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  1. Is that your back garden @Bibs?
  2. Gjk


    I wouldn’t want to be the ground crew who signed that off!……. Roses are red, violets are blue! If you don’t do your “checks”, you’ll end in the poo!
  3. Gjk


    Did they do the before flight from the crew room? Why didn’t the pilot find it on his “walk around”?
  4. Gjk


    From my knowledge, it is always best to apply full throttle when trying to get off the ground!
  5. There was an old lady from Kilbride who ate so many apples she died the apples fermented, inside the lamented making cider inside her insides. There was an old man from Cosham who took out his balls to wash ‘em his wife yelled jack, if you don’t put ‘em back i’ll stamp on the fuckers and squash ‘em.
  6. There was an old man from Crocket who went up to space in a rocket the rocket went bang! His balls went clang! and his dick ended up in his pocket!
  7. Gjk

    Esprit footwear

    Which brand of shoe is that @jep? P.S love the socks. 👍
  8. It was the aero by the rear wheels that made my decision. The 97T or 98T has been on my wish list for ages… only in 1/12th scale mind.
  9. Gjk

    Esprit footwear

    Would a dedicated motorsport shoe e.g sparco or alpinestar have a stiffer sole? Or is a softer sole better for pedal “feel”?
  10. Rather than mine coal and exploit crude oil, as a species we are now going to deplete the earth of finite minerals in order to satisfy a certain warming agenda. I don’t think this is the best answer but then again would the inherent dangers with hydrogen cells work either? The carburettor would have been a lot more efficient if the fuel giants hadn’t bought the rights too them in order to prevent evolution of the product.
  11. WOW! Didn’t realise the electric revolution was that bad! Yes, a lot of emphasis on Tesla but, are the others any better? Batteries are a nightmare to produce with regards to raw materials. Why is the future so blinkered towards electric?
  12. I thought this Harris bloke was meant to be some sort of racing driver? So what is he doing on TV? I know the wages for TG are pretty good but, wouldn’t a “proper” racing driver want to be out on the circuit racing?
  13. Possibly might be the reason for sale! If the headlight pod is going, might not pass… just saying….
  14. If that advert rings true, that’s a hell of a lot of car for not much money!
  15. SJ sportscars are selling them but they are rather pricey!
  16. Cheers, she not bad for 30! 🤣. Glad your 10 year old liked it!
  17. It was great to see your Lean, Mean, Green Machine at Newlands Corner this morning @CocoPops 👍
  18. Core plug replaced. All sorted.
  19. Said laptop purchased! many thanks Kev 👍
  20. Any more info @Frickin_idiot I’m interested.
  21. It’s the wrong time of year for selling an M100 to be fair. Spring is the wrong time to buy one also! have a look around on the LEC forum, there are a few members on TLF I have noticed. no worries about the laptops, I’ll find something….
  22. It should all be in keeping with historical events as, as I recall, Lego does not float for that long! (voice of experience)…. good luck in the bath! A certain part of your anatomy could come in very handy as a life raft! Or is it the fateful “iceberg”
  23. A 14 or 15 inch laptop is fine by me. As long as the battery life is better than an hour I’d be seriously interested. As far as the M100 is concerned the guys on lec know there stuff, ask as many questions as you can and drive as many as you can before you decide to buy. The engine’s are bomb proof if they’ve been looked after. I chose an S2 over the SE as a lot of SE fables had been sorted out, don’t get me wrong thou the SE is a great car.
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