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  1. It true American style the GT430 bumper will be available in carbon before years end.
  2. Their not imperial which the originals are but metric.
  3. Kieran, thank you I looked at the part numbers but not until you mentioned the 025N did I see it amoungst the part numbers. Luckily they are a standard size and 0f 16" or here 405mm and I can get them for $22AUD
  4. The Gas struts on my 400 with glass rear hatch work OK when hot but not when cold. I removed on and measured the pressure and when they are hot each one Takes 25KGs to compress strut which equates to 245 Newtons. and only 20KGs or 196Newtons cold Has any one measured a new one when cold? Or measure the pressure a new on please.
  5. I'm hour 45 minutes drive from SSC for a test drive. but I did a lot of research before deciding to drive the 400. but even just driving the car up the lane from SSC the car felt special and yes it was a cautious city drive but that's the thing a bout the EVORA it feel magic at slow and at speed.
  6. Is it just me or is all the rhetoric about the Emira should have been labeled at the Evora some time ago, all bar big the big screens.
  7. One other consideration is The EVORA is in Lotus history as to the Porsche 964 the EMIRA is a 993. The Next Porsche cars are the 996... as a comparison in history which is now, all be it many years down the track, which is the most valuable of the Porsche's now
  8. You might want to give stuff a go Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit. Ive used it a couple of times and has stopped the crack.
  9. Other people than I are more across engine light issues, however what codes are there?
  10. If I may pass comment, I wonder if there are corroded connections associated with the components that trigger the codes. as for the traction control that’s well documented being the brake switch. Carry a spare and get a SAAB on the GM ones are rubbish.
  11. This is an Oxymoron with some influencers "wisdom" the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise. As for the Type 26 restored version here in Australia are already NA Evora money
  12. I suspect crash testing is due to the different tub it’s lower sills ,body work change, remember lotus couldn’t sell the EVORA 410 front clip US as it had to re crash tested. And the Crash test regs have been upped even since the 400. Marketing would also say it “all new”. they have to they are chasing a broader market. I don’t care if the EMIRA is “all new” or not, the EVORA is a bloody good car and with improved dealer net work can only be a good thing for all the LOTUS cars past the Esprit and M100. I only say this in regards the Australian cars, unless they decide to support the heritage aspect across the globe which won’t happen. one thing LOTUS could do is offer electric conversions (slap my wrist, did I write that) as the EVORA did have an Electric prototype. off for therapy now for writing that last sentence.
  13. Following on from the comments about Jayemm, here is another ...... I watched this until he said, “pre Emira they(lotus) were dry weather cars”. I stopped watching at that pint and noted my displeasure. in his defence (no idea why should do this) but it does show that up to this point in time people have been ignorant of how good the Evora is.
  14. I checked the Australian car sales site yesterday, and all the EVORA demos have hit the market at 40KAud under the original S210Aud asking price.
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