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  1. Interesting shot we in Australia get similar as proof when we get busted for speeding.. and 1/3rd to look after.
  2. cat amongst pigeons time.. by definition the EMIRA ticks more boxes
  3. Reverse parking, my wife recons it's a boy thing, let's call it an Evora requirement.
  4. at least there is clearance
  5. There is a different cutout and position in the bellhousing to suit the new starter.
  6. Interesting the original EVORA has a lower Drag Coefficient than the EMIRA.. but who cares
  7. From memory, they have trims made locally, then the trim, foam and frame are assembled in house.
  8. Good you found a photo, you cannot take pictures in the factory.
  9. Another thing, the seats, are assembled in house, the frames are made by the same company as Ferrari, the addition of foam and leather is done in house. The will be two options 12 way for the LE and latter 6 way.
  10. I was hoping that others who have been on the factory tour to add to the thread. As for the rotors, off the car on the production line they look one piece and yes the document says 2 piece.
  11. That may be case however the cars I looked had what looked like one piece, cast, possibly it had hidden bolts.
  12. I did a factory tour a week ago and learnt a lot about the tech differences so here is what I rember Other than the factory information about the Emira this is what I picked up. The following is what was explained to me by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide Scott. Chassis isn't as stiff due to the revised sills. and its internally wider, and a different stronger adhesive is used. Suspension setup and shocks are based on the 410. which "apparently" has softer setting than the 400? discs are one piece. Callipers the same. tyres on sprt suspension are Michelin Cup 2 LOTUS spec only. want new ones their dealer issue only.. engine V6 is a different version. now limited to 6,800 rpm. now has water oil heat exchanger 400 doesn't. supercharger is now an Eaton unit. different starter and its bellhousing mount is different. gearbox is the same. As I remember things I will add to the list.
  13. I did a factory tour last Tuesday and there were i4s in production and still being tested. they had an i4 engine Trans for insptiin as part of the tour.
  14. My wife and I did the factory tour yesterday. Scott was our guide, his detail knowledge was exceptional. One thing I learnt was the differences between the Evora and the Emira and the there are a lot more than most commentators are aware. Some minor some extensive. interesting fact the Emira suspension in standard spec. Is based on the 410 sport, which I’m told has softer dampers to the 400. Something I would like to qualify. We also got to see the AMG engine on display. And we didn’t see any new colours😉 the factory is producing cars every 17 Minutes. Any one waiting for a car there is an issue with dispatch due to the lack of truck drivers. I would highly recommend the factory tour, as even my wife was impressed😳
  15. I sat in one at the factory today, and flippen huge.
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