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  1. Changes from the last set up: High speed on highway straight line - the wheel is less influenced by the road, no more feeling of instable front and seems much safer ( she still follow the road and I have clear forces on the wheel on change of asphalt or deformation of the road. (better now) normal speed change of direction: car is very reactive, insert very aggressively and while in the turn it's very stable and sit quite well, feeling is that the car is very balanced in turns. speeding on twisty roads on very tight turns: the car is very precise, removed most of the forces on the wheel during braking and insert decise, specialy changes of direction are stable and quick, now more then before I have to prepare the turn and drive it. stupid use of the engine mean understeering or aggressive oversteering. LSD can really change the rest of the turn ahahaha i drive mainly mountain road over hills here in switzerland general consideration: been driving at highspeed and the car feel much safer on highway and fast long turns, braking at high speed give more confidence and in general the car ride with less influence from the road. twisty roads are very funny and the car is very precise, the car lost her tendency to oversteering, I'm not saying that she is closer to understeering, I'm saying that when I enter roundabout quick and release the gas the car is well sit and face the turn stable and faster. I'll give you a better feedback soon as I go for a alpine pass weekend. I can't imagine to lower the car, the car touch every time i drive over speed bumps or sidewalks. What are you suggesting? does the toe seems very strange to you? What is KPI? I only know the SAI
  2. I have to say it is better then when the guy put a standard lotus set up. Last week end 260kmh was fine, i only tried on highway so stright line, no hard braking entering turns.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm looking for manifold and sportcat for an evora, possibly larini. Kind regards DC
  4. Oh great guys! Many thanks, shouldn’t they be in .apn?? Can I load them in .jpg directly?
  5. Hello guys, I'm looking for a file to change the navi screen in to a nice lotus logo. Anybody has it? the evora silouhete is ugly and not defined at all. Thanks for the help
  6. I should say that Luckly I had the opprtunity to drive some amazing super car and oldtimer. What a little car like an evora give you is just astonishing. Pleasure of driving and usability, i’m still shocked ?
  7. Yes defently! I’ve put more less the aggressive version of a 430. It’s a different car! on fast turns is a very different thing and in changes of directions too. Much more safe in turn in. And more stable at high speed too. It’s a Massive change
  8. Hello guys! I’m shocked! After a standard geometry setting by lotus i’ve changed it with some professional suggestion. it’s unbelivable how the car handle and drive now. Tight Mountain road after half km from the shop, WOW! It’s really impressive! I didn’t expect this change and I really don’t care how soon i’ll have to change tires.
  9. Many thnx! She just found her new mate! His name is larini!
  10. Thank you! It is, as you said it’s quite strange! I’m thinking about wrap the roof black and the mouth as well with a veri thin golen stripe on the interior. Just little details, but it should say that i really like her this way too.
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