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  1. It looks like the system will detect the new one. From the manual: If a tire valve/sensor is renewed, or is moved to a different wheel position, the TPMS will automatically identify the new configuration.
  2. The gearbox oil has been changed; I don't think it improved noticeably afterwards. It's definitely a characterful gearbox/change!
  3. Yes, the gear change on mine also gets better when the car has warmed up. It's sometimes terrible in the winter and takes what feels like several seconds to coax into the next gear!
  4. I find the distance of the stalks noticeable the first time I get back in the car after driving something else, but as above, quickly get used to them again.
  5. I had the same problem with mine. I believe the garage sealed it from the inside, but I don't know specifics.
  6. Master cylinder on the way out?
  7. Make sure you fit them in the correct order. One one them is under compression while the other is fully extended. Yes, I fitted the wrong one first... I had a towel over the engine bay ready to catch the pins if I dropped them. The tailgate is very heavy when it's resting on your head!
  8. Mine (S1) also suffers from this in wet weather (under light braking - not tried with a heavy foot.) It's a bit unnerving if you're not expecting it, but clears up after the first application.
  9. Mine don't seem that bright, a faint glow at best. I tend to check the position by touch while driving, so it doesn't bother me much.
  10. On the leak front; make sure the carpet at the front of the boot is not looped too far over the lip and protruding into the gutter where it is held by the seal.
  11. No centre armrest or extra leather on the 'transmission tunnel' and sill area so definitely no premium pack. Drilled brakes and black callipers so it could have the sports pack, it's difficult to see if the button has the 'sport' text on it.
  12. It's surprising there's any airflow if the inlets are hidden.
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