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  1. I had the opportunity to speak directly to LOTUS's international sales manager Mark Fullalove (yep that's his name) his comment when asked about the US market was at this point in time with only one model in the US the level of marketing will stay the same until they more models to sell. The 400 has been getting some very good press through YouTube with Matt Farrah, and Jay Leno, is cleaver and inexpensive but not as reaching patience is the key here, yes they could sell more but the return on investment isn't there until more models are available. Makes the cars exclusive. As for the number of dealers, North America is the same physical size as Australia and we have 3 dealers....mine is 2 hours away.
  2. Seems odd as the video was only posted today
  3. A comment on the latest Jay Leno video on the 400. Page linked below. Is the Evora available in America....... says a bit
  4. I’m also with you the Evora is such an under rated car. like others I do like McLaren and your insight into the 570 is interesting. I just watched this video from Thorney Motor sport, 4 years of owning a McLaren As hard as he tries, I ain’t buying one. Im keeping my 400, it’s fast enough to scare me, but the way it feels at any speed is magic.
  5. Appalling situations good luck getting that lot sorted, It took me a year to get the subwoofer fitted to my car that the car was ordered with. and when they did get the amp and the subwoofer there was no wiring loom installed.
  6. I gave them permission when I ordered the Brochure. Their missing a great opportunity to get the motoring world excited, news about employing people is nice, but not exciting I have seen the 5 minute media release at a lotus only organised track day, about the future, the buildings the heritage and whats happening, its not on any website.
  7. This all wonderful in the news but the direct to previous customers is non existent, their so caught up in spending money there not letting their heartland know directly. I'm on a Mclaren list and I get weekly emails about whats going on with the new GT. Wake up LOTUS the internet and emails exist, not doing this to me is a basic marketing flaw..... its simple they have data from down loading online brochures. News please media department
  8. If I may make a suggestion, there are some good products for protecting electrical parts like window regulators that are water displacement and promote electrical connection. I use an CRC product called electra shield.
  9. That is impressive and a nicely detailed decent size scale... I'll have to start mentioned Id like one for my Birthday
  10. I Bought my 400 from SSC definitely worth the journey to Artarmon, give them a call and they do Saturday mornings on request. I m in the Southern Highlands on the way to Canberra.
  11. Hi Danny Welcome from another Aussie with a similar motoring background. Which part of the country do you reside? I recon the Exige V6 is the way to go, the first series have a soft top, best bit is they are very tuneable and Harrop are the guys to talk to. An Evora S is also an option. You may be lucky to find a 400 but the one in QLD for 130 has hard life with multiple owners. Graeme
  12. Paul Stokell and Kate Catford in a Exiges 350 wins Targa Tasmainia, first lotus win at Targa very impressive win the first of many I suspect and a boost for LOTUS here in Aus.
  13. As time goes on the Eclat series is looking interesting, this is a friends very late SE
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