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  1. This post is a little late but found out last Thursday that the missus needs a heart transplant as here cardio myopathy condition is deteriorating and affecting blood supply to her organs, lungs, liver, kidneys etc. We are both still in shock. Now just waiting for a face to face consultation with the cardio myopathy professor.
  2. Gjk

    White Elise on M3

    Spotted white Elise on the M3 heading towards London between junctions 7 and 6. Passed you in the other half’s silver VW eos.
  3. Happy birthday @Sparky, have a great day 🎂 🍻 🥃
  4. Gjk


    Pilot has deployed a bit of flap! Maybe he has forgotten to make sure he had three green lights for gear down… 🤣
  5. Admiral George Rodney, Dame Julie Andrews and rock singer Nick Lowe were all born in Walton on Thames. Got some blummin nice pubs on the river too…..
  6. Gjk


    I understand the principle behind a school uniform, that it is to identify the person to be from a certain school. I completely disagree with it being “enforced” I personally absolutely hated school uniform. The funny thing is if the child/young adult chooses to go onto university they can wear what ever they want just because they made the grades!
  7. I have a holder made by VANMASS sourced from Amazon. Like @ChrisJ posted, it is mounted on the quarter light, plus you can use the cigar lighter for charging. Hope this helps!
  8. At least it has been rescheduled and not outright cancelled! 👍
  9. Ditto @windymiller. I hope all TLF members and frequenters have a very happy Christmas and new year!
  10. Well, it was an Audi driver! And it was In Derbyshire!….. I’m not saying anything else.
  11. Super unleaded £1.47 a litre in my neck of the woods. Wouldn’t mind so much if it were 5% methanol instead of ethanol!
  12. Yeah, I can see a lot of rear end shunts happening! And hey presto - insurance premiums will go up again! Going back to bad drivers, if three car lengths between vehicles was maintained they might be less chance of an accident!
  13. Also, if a vehicle is approaching the junction, will they now have to give way to the pedestrian as well? As far as bad drivers are concerned. If I’m driving my daily car it is quite regular for people to pull out in front of you and make you brake but if I’m in the esprit people think twice before pulling out. I haven’t worked that one out yet!
  14. Has the green cross code been updated to reflect this change, if it still even exists? I have a feeling that there will be more pedestrians involved in accidents because of the change. What if you are turning right, and have had to wait an absolute age for a gap in the oncoming traffic only to have to give up your chance to let a pedestrian cross. Cyclists already just ride up the middle of the road around my way with complete disregard for “certain situations”. Very annoying when the local council spent thousands narrowing the road just to put a cycle lane on the pavement both sides!
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