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  1. Replaced accumulator - light still flashing. Will attempt to clean switch
  2. Thanks all I will change accumulator first, clean pressure switch if that does not work and then panic after that. Do I need to bleed the brakes after changing the accumulator (I know I need to depressurise first)?
  3. Many thanks for all the suggestions. CarBuff - the pictures were all blank any chance you could send me the unconverted Word files? Looking around it seems the Jag JLM1907 is available but at the same price as the one advertised by SJ Sports Cars i.e around £230. The GM part numbers seem hard to find availability for even on the US sites. The Range rover P38 accumulator is cheaper at around £115 but it seems some connection modification is needed as there is no recess for the O-ring to sit in. Other than this there don't seem to be any other recent posts pointing to cheaper alternatives I can find - please correct me if I am wrong or someone knows of a more reasonable source.
  4. Hello to all This is my first post on any Lotus Forum. I have owned my beloved 1994 Esprit S4 for 22 years - longer than I have been married to my wife, and yes the car did feature in the wedding photos! So far I have managed to keep her on the road with the aid of Google (for parts), the Lotus service manual and the excellent Freescan application. Now however the ABS system is threatening to upset all of that - my fear being the unobtainable pressure switch. The problem: flashing ABS after a few braking events. Brakes seem normal in feel. Took it to main dealer for Tech 1 read - the only recurrent code is A062 "Low accumulator pre-charge". The Lotus dealer has a literal interpretation of this - it needs a new accumulator bulb. My independent garage (PNM engineering) say these problems are always the pressure switch. I did the test suggested on this forum: 1. Brake pump runs every second brake press. It runs for about 1.5 seconds each time. The service manual says that code A062 is set when the controller detects short run times of < 1.4 seconds. 2. Following depressing brake pedal hard 40 times with engine off the pumps runs for between 25-28 seconds after ignition on - the forum suggests this should be 30-60 seconds. My interpretation (for others to correct) is that the accumulator is weak but not toast yet. The pump is however running for a shorter time than suggested meaning a possible early switch off from the pressure switch. I don't have access to the inline pressure gauge needed to check the switch off pressure. The service manual indicates that this could be a discharged accumulator or a poor switch point condition of the pressure switch. I have seen a listing for a new accumulator (will find out on Monday if actually in stock) - however it is about £250. I have a nagging doubt that it will not solve the problem. Would people advise that I try to clean the pressure switch first? Can that procedure damage the switch further? Is there any further news on a re-manufacturer of the pressure switch (I don't think I would go to the extent of removing the ABS system and replacing)?
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