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  1. Thanks for that Travis, you’ve put my mind at rest! I notice from your photo that you have a small piece of foam on the bottom of the solenoid, I also have that on my replacement part. Am I correct in thinking that is the “bleed” port? grahame.
  2. New solenoid arrived today. Next question, will the oe plug fit? Can anyone tell from the picture if it is the same as the oe plug?
  3. I forgot to add that at this moment in time the car is unable to have the engine run as the gearbox is out.
  4. I’m not sure. I think he just plugged it into the tech 1 to see if there were any codes at all. He was not fault finding, just carried it out as a bit of a failsafe. That is not to say that another previous owner had unplugged it. He did not try to clear the code as far as I am aware but I could be wrong! I’m glad you know how to put a link to rockauto onto this forum as I have absolutely no idea! that is the exact same solenoid I ordered, it was £48.82 including shipping.
  5. Erm, I’m not actually 100% sure! I know this sounds barmy but at present the car is in Norfolk having a gearbox overhaul, respray and the interior spruced up. The chap looking after it plugged the car into the tech 1 tool to see if there were any underlying issues and the only fault was the wastegate control solenoid. I don’t know what the error is.
  6. I’ve just had an interesting chat with a guy at PNM and he said that if the wastegate control solenoid is at fault to simply connect the boost hose from the Turbo compressor to the wastegate actuator hose as all the solenoid does is allow temporary periods of higher boost levels thus controlled by the ECU. He didn’t actually say that they stocked the part but, could get hold of it. No price was mentioned. He also added that up until the SE all the Turbo esprit’s were plumbed from the Turbo compressor straight to the wastegate actuator.
  7. It was a rather long winded way of getting to find the part on the rockauto website as when I searched their site for AC DELCO 214474 it came up with a blank. It was only when Derek posted the GM part number 01997152, which I then googled that it took me to the rockauto site again, so I am sorry I don’t have a link.
  8. Thanks David. I have to admit that in the time taken between our last two posts I have ordered one from rockauto. I will give PNM a call though just to see if they stock it, I did have a ring round a few of the regular lotus part supplier’s but, was told that the part went obsolete in 2007ish’. The one from the states cost just over 47 quid including shipping.
  9. Aaah, ok, I get it. Thanks for explaining! I’m not the best part searcher. I think I’ll take a punt and get one ordered. Yes, that was first place I looked. They want 115 quid! Sorry not PNM, I was thinking SJ’s. PNM have not got it listed on there website but, I have not rang them.
  10. Hi David Thanks for looking, not to worry.
  11. Derek, I,m only guessing I would/might need a different plug as the actual Delco part number drew a blank when I tried to search for it. It was only after you posted the GM number that I started to get results, and the Delco number started to appear alongside. The other reason was that when I did a vehicle suitability check on the rockauto website it didn’t list the esprit. I may very well have put 2 and 2 together and got 5 but, what I don’t want is to order the item, wait for it to arrive, go to fit it and... damb wrong plug!
  12. I received a reply from Rockauto, not awfully helpful really as they said they are not a part look up service. So in order to find the correct electrical plug I need to find a vehicle that has this solenoid fitted to, then try and search the plug on their website. Anyone know what vehicle would have this solenoid fitted?
  13. Rock auto want £39.60 - I think that is a little more reasonable! I’ve pinged them an email as I’m going to need the electrical plug to go with it. Does anyone reckon it’s worth buying a few so if any one else needs one in the uk they can pm me? forgot to add, I asked them to measures the resistance of the coil just so I can verify it against all the data than has been kindly posted on this topic.
  14. I had forgotten about rock auto - I’ll have a look on there site. I’m not sure what “link it out” is but if its part of the diagnostics for finding the fault then the fault was discovered when the car was plugged into a tech 1. Rock auto drew a blank as well - shame!
  15. According to Delco Remy’s website in th US the part is now obsolete and their European website does not recognise the number. I get the feeling I am soon going to be loosing 115 quid from my bank account!
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