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  1. It's surprising there's any airflow if the inlets are hidden.
  2. The handbook says to use warm water only to clean and that feeding the leather is not necessary as it's sealed(?) I've tried Autoglym leather cleaner, but it didn't seem to have much of an effect from memory.
  3. The Evora article in this month's Absolute Lotus mentions boot vents to keep the contents cool - I've not heard of this before. Do these direct air into the boot or around the outside of it? They don't seem to work very well!
  4. Poor connection in the seatbelt buckle and it thinks the belt is unbuckled?
  5. Do Lotus only order a new batch when there are several people waiting?
  6. Me too. You can't tell if previous owner had the same train of thought though!
  7. What type of driving have you both been doing? Motorway miles, standing starts?
  8. Have you been monitoring it? Has it always been at that level or has it dropped recently?
  9. How do people find the feeling of the clutch bite point? Sharp/vague?
  10. The standard exhaust is *really* quiet. So you should be able to tell from the lack of noise !
  11. Mine had this issue. The dealer sealed the A-pillar from the inside, along with some window tweaks - so I'm not 100% sure where the water was getting in.
  12. Yes, it doesn't help if you need to have the seat further forward either.
  13. I don't seem to get the 'click' either when resetting the window, but the window drop works afterwards (for now...)
  14. I don't know, mine was from another dealer when I bought the car. Yes, there are many things not covered.
  15. Auto-protect. I think so, I made the initial call to report the problem and then Silverstone dealt with them after that.
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