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  1. Slow down, slow down, I’m trying to jot this alll down… Watford, Horns, top of hill, Friday, mature exotics, bacardi, anything. super, think I got everything. 🤣
  2. Walking away and getting drunk!
  3. @Sparky it looks so unassuming! Love it, when we going 👍 @exeterjeep to many demands 🤣 I just want to walk away and get drunk and forget….
  4. All the esprit series of engines are (what I truly believe to be) good engine’s. They were derived from race knowledge. Yes, for sure there will be limitations but most engine’s should be able to handle a lot more than when it left the factory (at the cost of reliability sometimes) in terms of modification. Obviously the limits can be exceeded, but sensible modification should be well within the engine’s capability. this is only a personal view on modifying and not gospel!
  5. I just hope at the bottom of every hill is a bloody good pub! It might make esprit ownership a little more tolerable!
  6. There could be some truth in that. I think that when launched the SE beat both Porsche and Ferrari’s offerings at the time. So maybe the thoughts were why make it any more powerful!
  7. Everything esprit! finding freescan can’t interrogate the ecu! discovering that my laptop can’t run espritmon! utter disbelief that you can’t get a simple low pressure pump with gauge for testing a wastegate actuator for less than 50 quid! sod it, I’m off down the pub!
  8. Didn’t realise the ecu couldn’t read map higher than 1bar, bit of a short fall in the ecu I reckon! I hoping @sailorbob can shed some light on the EPROM ID code. Not having any luck with espritmon either.
  9. Cheers, noted. Don’t suppose there’s a higher rated map sensor available that will plug and play? I have the EPROM ID from freescan, it is 0D29 (zero Delta two nine) I'm thinking this is not a lotus I.d?
  10. Cheers John. I found the service manual extract with rooting around waiting for the rain to stop! I’m going to go and get the EPROM ID from freescan and I’ll post it here. like @Chillidoggy said, I need to have a butchers at the ecu, to probably be sure as to what chip is fitted. as the roads are now wet here I am going to chicken out of any high boost, wide open throttle runs today (TBS) too bloody scary!
  11. I found this in the service notes. It doesn’t actually say that 280bhp will be reached but higher boost pressure for a short period plus the ecu will control if knock is sensed. (wish I knew how to crop the page)
  12. I will run a freescan and get the EPROM ID and post. If my spine lets me I’ll take the cover off the ecu and have a look. I did read somewhere that the SE ecu did allow overboost for approximately 30 seconds or so resulting in brief periods of approx 280bhp - apparently for overtaking! Having said that if knock was also detected then something is amiss. I will try espritmon if I can get it up and running. thank you for all your responses guys 🙏
  13. Thanks Ian, the only thing I could find in the freescan was the EPROM ID. Firstly I’m not sure if this is what you meant and secondly I don’t know if this would suggest a chip has been fitted. Thanks John, I will do a bit of investigation tomorrow. I have been informed that if I run espritmon I will be able to interrogate the ecu and get a more in-depth picture of what is going on. As I’m a complete novice to this it should be very interesting.
  14. Please can I ask all the gifted people on this forum to have a look at the freescan download from my 1991 turbo SE. I am lead to believe that the car may have possibly been chipped by a PO but I have no evidence to prove this within the cars history. The wastegate actuation is a little late and the MAP is at max voltage and the vehicle is running a little lean at high boost. I am a complete novice when it comes to this area of esprit ownership, so all comments are great fully appreciated and thanks in advance. cheers grahame. data number two.csv P.s it all starts to happen around the 2900 count.
  15. Gjk


    Well, it’s good news it’s just outside the expanded zone. Will have to plan the route a little better. Thanks for the responses 👍
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