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  1. The standard exhaust is *really* quiet. So you should be able to tell from the lack of noise !
  2. Mine had this issue. The dealer sealed the A-pillar from the inside, along with some window tweaks - so I'm not 100% sure where the water was getting in.
  3. Yes, it doesn't help if you need to have the seat further forward either.
  4. I don't seem to get the 'click' either when resetting the window, but the window drop works afterwards (for now...)
  5. I don't know, mine was from another dealer when I bought the car. Yes, there are many things not covered.
  6. Auto-protect. I think so, I made the initial call to report the problem and then Silverstone dealt with them after that.
  7. I'm going to get a quote to extend the warranty. I've had to claim during the first few months of ownership and it's more than paid for itself.
  8. Has anyone noticed the mud flaps scraping on speed humps where the hadn't before, with the 215/40 / 245/35 tyres fitted? Must have been marginal before as the sidewall height difference is only 4mm.
  9. Check where the carpet is attached at the front of the boot. It's held in place by the boot seal and can soak up water from the 'gutter'; you might be able to see the material below the seal looking from the side of the car with the boot open. Try partially lifting off the seal and then gently pull the carpet so that there is less material hooked over the lip, then push the seal back into place.
  10. 30+ pages for Porsche's 70th birthday, Lotus got about 7 and most of those were photos...
  11. The best Lotus colour? How many S1s are there in Daytona Blue?
  12. That should be more than enough. I only used a small amount on the applicator sponge.
  13. Thanks, I'll give that a go if my modification to the outer seal fails to stop the ingress.
  14. The outer seal on the other side is different/modified at the mirror plinth point - bulkier in a couple of sections - did Lotus introduce a modified seal or would this be an owner/dealer modification?
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