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  1. If the front clam is already down, maybe an option for u 😉.
  2. with EX460 on an Exige from 2015 between 83 and 92° C - depends on the weather and how slow u are going 😉. Still got the standard cooler in the front.
  3. I can tell u that 225/45 R17 Pirelli Trofeo R on front need adjustment in right height / suspension and maybe a small modification of the clam, if u go into a hard compression.
  4. Bought the PS4 as a rain tyre shortly. Didn't test them in the rain until now. In dry conditions they just overheat very fast... well what can u expect from a classic uhp tyre. It´s no semi slick. Best tyre in dry conditions for me until now is the Pirelli Trofeo.
  5. the 460 kits are about 8 sec 100-200 for an Exige S V6 with manual. Not sure how fast the standard 430cup is 100-200 km/h.
  6. Can tell you that the 460 Kit is already making a big difference in comparison to the standard car. Having a look on their facebook page, there will be a 490 kit soon.
  7. Laptime Performance close to Munich in Germany did change to HRE wheels 8 x 17 wheel on front with 3° camber front and 2° camber back i guess with a KW Variant 4 suspension on 235 wide wheels front and 265 wheels on the back.
  8. Hm... 235 on fronts 🤔. Looks like those Hankook ventus will fit to the forged KT-/OEM-wheels in 235/45. 😋
  9. Thx Imran. Those Mirrors seem to be awesome!! ... and by the way they look like they would reduce drag 😉
  10. Hi Imran, is the rear visibility of the Magical Racing mirrors better than OEM mirrors? Do they reduce the blind spot? Thx a lot.
  11. Depends on what u are going to do with ur Exige... If u want to have all horses in hot climate or go hard in a V6 powered Exige u definitely need a chargecooler, because the ECU will reduce power if the engine gets too hot. Despite that, there can be problems due to the position of the ceramic catalyst next to the engine due to heat. Jim from 2bular describes it quite good: If u want the best quality and stability i
  12. @Tex if u go the Komo-Tec route u can already have a sequential gearbox and the 50 bhp more 😉. Apart from this i heard rumors that Komo-Tec will release a dual clutch gearbox for the Exige V6 models this winter (maybe November).
  13. Anyone tested Jim´s quiet track exhaust yet?
  14. Couldn´t resist to join in... Lightweight wheels are very interesting for the Exige V6 cars, that's the reason why i got the KT forged ones from Team Dynamics. I must confess those HRE wheels are quite attractive due to their low weight, but at 8 k € a set it feels too expensive for me. For me, the less weight is far more important than looks!!!
  15. An alternative to transforged are the indicator stalks from tuneconcept (Germany ). The long ones (3 cm longer than OEM stalks) start at 99 € in aluminium colorless or anodized, carbon ones also available. Sry homepage eBay is in german, maybe google-translate can help 😉
  16. If u don´t have it already, i would think about one of these:
  17. If I wouldn't already have the Komo-Tec forged wheels from Team Dynamics, I would be interested.
  18. If money isn't important HRE R101LW front 8x17 @ 6,39kg; rear 10x18 @ 7,4kg by lap time performance close to Munich
  20. ahem ... i know at least one who did over 140+ MPH without a roof 😀.
  21. After reading this build thread, i´m really interested in the B6 screamer, too. Did someone compare it to the Reverie Mulsane C seats - referring built quality und comfort?
  22. God damn. I love the interior George ... especially those seats. Seriously want one, too.
  23. Hi guys, on the playground i read, that Blinky did a ceramic coating of the exhaust system in his upgraded Exige S V6 and wondered, if someone else over here did go this route too. Looking on the small engine bay of the V6 i thought, this maybe would make some sense. I would be interested in ur thoughts about pro and con's. I'm getting the Komo-Tec EX460 Kit installed soon in my V6 and could imagine that temperatures will rise in the engine bay compared to standard. Thx for ur thoughts and help.
  24. Hi, @Bravo73 How did u notice the downpipe was broken? Did u have loss of power or rattling?
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