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  1. au-yt

    TLF GT430 Club

    I New i had a picture of the this 430, it was in the showroom when I picked up my car so this makes 2 in Australia
  2. I can only rave about my 400 but I’m sure if it was a 410 or 430 it would be one of those in dark blue with silver wheels, oatmeal interior..sorry dreaming again.
  3. au-yt

    TLF GT430 Club

    I know there are more than one 430GT in Australia I need to ask Richard. As for the difference, here in Australia the 430 was 50% more than a 400, due to our Luxury car tax!
  4. Not To mention the unapproved modification to a vehicle in the US this doesn't seem to be a major concern. As far as I am aware and happy to be corrected, there are no regs any where in the world other than testing approval.
  5. Didn’t know this was a thing. Interesting concept to install on a daily
  6. Appears to be a cross between a P3 and 206 SP, no matter two of the best looking creations on the planet.
  7. For the stuff I would like shipped a pigeon wouldn't get off the ground
  8. I prefer migrating wales, very environmentally friendly, sometimes faster than sea freight, but you just have to pick your time of year....
  9. There has been a big stink over this in South Australia by new 400 owner who complained and got in the ear of a Jurno... luckily its confined to a subscription only news paper and hasnt made to the social media... yet. I found this in relation to IPS upgrades
  10. If they are sintered/powder forging they will, They make con rods that way in BMWs and Audi and early Gallardos
  11. Thank you, interesting that even happens, the they are forged?
  12. Why replace the who assembly, as it appears the bush has just migrated out of the control arm. If its still a tight fit , Id use loctite like 609 and press it back in.
  13. Wat 45 liters in 200 miles so 20 miles per gallon you were just enjoying yourself, I cannot see anything wrong there
  14. More than happy with the old standard, fun fact he just bought a TC Europa and speaks very highly of it. He also thinks the new A110 is big....
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