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  1. Afraid nothing has worked so its now booked in for a new latch / microswitch.
  2. Hi, thanks for this and Ive just updated my post as I forgot to say Ive also tried the reset routine but didn't get the 'click' that the handbook says should happen.
  3. The window drop on my MY11 has stopped operating. Ive checked the interior light fuse on the same circuit and all is OK and the interior light and door open indicators continue to work as expected when the door opens and closes. Ive tried the reset function but aren't getting the 'click' .Anyone got any ideas?
  4. Really please with mine. Ctek sell an extension cable too which is plenty long enough.
  5. I've only stayed at Dunston for work before and then it was great food, too much to drink and talking a load of nonsense, at least this weekend will be different.........oh hold on a minute 😀
  6. 1. Bibs - Ticket Purchased  2 + 3. internets - 2 tickets purchased 4 + 5. Pascal Massun - 2 tickets purchased 6. David Boyd - Ticket Purchased - (if I'm still stuck on the M25, can you send me a burger via carrier pigeon please?) 7 + 8. nigeninja - 2 tickets purchased 9. C8RHK - 1 ticket purchased 10. Sizona - 1 ticket purchased  11. Advantage 1 ticket purchased (if I buy two can a stuff my face?) 12 + 13. scotty435 - 2 tickets purchased 14. theelanman - 1
  7. Name: Lotus Evora Click to view: Lotus Evora
  8. Dunston Hall still had family rooms and deluxe doubles available for the Friday and Saturday when I called them yesterday. Not cheap but, in the place to be.
  9. I was too late into this thread and missed out on TLF tickets but just heard I have got 2 dealer tickets. Will be bringing the Evora but I'm guessing only as far as the park and ride. Anyone know whether dealers will each have stands or only the club's? Split loyalties and all that! Also, just got in at Dunston Hall too 😀
  10. Thanks all, it's due into Silverstone soon for a service so will ask them to sort the laquer then. Cheers.
  11. Anyone managed to fix the slow deterioration of the clear coat on headlights, mine are starting to peel and crack at the edges?
  12. Thanks Bibs, didn't see it on the site, looking forward to receiving it idc.
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