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  1. au-yt

    Sorting out some niggles.

    Great news indeed, I’d love to know exactly where the dash mount issue was I have a creek that is only at certain road surfaces and speed that sounds like had plastic slipping on hard plastic. I am doing a full track day at Bathurst on Mt Panama in early feb through the local dealer And full team of the dealer tech team is there as support, so I should be able to get some clarification on the dash and seat.
  2. au-yt

    Future of Lotus

    Another area lotus do well at present is cost of ownership. This was a major consideration for me when I bought my 400 as against a host of Italian secondhand cars. For the non lease market, this I believe is rather important. The use of generic type engines helps a lot the only real drawback is they are designed for life not so much tweekability. What lotus need is a reverse engineered power plants in the way McLaren did, cleaver, not so the gearbox, Queue Quafe. Volvo have the experience to make some great engines, look what was achieved with the original Koenigsegg. My wish is Engine designed with the collaboration with Volvo and Cosworth or even Koenigsegg, An engine that has the production flex ability to be in a Hi Torque engine for say a Lotusified XC40 (I for one, want one to replace my XC60 in 5 years) and High output for the next Elise.
  3. au-yt

    Future of Lotus

    Apparently that’s up 50% in some markets
  4. Mine does creak but not that badly, Its something to discuss with the Guys at SSC in Sydney.
  5. I really like the seats in my 400 however I have found the lumbar area of the seat lacking and my wife has complained it gives her a sore back after a few hours as there isn't much lower back support. I as we all do researched the Be Google out of this looking for Ideas. Inflatable lumber units were the go for some types of seats. Of the ones I found were to be honest expensive and only available in the UK and then there is the postage etc. I stumbled on these inflatable units which are for want of a better description for getting access to car doors, presumably by professional AA type people, I leave the rest to your imagination . They are made out quite a tuff material, due to their inteneded purpose. I contacted the company wanting to buy just these But no have to buy all three at $22AUD for three I bought 2 sets. as you can see its like they were made for the seats, this picture shows the size and the location is about right. I have looked into getting the trim off previously and found with the seats forward you can remove the seat trim at the base. you need to put one hand under the seat back base and compress the foam and trim up, using a plastic trim tool, release the trim from the channel its retained in. Once that's pulled out and some of the cabling disgorged you can actually get up in between the foam and seat back Thankfully the foam isn't stuck to the seat back so you can feed to wedge up into place. I will be honest, this is a bit awkward with the seat in the car. I managed it so I figure others can. It does go in quite easily as there is an internal stiffener, but getting up high into the place you need to push it up as high as your can but hand and the final place is trial and error. the best bit is that there is a nice wide slot in the seat back to bring the tube out and when its in place the pump doesn't catch on anything and can be reached with the door closed. Very happy with the result and all for total 300 grams of extra weight.
  6. I wonder if this will have an impact on Evora 400's. I also wonder if LOTUS will need to fit different exhausts to California sold cars. California seems to be the one state in the US that is out on its own re US regs.
  7. au-yt

    Evora 400 Hesitation / Jerking

    Where is this in the parts book, I cannot locate it Easy Job and makes a noticeable difference
  8. au-yt

    Sorting out some niggles.

    Phil when and hopefully they do sort the niggles, it would be good to know what they did to sort them. I’ve a 2016 400 but as it was a long term dealer car there isn’t any thing other than a dash creak at 100ks on coarse surface roads, I borrowed some stethoscopes for my wife to hunt for it😏
  9. au-yt

    Future of Lotus

    I hearing that, more commercial softer based products for the wider market....
  10. au-yt

    McLaren Senna fire

    This according to the text is the second car to go up in flames..probably used those pinch on clamps on the fuel line, as they have done on the coolant lines on the super series
  11. au-yt

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    A bit left of topic and I'm not sure it belongs here, however watch this and tell me other than the comment about he Porkas interior, the comments about the two cars could be leveled at the EVORA 4XX family. As I watched and listened to their comments, I keep thinking my EVORA does or is like just that. I love them to do a real life cost of ownership of these cars as a comparison however as for living with them as the EVORA to me is miles ahead.... I await to be chastised
  12. au-yt

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora This is an Aussie thong, not the other variety And as an Aussie I only just get the resemblance to the rear shot
  13. au-yt

    European Road Trip

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and the story, a visit to Pagani is in my bucket list
  14. au-yt

    Exige Sport 410 - how good?

    There is no denying there a good thing, with another award from EVO
  15. At this point in time in the UK this will not be of any use, hover as it 35C in the Sydney region, I recently had a question about the efficiency of the AC in my 400. The advice I got and I am sure that others have found the same, for cold turn the temp control to full cold and control the temp with the fan speed. turning it one from full reduces it I recon by 50%+ two clicks virtually nothing.