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  1. I considered a V12 Vantage Manual but in Aus a used one is as much as a new EVORA 410.
  2. Good luck with the search, at this point in time below 50 you could be waiting a while
  3. 3 year belt service no other manufacturer on the planet stipulates this non sense. That requirement was the icing on the the cake as for as the sale of my 456, I needed to be fore the rest of it broke ever noticed how cheap they are..
  4. au-yt

    EVORA Weight

    Has anyone considered that the early weights were quoted at dry and the latters cars are wet weights?
  5. The last comments by Chris Harris sum up I recon where the new Lotus should be, but i dough it...electrification is the end for now, of light weight. video started just before his comment...
  6. Very interesting but 400 mile range, really, sorry real world will be lucky to be 200, no one has the battery tech for that range unless its all battery and no people, cynical I may be but every road test on all the electric cars ever read manages manufactures claims, Tesla 3 come close.
  7. What The... Volvo's New Small EV Is Based On A Platform Shared With Polestar, Lotus And A London Taxi Company
  8. Yep that's me "because you, too, are a sick, hopeless, masochistic, Lotus-loving nerd."
  9. I have some of that, my wife recons it smells like something she stepped in.
  10. Interesting you should mention this, My 400 has a distinctive smell however I only been in two other cars and I cannot remeber. Having said that the smell may be related to the trim material and different trims may change the smell. For me the smell is part of the experience with and the EVORA's distinctive smell is a welcoming feel as I get in and as its unique to the car a reminder of how special the car is.
  11. I’m with you on the +2, for me there is A touch of style, and handling according to the junos better than the baby Elan.
  12. Lotus Elan net is more a hands on group, they have to be, and all the better for it. TLF is great for the Esprit series. I’ve owned two Elans, an 66 S2, an 71 sprint DHC, now a lotus TC engined 85 7, TLN is a great resource.
  13. Wow another auction site to be tempted by, I have a terrible itch for another classic Lotus.
  14. All this discussion is making me want another Classic Elan S2, although I am flirting with the idea of a Plus 2. must be my age
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