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  1. It´s released !! Not cheap, but still wow ... wonder how drivable the package is.
  2. Do u guys know if the AIM MX2E is compatible to the EMU black ECU, too?
  3. Not sure if i capture this thread by this comment or change the topic, but with the release of the AIM MX2E dash logger i started to think about alternatives for predictive laptiming as a tool for fine-/tuning my butt , which is included in the MX2E. From other companies i found VBOX OLED black/blue, for example. and Apex Pro Digital Driving Coach ,which tries to show u grip-lvl´s by a horizontal led in green and red - red lights should be the remaining unused grip while cornering. Guys from rennlist discussed it vs the AIM solodl2 in this thread, but im still not convinced ... I would be interested in ur opinion, how useful u think it might be in becoming a better driver?
  4. A dream would be the AIM MX2E with rearview camera in combination with the picture quality of a gopro for at least 1 camera pointing to the front of a total of 4, paired with the reliability and self start mechanism of VBOX/AIM and working with an intuitive software like circuit tools from VBOX ... So less or no cables lying around indoor + less of a mess fixing, overlaying and analyzing vids.
  5. ... with 490 hp and 520 nm in combination with standard gearbox ... ok, still not officially released.
  6. Maybe because the aftersale product does´nt understeer this much, got no ceramic catalysts ( ), is a little bit faster on the straits, costs u less ( if u start with a 350 ), got a less unsprung mass ...
  7. If the front clam is already down, maybe an option for u .
  8. with EX460 on an Exige from 2015 between 83 and 92° C - depends on the weather and how slow u are going . Still got the standard cooler in the front.
  9. I can tell u that 225/45 R17 Pirelli Trofeo R on front need adjustment in right height / suspension and maybe a small modification of the clam, if u go into a hard compression.
  10. Bought the PS4 as a rain tyre shortly. Didn't test them in the rain until now. In dry conditions they just overheat very fast... well what can u expect from a classic uhp tyre. It´s no semi slick. Best tyre in dry conditions for me until now is the Pirelli Trofeo.
  11. the 460 kits are about 8 sec 100-200 for an Exige S V6 with manual. Not sure how fast the standard 430cup is 100-200 km/h.
  12. Can tell you that the 460 Kit is already making a big difference in comparison to the standard car. Having a look on their facebook page, there will be a 490 kit soon.
  13. Laptime Performance close to Munich in Germany did change to HRE wheels 8 x 17 wheel on front with 3° camber front and 2° camber back i guess with a KW Variant 4 suspension on 235 wide wheels front and 265 wheels on the back.
  14. Hm... 235 on fronts . Looks like those Hankook ventus will fit to the forged KT-/OEM-wheels in 235/45.
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