place, but the symptoms were increasingly getting worse by that time. It will be at the shop now for 8.5 week and communication has been… well nothing of sorts from Park Place (Premier). My service manager’s name is Cody H. He’s nice enough on the phone but a complete liar and a disgrace to the Lotus community. His reasoning was Lotus has been noncommunicative and does not respond to his emails or calls in a timely manner. I suspect that there may be some truth to it, although after speaking with him several times, he is a liar and has complete disrespect for my intelligence. Most all problems have been resolved. However, he states that the sticky paddle was not reproducible and states that he fully disassembled it. That part, after having conversations with them, is a complete lie. He also states that there is no factory tint, and he does not see any tint on the dorsal window. I have personally seen the bubbling and the subsequent peeling of the tint in the Arkansas summer. I reapplied it using Windex and my trusty heat gun. It has started bubbling again during the cold winter months. He also states that the HVAC whistle is normal. If that is true, for that reason alone, I will be getting rid of the vehicle. Once I receive my E 400, I will record the video with the sound, I would appreciate if any other E 400 owners could vouch for the sound or confirm if it’s normal. The positives. Park Place was gracious enough to supply me with a vehicle. But that’s a whole another story, though mostly positive experience. If I was given the choice, I would’ve rather dropped off the vehicle in Dallas (5-hour drive from Fort Smith, AR) and flew back to Fort Smith. Instead, I chose to have a loaner due to the timeline which was initially given to me, which was one week and perhaps two weeks at the latest. Again, I much appreciated it and certainly not taking it for granted for supplying me a vehicle, but I do have four other vehicles to choose from in my garage, though only one is winter capable. The caveat is, the loner has to be returned after 30 days of maturation. A policy in which I was not notified of. Of course, I was notified of this when I was on a business trip in New York City. I wasn’t asked but told to bring the vehicle within 24. Now I might sound like a selfish puissant right now, but in my defense, I called Cody the day before asking about my vehicle and that his finish timeline has expired, and my concern is that I will be on a business trip. His exact words were “no-worries” will let you know when the car is done, it should be done within a week (lying sack). He calls me the next day and tells me I must bring the vehicle back, but the car is not done yet. Screw you Cody! While that’s what I wanted to say, but instead I ended up asking my assistant back in Fort Smith to drive the loaner back. Of course, there was cost to this on my part. Cody was not present during the exchange. Not surprising, as our relationship has soured at this point. I’m sorry, I could go on and on about all the trivial and frustrating experiences I had with Park Place, but I believe it may take another hour for me to write an essay about it. I was given a call to pick up my vehicle, again only given a 24-hour period for the exchange. Which is reasonable if you are a housewife without kids or a cake eater. Having been told my vehicle was ready for pickup, I give Cody a call for an update on my location. I was about an hour away from my destination. Getting a boner thinking about being in my Lotus again. My conversation with Cody turned into the worst case of blue-balls, as he told me my vehicle was ready to go but the spanner wrench light was still on. He was a sly, in how he snuck that in the sentence. He was talking about how great my car is now and that they were washing my vehicle for pickup as he subtly inserts “the service light is on” in the middle of it. When I stopped him and asked him about the light, he said it was only a light in the middle of the dash. You don’t say Cody…. I’ll stop right there, at this point you guys could fill in the blanks. After driving eight hours nonstop, I’m back home without my Lotus. I’m just looking for a rock to crawl under and looking at my scotch collection. Funny enough as I write this, I just got a call from Cody saying that they were able to figure out my spanner light. He again blamed the Lotus for poor communication. He further insults to my intelligence by telling me the spanner light was due to the oil change he advised against. He states that the oil change will always turn the spanner light on. I asked him three times if this was true, and three times he lied to me. It wasn’t until I had this conversation with Cody when I gave up Lotus. I’m more than likely going to sell it for a significant loss. It was a magnificent car but the whole experience of it all put a bitter taste in my mouth. I believe Park Place service manager has the 99% of the blame. However, they are the closest location to where I’m located at. I think Lotus has a future, but I think this will depend on how many locations and expertise of the service stations. But for me, I think I’ve had it with the sparsity and the lack of communication with its customers. You guys been great, by far one of the most amazing forums I’ve ever been on. Admittedly, even not having a car for nine weeks, I’ve been on this forum on a daily basis, several times a day. The community of Lotus enthusiast are in a league of their own. Most of you guys know your way around garage tools, which I can’t say about Porsche owners. However, after this experience, I more than likely going to go back to the Porsche brand or test drive an AMG. Both of which were located within reasonable distance from me (1 hour). I’ll keep you guys updated, as I’m about to pick up my vehicle within the next day or two. Although I would like to pick up the car myself, it’s likely going to be my assistant who is going to be picking up the vehicle. I know, bad idea, but I don’t have a choice. At this point in my life, my most asset is time, which I only have 24 hours in a day. I’ll keep you guys posted.
  9. Great write up indeed. Ex-Boxster guy who can agree on all points, even when compared to the 400. I thought maybe I had some sub-woofer issues as well or just believing Lotus had absolutely sub-par sound system. However, after fiddling around with the system, I found that if you move the fade rearward 75% the subwoofer does work. Due to the geometry of the windshield the tweeters do sound too sharp and obnoxious so adjusting it and increasing the mids also helped. In all, it does sound fair. It's not 7 bose speaker good like the Porsche but still passable when needed. Try it let us know what you think.
  10. Hmmm. Kinda being rough don't you think? Especially for a unfinished product. I for one give him a huge thumbs up for having two large brass 3 to chop his beloved Evora. And you know, do something about it vs talking about it. I know a lot of guys from US forums LTF that frequent this forum. Both great platforms and for the most, great thread discussions. Not really liking the direction this is taking as I wouldn't doubt if he is also a visitor or member of this forum as well. Just my thoughts I'll be eagerly waiting for the finished product. -Jim
  11. Thank you for the warm welcome and funny response from the bunch. I ended up selling the Porsche as it was collecting dust. I'm hoping that this new cup series Exige will be available state side so I can add it to the collection. These British engineered cars are so much more joy than any German/Italians cars I've owned. Just simply amazing
  12. Good evening, Jim from Fort Smith, Arkansas (USA). As many others, a long time lurker of the forum and newly acquired E400 owner, since 07/2017. Former P car owner and now proud Lotus owner. Proud to be amongst the few. This forum has helped me making a decision on my current Evora. This place has a lot of useful info and insights which ultimately helped my decision making process. My brother in law had an Exige S and ran circles around my Boxster. I knew my next car was going to have to be a Lotus after getting schooled around the pig-trail (regarded as one of top 10 best roads to drive/ride). Glad that I made the jump. As many have stated, my purchase was based more on heart and not brain. Though, after driving her for a while, I can say without a doubt the choice was a no-brainer.
  13. That's pretty slick fabrication work. That should be duplicated and sold on this forum! ?
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