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  1. The Boys are back, Lotus need's to employ them!
  2. If I had to keep a car out side, I’d invest in one of these, even if I had to teacher each side on strong wind days
  3. Good example of what happens to cheap exotic cars, I seen this sort of thing with classic Maserati's and Lamborghini's before they suddenly became collectable.. shame
  4. I agree you have summed it up well. Interesting though about brand value, the majority people and I mean majority, have not idea that LOTUS even still make cars and the people who do think the Elise is the only car, and "its to small"
  5. The most I like about this video is the car, the red interior and the scenery in this shot. As the commentary ? for some reason annoyed me I must be getting old
  6. This thread is starting to read like the Aussie Section of I personally think sour grapes over one car and one experience doesn't justify the title of the thread. For that I believe it should be changed to "Evora 400 simply dreadfully brilliant to drive"
  7. This particular Stradale was ordered by Italian aviation tycoon Count Corrado Agusta and has helicopter seats and ash tray.. as you do. Stunning car that has been discussed many times and often considered a myth, not any more,
  8. Its now 2020 year 4 for the 400, and the world is in a mess, but my EVORA ventures haven't , I did a 900 k country NSW trip out west for a wedding and visit friends, and family. B/C roads for the majority. I have only had one other car than my 400 that have had lasting strong positive memories about fantastic road trips but that was over 30 years ago. I could have bought a range of exotica for the money the 400 cost, however the ownership bills would have equaled the depreciation of the 400 and spent much more time off the road and not any where as good on it.
  9. The sad part about this whole story originating in South Australia by an unhappy prospective owner who just happened to be best mates with a motoring jurno. and with all news papers to enhance sales, it was turned into an "alarmist story"... don't get me started... The story in "The Australian" news paper in either hard copy or on line but you cannot access it on line with out a subscription. and the resolve is unknown and the following is all that appears in google "Lotus quick to jump to defence but slow to resolve issues › life › motoring Aug 17, 2019 - Last year he test drove a Lotus Evora 400, which is 299kW in a 1395kg plastic car ... as a 'characteristic' of the gearbox in question and not a fault. ... Staying in South Australia, it was good to see reader Peter Barry pick up an ..." As far as I am aware its the only time any one has had a winge about this. As for EVORA 400 clutches I probably am the test case, with 40,000 miles on my Manual 400 same clutch
  10. As the headlining is a molding, so is it the lining on the molding? if it is its difficult to do in situ, But once out a spray on industrial contact is best.
  11. Compared to the EVORA 4++ series, to me a lot of new "performance" cars sound like moaning cows with flatulence sounding gear changes.
  12. Cannot say I am a fan of all of the design.
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