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  1. 23 hours ago, slewthy said:

    Or, you could consider joining the Fireball Rally 007 trip that takes in Stelvio.........and Grimsel & Furka....and the Goldeneye Dam...and restaurant at the top from OHMSS. 8 countries, 4 days, 1800miles

    Just trying to drum up help in terms of numbers/tools/support etc.

    I've paid a deposit but feeling a little out in the cold right now. Think the Esprit would manage it with a little coaxing over the next 8 months. Think I could fit a tent and clothes enough. Food and beers are on the hoof anyway

    A tad intense!!


  2. 9 minutes ago, Tex said:

    I take it that solar yellow is your colour Phil as viewed your 380 sport at Silverstone, and had a look over the 430, 

    Absolutely awesome , be interesting to hear how much different it is over the 380


    Yellow is the only colour! And yes both cars are awesome.

    Will happily give you my view on the differences, once running in is complete and I've stretched it's legs on track.

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