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  1. When stationary was the speedo reading zero? Sometimes when the dash powers on after inserting the key, the dials don't go to zero but sit several degrees further round. I have to remove the key, wait until it shuts off and then try again!
  2. I was able to drive for several months with it playing up - I think the pedal went funny a couple of times before it went in to be fixed. I might have been lucky. I always take the car out of gear and release the pedal when sat at a junction for more than a few seconds.
  3. Was the car parked nose down? Mine seems to let water in too when facing downhill.
  4. I also agree about it taking a while gel with the car. The relatively heavy controls made the car feel lethargic on the first few drives.
  5. I know mine has done/does this but can't recall if it goes out after a while. There is a note in the handbook about the CDL button illuminating (when it is pressed) but not when arming the alarm.
  6. Isn't there some quirk whereby opening a door without cycling the ignition causes the alarm to go off?
  7. Sorry. @Bibs please could you remove the link from my post above? Thanks.
  8. It's not massively expensive from Lotus, I think it's no. 4 on here: It vents hot air from the manifold rather than taking cold air in.
  9. This happened on my car; I believe the garage sealed it from the inside.
  10. Sorry, can't help, but I'll be watching this thread in the hope that there's a simple solution! Mine does the same, occasionally it has a good day and will display a clearer image.
  11. It looks like the system will detect the new one. From the manual: If a tire valve/sensor is renewed, or is moved to a different wheel position, the TPMS will automatically identify the new configuration.
  12. The gearbox oil has been changed; I don't think it improved noticeably afterwards. It's definitely a characterful gearbox/change!
  13. Yes, the gear change on mine also gets better when the car has warmed up. It's sometimes terrible in the winter and takes what feels like several seconds to coax into the next gear!
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