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  1. Hi VRC, i cant tell you the measurements in cm - depends which front splitter u have. But the ramp/slope angle should be about more or less 11°.
  2. If I had the money, i would go for the sequential box. Lighter, more engaging ... and that noise - just wow! Plus still 3 pedals 😉 From the practical point the DCT gearbox might be more efficient. But for what if not engagement and rawness buy a lotus then, if not for emotion? So if u look at this aspect - the best decision from a rational and unemotional point of view would be to go for a 911 or Audi TT RS.
  3. They just talk german. To make it short Christian Menzel says it's a big improvement in comparison to OEM for example in trail braking. Plus the braking distance is reduced significantly.
  4. Seems to be a big improvement. They did some filming with Christian Menzel on an airfield at Mendig (Germany) close to the Nürburgring, too. To get a third opinion. Christian Menzel is a german racecar driver
  5. Suto

    500bhp Exige

    Yep, fucking fast !!
  6. Asked me the same like Woots 😄 Good luck MAG 👍 !! How did u measure out where to cut the clamshell?
  7. Hi Zam, a tuner close to Munich in Germany called Laptime Performance did it with a project car in 2018- was an Exige 380. They did put on 235 on the front and changed camber to -3° on the front and -2° on the rear by milling + minor changes (what exactly i don´t know). 225 on the front works on normal driving. Here´s a vid with their project car from the Nordschleife chasing GT3´s 😉 They ended the Lotus project after 2018, but i guess still do some service things. Another and more Lotus expierienced place to go is Komo-Tec in Mendig Germany they helped me with the 225 on front in combination with 295 on the rear. Hope this is some help. Regards Suto
  8. Wow, great car, great upgrades!!! Seriously, love it!!
  9. Yep, same target pressure of 2 bar for front and rear tyres on track. Went to Bilster Berg a few days ago. It's a quite twisty little track with 4.2 km length in northern Germany. Some call it the small Nordschleife, because it got a lot of up and downs and some blind corners. While driving continuously a bit faster for about 30 min and starting with warmed up tyres at 2 bar the Trofeo R did increase in pressure to 2,3 bar max. Lost about 1,5 mm of profile depth on the rear tyres in about 2,5 hours of driving on that day.
  10. On Track - if the tyres are warmed up - 2 bar or 29 psi for front and rear tyres. Street driving i go for 2.1 bar (30 psi) front and 2.3 bar (33 psi) rear. Hasta ahora yo no útilizo espaciadores para usar Trofeo R en 295
  11. I use Trofeo R with 225 on front and 295 on the rear since autumn last year. They work fine on track and are to my opinion more predictable than toyo R888R for example. lap time-performance even used 235 on the front for driving on the Nürburgring Nordschleife with an Exige 380. Usually the 225 / 295 combination doesn't rub while driving on the streets. A pro racing driver told me recently, that 1 cm more tyre width means about 1 sec lap time on a circuit about 5 km length. In comparison to the Michelin Cup 2 the Trofeo R is quite expensive, but personally i think it's got a slightly higher grip level. It's up to ur own if u think it's worth the higher price.
  12. Hi Paul, yes, when i changed to forged wheels + Nitron 1 way i did go for Toyo Proxes R888R. Until now i tested the P Zero corsas, Michelin PS4, Toyos R888R, Nankang AR1 and Pirelli Trofeo R. From these i got the most confidence in Trofeo R. Michelin Cup 2 i didn't try until now, mainly because i was told it works better on heavier cars + on a few trackdays i did see several cases of minor damage to the tire topping if driven seriously on lighter cars like an Alfa 4C or a seriously tuned Subaru Impreza for example. The reason for Nitron 3 way is the hope for slightly higher limit in corners - kind of a security aspect 😉.
  13. Thx for this Information Wilbert. Until now gears don't pop out in my 5 year old Exige V6 with > 50k km, but 1. and 2. gear make a squeaking noise, when selected. Komo-Tec told me similar. Could be that parts of the gearbox might be worn out (claws - was told they are out of softer material and not made for engaging gear in higher revs).
  14. Did upgrade the suspension of my standard V6S about 2 years ago to Nitron 1 ways in combination with the forged wheels from team dynamics, who produce the lotus stock forged wheels. It was quite an experience. The turning in to the curves was telepathic compared to the standard suspension and the reaction to the gas was more immediate. No more understeer. However didn't do any measurements to get numbers for acceleration. At higher speeds at the autobahn the car is a bit more nervous, especially under braking if the road has a bad surface/tarmac. At the moment im going to change to 3-way Nitrons.
  15. Untill now no problems with the EX460 kit on stock internals. Did about 5 trackdays last year. Car has about 50.000 km.
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