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  1. 43 mins 51 seconds.
  2. Just checked Connaught’s website, bloody good pedigree! I fully understand your trust. maybe all the V8 owners could squeeze in a Ford DFV !
  3. Hopefully the crank will just need a polish like you say and it can all go back together with standard main and big end shells. As it seams to be normal for the one upper shell to wear because of the belt drives I hope this will be a trouble free rebuild but, for the sake of belt and braces I would do a compression check when everything was back together before putting the spark plugs back in. I just like to leave NOTHING to chance! Think I should change my user name to MrOTT!
  4. I only say “old fashioned” as I used to run a 200 bhp escort rs turbo when I was a youth, many, many years ago!....
  5. Hopefully then, the pistons will be in tolerance (obviously without any signs of scoring on the flanks) so you’ll just need new piston rings. Is it a “done thing” to hone the liner to aid the bedding in of the new rings, or am I being old fashioned?
  6. Any Stephens car fitted with Toyota Corolla taillights will have these gaskets fitted. The gaskets are not listed in the esprit parts manual but can be obtained from the normal online market place. Toyota U.K. no longer stock these parts.
  7. Hi Ian I was just trawling through the SE service notes and found this snippet. Is there a similar head gasket variation available for the S4s?... just a thought... cheers grahame
  8. Was it a big end bearing shell or a main bearing shell that showed the signs of copper? also, what colour was the oil when you drained the engine?
  9. Hopefully the weather will pick up or can you slyly put it in the oven?
  10. Are you going to re-apply the wrinkle finish to the cc and plenum or powder coat?
  11. Sorry! Didn’t mean to bomb this thread 😳
  12. Can you not take the engine indoors? had these put in on back of house so I “could” fit the car in... obviously I have not asked the boss yet!
  13. Awesome collection Stefan. I collect lotus’s in a slightly different scale
  14. SCC082910MHA60153 1991 Esprit SE Turbo Calypso red, sand leather interior. Surrey uk
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