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  1. As a Followup to my last post,I would say the F8 ride quality in "soft" isn't as good as the Evora, and I must say at "speed" the Evora is more stable I was surprised when he commented the car front tends to float, Cold Tires may be... just making excuses.
  2. I have taken my Ferrari owning neighbour out in my 400 and he was surprised at the ride quality. Today I spent the morning in his brand new F8 Tributo I agree with his comment even when the F8 is in soft mode Yes the interior is very nice, leather seats are too hard unless they are fully tweaked and then there OK its almost to spacious inside Yes the grunt is nice when the turbos kick in and it goes, but it tram tracks under braking "what the", at 3 times the price of a new EMIRA. I prefer the way the Evora feels to be in and rides and goes.. Sorry Ferrari its a very nice trophy car
  3. Sadly the A110 is now not sold in Australia, as some numpty bureaucrat enforced the side impact intrusion bar regulation as of NOV 2021, 3 years ahead of Europe, and we only got 89 cars across all models. As such the asking price second hand is now way over the retail price 😡
  4. I haven't even bothered watch all the videos, sadly only 335 ? mile range. most will be urban transport. An EV of any sort will need to match the range capability and convenience of refueling speed of cars like the 10 year old VOLVO D5 XC60 I have, that on Australian country trips will easily do 600 plus miles. The vastness of Australia a Hybrid is the only real compromise.
  5. OK just a quick followup after driving the car yesterday, the RHD set up is very good in fact you cannot tell it not factory. The foot well is as large on the right as it is on the left due to the central chassis tube/box and to be honest it didn't feel odd at all. In fact I quite liked it.
  6. Originality is important, however as Australians are only ever exposed to mainly US imports people are far more interested in RHD conversions except for the super mega expensive that cannot be converted ie Veyrons etc. which imported under a special scheme. LHD cars here like Porsche’s and Ferrari’s mainly from the Us are a very hard sell and usually 2/3 the price of RHD cars. RHD imports also suffer discrimination as the were not Australian delivered Pictures to come.
  7. I’m looking at one on friday
  8. Most of the 8 of which there are 4 off 4 clinder cars and 4, A310s V6 cars here have been converted to RHD. also at least 1 I am aware off A110s in RHD
  9. I am considering buying a A310 V6 phase two (4 wheel bolt) anyone own/owned one?
  10. As I said it’s just an estimate. Make that a gestimate. Discussions with the tech,s the weight of a newish clutch the cars previous use and IF it lasts 60,000 miles.
  11. Does any one else had cars do a "Remora" effect ( cars sicking close by to get a view or picture) when there driving?
  12. Had the car serviced today and a long chat about the clutch and their comment was after a exam and drive test , don’t worry about it and from trying a 410 this morning I would estimate it’s a bit over 50% worn. Service cost wise my 400 here in Sydney been the same as a very much the same as my other cars. I didn’t think the cost of the clutch kit was too bad as I found out it’s made by AP.
  13. Seeing I have been rabbiting on about clutch life. No and 2016 400 43500 miles
  14. Fair comment, I take the OEM mats out and replace them with outer for the time being, And as for the cost it is very much dependant an on your finances and being a retiree I need to keep track of them.
  15. 43,500. no issues so far. Basic use description is mainly freeway and three full track days. I am thinking of starting a survey for people to get some idea of clutch.
  16. Well these guys managed to destroy one in 32,000 miles. Good part is there is evedence to show what caused it
  17. I have a bunch of petrol head friends to call on for those type of jobs, and the rear hatch needs to people. I will be putting an S2 Elan together shortly for a friend so a Coffee and cake bribe works.
  18. Jonny No slippage, I just spooked by reports of low clutch life and have been asking about clutch life on 4XX cars including the caveats re use and your the only one who has given any insight. With 43500. miles I'll keep driving and start saving. I can do the work myself as that my retirement hobby on classics so money spent on a hoist and spares
  19. Justin, Thank you that's actually encouraging, however early pre 4XX 30,000 miles seems comon.
  20. when I bought the car (57,000ks) I asked about the clutch change and doing in the car they believed was possible. I believe this car is the highest mirage 400. now at 70,000ks. 43,000miles. miles. the car done mainly freeway and 3 track days. I am having the car serviced on Friday with a request to the techs to assess what they think. the techs are really good and support the SSC Targa cars.
  21. I just got a quote for a new clutch in my 400 and I'm still in recovery..
  22. Honest video but I cannot help but say Catchpole looks like an Elf
  23. Thank you for the link that has been discusses earlier in this thread Australia and DAB is at this point city only and not widely used, FM still rules. OK my main need is for Android Auto for apps, My initial idea with the thread was there were adapter for the alpine ine-w990bt unit, however it may not be at the Android 4 and above so the only way to achieve this is via a new head unit.
  24. Any one fitted one of these an Alpine iLX-W650E unit and how ever they need a 15 AMP There is an option AMP as the 650 is only shallow
  25. This is probably in the wrong section and I'm sure Bibs will find the best location, I really Morgans, enthusiasms thinking a and the whole concept of the the car. I have a passion for the motor eclectic cars ( not electric)and design long live Morgan 3 wheeler's So much of this new 3 wheeler smacks of LOTUS philosophy. And there are may more
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