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  1. Is the alternator a GM part or something else. Thanks!
  2. SAMike

    Need help/advice!

    Finally found the culprit. It is indeed the battery. So I finally had a chance to check out the car since all this happened and I did leave it on the battery tender since Sunday. When I went out to the garage I saw that the light was green on the tender. So I started it up and let it cycle for a bit and turned on the AC with no issues whatsoever. I guess trying to figure out the code reader and not having the engine fully on and the key just turned just before ignition drained an already weak battery.
  3. SAMike

    Need help/advice!

    Thanks Alan!. I talked to my mechanic and he said it might be the ICV like Mike had suggested before. But I don't understand how it could knock that out with just clearing the codes. I just haven't had time to check it out due to work. but its seems like it would have reset itself in the 40+ miles I drove it home afterward.
  4. SAMike

    Need help/advice!

    My car is a LHD and I used the one under the passenger side dash. I didn't know that there was one by the battery, as I don't remember seeing one there. I'll look when I get home. I hope I can get this worked out, the car is running so nice other than this.
  5. SAMike

    Need help/advice!

    Thanks Mike. I did drive it about 30 to 40 miles after that and it still shuts off after the AC is switched on. Like I mentioned before absolutely no idle or stalling issues when AC is off, runs perfect. Did try starting with the AC on and it starts, stumbles then shuts off. Maybe the compressor?
  6. So I recently purchased a Innova 3030h code reader to clear a check engine light. So now that I’ve cleared the CEL and the codes the engine stalls when the AC is turned on. Funny thing is the car is running perfect, rough idle or anything. I mean I don’t know if me or what but it even seems to have more power. My question is could this reader have erased more than just the codes. Is this common. As soon as the AC is turned on (no other time) the engine shuts off. This has never happened before with this car just after I cleared the the CEL and codes.
  7. Anyone know the part number for the coolant thermostat. Thanks in advance!
  8. Please let me know if anyone has one of these or both. Thanks!
  9. So the Mobil MI-204 will fit the Esprit with no fitment issues or leaks? As far as the Fram filter I used them in my first Esprit with no issues, but haven't seen the YouTube video. I guess I'm just trying to see if there are any better options other than the OEM filter. Thanks for the replies! Mike
  10. Does anyone know if Fram sells an oil filter for the V8 and what the number is. Thanks!
  11. UPDATE: So the verdict was a loose pulley after all. Thus causing the belt to rub.
  12. Thanks Steve! Will definatley have them look at that. It sounds something like that. It doesn’t sound internal.
  13. Ok so some of you know I had a problem with the car about a month or so back. Thought maybe a possible timing belt issue but that was not the case. So all things pointed to a bad/locked up AC Compressor which turns out might not have been the culprit. So after all the work was done and after about 100 miles on the car I start hearing this noise again. The first time it happened (before the recent timing belt service (with all new tensioners, pulleys, etc..) new ac compressor, belt and so on it was rather loud and when I finally stopped a light smoke starting coming from the front of the engine and more of a burning rubber smell. This time around no smoke but the noise is there and not as loud but I can here it getting louder. So here is the thing with this noise, it only seems to happen when driving and decreases the revs lower. When car is standing still for about a couple of minutes (after driving)and I rev it to 3-5K RPM the noise is not present, the engine idles and sounds perfect. On a cold start up it does not happen. Only when the car warms up and I'm driving does it start again. At first it was hard to describe the noise but I finally have something to compare it to. It sounds like a wheel that spins and falls on a number at a carnival or the wheel from the show Wheel of Fortune (I have attached a picture so you can kind of get a picture what i'm talking about). Almost exactly that sound but faster. It does not sound like tapping or ticking like a lifter or tappet would sound like. Any suggestions on what it might be, before I take it in again. thanks Mike Haha sorry didn't realize the picture would come out that size.
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