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    Phill Capstick
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    Exige Cup 430, Evora GT 430, Sport 160, Exige 260 Cup
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    Exige 260 Cup, Hewland Sequential Box, Full Race car to LCE Open Spec
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  1. PhillC

    Your thoughts...

    Rear pics and a pic of the cover I bought from TLF that fits perfectly, thanks @Bibs
  2. PhillC

    Your thoughts...

    Ok, so I still have original mirror covers and not difficult to repaint uprights!! It's only money after all. That said, I'm happy with it for now.
  3. PhillC

    Your thoughts...

    So, not the greatest of pics....
  4. PhillC

    Comic Relief

    Is it just me or is it really flat...?
  5. A cull? FFS Didn't Hitler try that?
  6. PhillC

    uk road tax

    I have no idea how much the tax is on my GT430 and Cup 430.
  7. Sent a friend to look at a Renault Spider for me and he looked at it then told me to buy an Elise that was at the same dealer!!
  8. "The leave campaign broke the law" Does that actually mean that "The Referendum" was illegal?
  9. Leeds or High Wycombe, our offices are in Leeds & High Wycombe!!
  10. Booked to go to.....
  12. PhillC

    Your thoughts...

    I think it is!!
  13. PhillC

    Your thoughts...

    Thanks for all your responses and appreciate your opinions.
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