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  1. Gentlemen, Problems solved. It was a leaking valve on the lid to the conservator to the supercharger cooling system. Cooling fluid vaporized little by little in the heat wave causing the engine to slow down and finally go into limp mode.
  2. It seems so, I've been in contact with Lotus. They believe it's a hardware warranty issue.
  3. The more I dig into this I agree with you. It must be something wrong with the water-cooled supercharger.
  4. Hmm...interesting thoughts about the DPM-system. I drive with slip-percentage 12 (The next level is TC Off). The reason I don't use TC Off is that the inner rear wheel starts spinning in narrow bends. I'm installing a Drexler LSD in August to be able to explore the cars full potential. I don't come to terms with the E-diff. It's artificial and controls your actions in a negative way and probably mess up your driving in high temperatures.
  5. Thanks for all your feedback. I filled even more liquid to the compressor reservoir. That action improved the performance to certain point. Today in 33-35 centigrade I raced a Porsche GT4 with slicks on track with amount of success until my car went into a complete stop with TCFault in the led-display. A had to be towed back to the pit. I immediately check my car with the App DashCommand for error codes. Two of them displayed P1106 and P2104. I restarted the engine and it just hand an very unstable throttle response. I then disconnected the battery for some 20 minutes. That did the trick but I still had the red engine sign i my dash. After that I just went home in my car in a gentle mode. I have never experienced anything like this in more moderate temperatures
  6. Right now there's a heat wave in Sweden with temperatures between 33-38 Celsius. Yesterday I was on the track with my lovely Cup 430. I drove in Race mode for a couple of laps when my car suddenly lost throttle response. The car goes in some kind of "limp mode". I then restarted the engine and pushed for Race mode and everything was fine for a while until the same "limp mode reoccurred. Anyone else experienced this?
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