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  1. I purposely went looking for a genuine 7/ Chaterham. And bought a 85 live axle car. I could have bought a PRB ( a exceptionally well engineered Aussie clubman) but the thing with real 7s is everything is available. Don’t discount an early S3 Super Sprint with a pushrod Kent motor, there great simple cars.
  2. I did mention this to the dealer when I bought the car, and his comment was, when it stops making the chatter then contact us. I have found after 18 moths of driving the car the sound is there, but doesn’t register with me as much as I drive the car, just got used to it I suppose, I also have this thing about not labouring an engine no matter what it is, and tend to keep the revs above 2000 rpm and the chatter is quieter by then. However it does add some mechanical character to the car in an age where NHV is paramount.
  3. For my two cents worth, sorry 2P worth with reagards leather cleaner food, I have been Using leatherique The cleaner and rejuvenation for years but mainly on classic cars even my lounge at home it works as the beast cleaner. They also do die colour match ( its not paint but a die) for marked and damage leather which I am very happy with.
  4. Depreciation is always going to be an issue, doesnt mater what it is, and the vibes I get from people on here is they miss the cars when they sell them so just hang onto the car and enjoy it. My 400 is the first "new" exotic and Ive lost all the gains I made in the classic market, but I wont go backwards as Ive made that mistake and wont do it again. The Evora series are exceptional cars overlooked because they don't know they exist. The best bit is they are not pretentious cars like Ferrari's Lamb's and Porsche's. there Ive said it
  5. Good Grief I assume these are new unsold cars as a result of Brexit? there were scenes like this after the GFC
  6. Good to read a story by a skeptical journo, however to make comparisons to a 400 when you haven't driven one is rather presumptuous
  7. Found this which quotes some 400 figures There is also some increase in the GT by way of the guard shape top and rear "downforce figure of 32 kg (70 lbs.) at 150 mph (242 km/h). This downforce equates to 12 kg, 26 lbs. front; 20 kg, 44 lbs. rear," Total down force for the GT430 is quoted as 250KGs
  8. This S1 is probably known by some on here. It was Imported to Australia 6 years ago. Great colour and classic interior. Car was entered in the Motorclassica Concourse, and yes the Stamp is of this car
  9. 1 of 7 JPS tribute at Australia's top Concourse in Melbourne, Motorclassica.The car is for sale and outside with a plethora of other exotic.
  10. Congratulations Great colour combination. Good honest review , thank you. I must also congratulate you on the interior colour ( hint pictures please) great to see a classic combo of the green and tan leather and gold wheels the car looks magic.
  11. Are you referring to the car or the garage Congratulations! Great colour
  12. I'm not bashing the Chinese on prejudice, just first experience and knowledge. The Chinese don't work on contracts its who know and bribe you need to have the whole local communities hierarchy bribed and on board including the local Cops. Check the Vin number of the S90, it will tell where it was made and it will be in Sweden . BM X5s are manufactured in South Carolina, Mercs are made in the US and south Africa ..Honda Thailand and the US etc and as for AUDI wont touch one. Toyota and Lexus regularly win the US owners reliability awards. I have a pre Geely XC60 and its been rock solid and the service has been great including a factory recall for a belt idler The Koreans have come a long way and are now we respected here. Great Wall now Havel are Chinese and are cheap for a reason and second hand forget it. Sorry its not just my generation here in Australia that will say the same thing, Chinese products leave a lot to be desired.
  13. I had a holiday touring a good part of China last year and the Volvos"s built there are as I understand for the domestic market I have a friend who manufactures there and a very good friend who was the head of HR for a multinational company, yes the QA is the most important part BUT you cannot take your eye of the game for one second and I mean that literally. Companies think they can train locals to be QA people, FAIL. corruption is part of the job description. Sorry it will take me a long to to have the same confidence in Chinese built products as I do with the Japanese.
  14. That could be an interesting idea, however I’m not a big fan of anything made in China.. especially cars and I suspect the market may also not really like the idea. It took a very long to before people dropped the Jap crap comment.
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