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  1. They didn't say, other than the adjustment required, and there were two tests involved, which I believe is written in a Service Letter. His comments about the switch were not complimentary and I'm being polite I have quite a lot of confidence in these guys as they are the sole Lotus Dealer in Sydney, They support all Lotus Australia track events like the 5 Targa Events each year.
  2. In my case there was no luck involved, it was done by SSC in Sydney, Richie explained although the tech data says 5 clicks their experience is 7 or 8. They took to car for 2 test drives to ensure the setting and was correct after clearing the code.
  3. No, You just don't have traction control and annoyingly cruise control or access to the other modes Sport and Race
  4. one of two things, Either he adjusted it it the wrong way, or that circuit in the switch is dead. The switch is easy to adjust. 7 or 8 clicks out from the fully in position. have read in this thread.
  5. Interesting picture taken at AutoIitalia Canberra on the weekend ( 270 cars) in the middle was a a Evora 400 advertising Collecting Cars
  6. This has a flow on effect, that may have been mentioned, and that is ensuring to be eligible the cars have to be serviced by dealers to be approved
  7. The excited smile on her face, and her reaction even made my wife laugh
  8. I hade the funniest most enthusiastic reaction to my Evora’s driving home thought the south western part of Sydney and an Asian looking girl in a hotted up Holden V8 raced up behind me into the right lane and was waving frantically with double thumbs up all at 110ks. She then blasted past waving frantically.
  9. Thanks for the insight on the seal however adjusting the window in more as its already rather tight but a consideration. Yes the RH seal was damaged by the corner of the plinth. I did a repair using a glue called "Black Witch" Neoprene Glue. the top corner of the plinth was so sharp it cut the seal, It needs another go as you only need a small amount and using a small strip of packing to smooth it out. My car has covered 68,000ks, so the seal may be something for people to keep an eye on. Other cars I have owned have a rubber section inside the bulb seal to ensure the seal makes con
  10. I was warned not to search for the information as the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation would pay me a visit, however the info is available to all online so no visit yet
  11. Hi All Recently I had the misfortune to be away for a week and there was no undercover parking... and it rained ..this was at the begining of the 100 year rain event for the east coast of NSW. My carpets were wet and I had water running down the inside at the top of the mirror plinth. Being a 400 I was expecting that not to happen but its did. Washing the car this morning I did manage to get pictures of the area. Does anone have pictures of how they cured this?
  12. Coming back to basics, I have just learnt two facts about the production of items using rare earth,. 1 in the Un processed state, they have a low grade radioactive molecule attached that needs to dealt with so there is considerable radio active waste not to mention the energy required to process the the material 2 estimates are there isn’t enough for all the industries phones computers etc that use the material needs.. cars included. China has the majority of the deposits......
  13. au-yt

    EVORA Weight

    Less easy is sound deadening of which there is quite a bit.
  14. Ditto, as Ive said 991/2=Camry
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