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  1. Some of you will know, JayEmm on cars from his EVORA. He got a surprise with the Europa TC.
  2. Given the price of the sensors here in Australia, it’s worth a try to change the batteries Aliexpress sells 4 batteries for about 22 GBP or $40 AUD.
  3. I'll give it a go, but first have the voltage checked to make sure its not the circuit. This guy had success
  4. OK who Jinxed me, my RR sensor died yesterday and it its only 7 years old ( Ha HA more like at least 10), I ordered a set from the ELISE SHOP, and Ill change the lot. At lease the ELISE shop units come complete the OEM ones the outer and inner are separate. and Beeping expensive. I am going to investigate changing the batteries in them.
  5. The end of this thread it seems the Emira now has all the discussion. 23 days since the last post.
  6. Ok not a photo as such but, a nod to EVORA 410 GT as one of the best V6 cars ever made.
  7. The Lambo uses internal air redirect through the wing, and varies the air pressure over and under the wing in a straight line and corners which acts like an air anti sway bar. The system also controls the front splitter area all done with internal actuators quite clever.
  8. Active aero, like the Hurican
  9. Not sure if it’s a photo shop, but here is an article about it
  10. From Chapman's past involvement in Delorean, I thought this would be of interest a tour of the Delorean Factory now in the US
  11. The other side to the Infotainment is in the EVORA it can be easily upgraded, and if people didn't buy the car on that reason alone they weren't LOTUS people. If it takes a info system to attract people they will from my experience have the car for a lease period and move on.
  12. Justin, When I listen to the comments about the EMIRA I constantly refect on how relevant they are to the EVORA, no money for decent marketing is more than likely the reason
  13. Controversial comment however, Ive been sitting back and browsing through the new LOTUS and the Company direction have come to the conclusion the EVORA is a keeper. over decades I have watched great motoring companies get swallowed up and get watered down and sell cars on history. I do acknowledge that the future is bright, but the cars will be bought by a larger client base as marketing will rule and the LOTUS as we know will go the way of other Marques.
  14. I replaced the front rotors only on my 400 in 2019, I still cannot get over the price of the factory ones.. in Australia they were $5000.00 or 2,600 GBP 🤑 but being on a track day and a brake with run out I didn't have an option. Luckily they did me deal. I even looked at the AP listing and they are LOTUS specific , but I'm sure there will be others available by now
  15. Not a bad review, I’m not sure if this guy is trying to be smart or funny, see if pick the girlfriend reference....the video is a reasonable review until he starts to ramble...
  16. Interesting, Radford Type 62-2 not built by Lotus but ..600Hp V6
  17. It true American style the GT430 bumper will be available in carbon before years end.
  18. Their not imperial which the originals are but metric.
  19. Kieran, thank you I looked at the part numbers but not until you mentioned the 025N did I see it amoungst the part numbers. Luckily they are a standard size and 0f 16" or here 405mm and I can get them for $22AUD
  20. The Gas struts on my 400 with glass rear hatch work OK when hot but not when cold. I removed on and measured the pressure and when they are hot each one Takes 25KGs to compress strut which equates to 245 Newtons. and only 20KGs or 196Newtons cold Has any one measured a new one when cold? Or measure the pressure a new on please.
  21. I'm hour 45 minutes drive from SSC for a test drive. but I did a lot of research before deciding to drive the 400. but even just driving the car up the lane from SSC the car felt special and yes it was a cautious city drive but that's the thing a bout the EVORA it feel magic at slow and at speed.
  22. Is it just me or is all the rhetoric about the Emira should have been labeled at the Evora some time ago, all bar big the big screens.
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