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  1. I get your point about traction control, but compared to the other “hero” marques it is very simple and clever. I come from an era where traction control was the responsibility of the driver, and my 85 Caterham is a great reminder. The 400 A/C works quite well in Australia no complaints, as it “may” be revised version.
  2. Actually a Tesla can only do it a few times before the system overheats and goes into limp mode some thing that isn’t mentioned. One of the main reason for me buying the 400 besides the way the car goes and makes you feel is its simplicity, passive suspension, minimal computers, basic A/C I bet the majority of people cannot use the tach in most new cars.
  3. Recently driving home south of Sydney I found myself approaching a Tesla X 85 behemoth and as my cruise speed was 1 K faster than his I meandered on past and with that it started to follow me. and this continued for some time and as I turned off the free way there is a big left had sweeping turn, Interesting watching the body roll of a Tesla in the rear view as tired to keep up with out tumbling into the scenery. Next set of traffic lights with me next to him I thought this will be interesting and he did one of the only Tesla tricks they are capable of and accelerated very briskly of the lights into the distance, This is about the only thing they can do to try and impress people, only other thing is the rear gulling doors OK their clever . I have only had the car 2 months and the positive comments I get from people never ceases to amaze me and a number have commented they much prefer this to my the Ferrari I had ( so does my pocket) I took my 90 year old very sprightly dad for a drive and when he got home he said that the first time he felt nauseated in a car from the acceleration, the last time he felt like that was doing spins when he was learning to fly..
  4. Considering the car did so well in the 2017 Performance car of the year it should be interesting to follow.
  5. Some ideas, to investigate, since i posted the question Ive found the trim from the 400 seats is easy to release from the back lower part of the seat, so a piece of shaped foam may just do the trick, just need to identify the correct density, will report further
  6. I would like to increase the lumbar support in my seats, has any one done this and how please?
  7. Looking forward to Jays comments about the car.
  8. Couldn't help but smile reading this, as I had the same problem. I was getting some things done at the dealer and mentioned the sub woofer didnt appear to be working.they investigated and found... no sub woofer fitted. The car was ordered with one, so one is on its way.
  9. More "arty" shots I though Id share, given these aren't your typical car sales pictures
  10. Sadly I cannot lay claim to having produced the video or the picture. The video that was done for a local magazine called Boss Hunting and the picture was from the Sydney Lotus dealer, Simply Sports cars website, NB the number plate 51-MPLY. the car now has my own plates on it.
  11. Hi If your still contemplating the idea, here are the key things to consider, The second is and the biggest at the moment, and will be for some time is asbestos
  12. Great choice both in car and colour, and by all accounts a fantastic car. I seriously looked into Mclarens from a long term ownership point, my advice from whats its worth, is just keep buying the extended warranty, and remember nothing on these cars is repairable only replaceable and only at a Mclaren dealership
  13. Most engines have a power band and extra revs have no gain, and unless the cams continue to make power extra revs are a waist, also engine max RPM is often there for engine life preservation. I recon a fully " Blue printed" engine properly balanced with steel crank and rods, plus a set of performance cams would do the trick, but a lighter car is simpler and cheaper hence the 430. Mind you a standard engine "blue Printed" would get you north of 420HP stock, as some 400s produce that much so I'm told. Personally more torque is where its at. 350 flt lbs Plus would be nice. While every one focuses on HP/Ton the really interesting one is FT/Ton, as my 400 on paper matches a Ferrari 456 at 222Ft/Ton and the 400 is lower down but nothing matches 12 cylinders for smoothness except a V16, back to basics, weight is everything as LOTUS knows.
  14. Yes the sound of the V6 at the top end and the extra kick induce a real Adrenalin rush , I use the initial audible change as a gear change trigger. There are a few mechanical restrictions with the engine, as the 430 is rev limited to 6800, with some comment about smaller pulley supercharger life. I suspect the engine would rev harder but not with out being built with internals to cope with the extra forces something for the AM guys to spend some money on. I am told the engine as it stands is good for 550PS
  15. Given the Euro homoligation requirements NA engines will be a thing of the past.
  16. The growth of the aftermarket exhausts is testament to the need for sound, what I find amazing is how good a V6 Lotus tricked Toyota sounds, I’ve said it before but it’s sounds better than many new cars and Auto gearboxes in some remind me of flatulent cows.
  17. Try a 04 05 Gallardo.
  18. Yes they are a lot of money but there is a balance for volume verses production cost, and the price of using carbon fiber to make bespoke parts is a significant premium over GRP. The trick of limited production for more money worked for PORSCHE and it tried and tested but at more than double the money, if your luckily enough to be eligible, yes eligible! go ask a PORSCHE dealer if you can buy a limited production version. Our Aussie distributor organise lots of LOTUS only track days and they are often sold out, I don't mean just single days which they but also I'm talking a special entry to TARGA TASMANIA fully organized, and this is a 6 day event. This is just one of many. The key to sales for Lotus is exposure , I was on a trip to late last year and there was a 400 on display at the International airport and got my and may others attention. TV advertising is great if you have the budget and maybe that will come but for now the reputation they are gaining is very impressive, remember Lotus have the highest buyer per test drive ration of any manufacturer at 30% Am I convert absolutely but I have always owned and Loved LOTUS cars and may be that's the problem, but the car gets respect from the most unlikely people.
  19. First off that's the Speck I would have loved for my car, buying a demo you don't get that option, but its high spec Interesting US has a great reputation for good service and this doesn't sound like to dealer is worthy of selling LOTUS Cars. By comparison the Aussie experience I have with SSC is exemplary, sadly doesn't help you much. LOTUS have invested heavily in getting the 400 series homoligated into the US and they need to intervene here, if it hasn't been mentioned already I would go straight to LOTUS HQ. Take heart they are a wicked road car, forget tracks and freeways, go play in the mountains
  20. The objective is to improve the efficiency of the charge cooler, even water sprayed on the cooler radiator will help especially in hot climates, only issue is corrosion. in Hot climates, Ferrari use the return a/c line to cool the fuel before it goes to the injectors, it’s a similar idea that I recon lotus could use, even running the charge cooler line next to the chilled condensed, A/C line to the evaporator would assist.
  21. Effectively what he did was use the A/C to chill the air intake to supply the engine with at approx 2 to 5 c. my thinking is that temp to be supplied the the charge cooler radiator coolant.. as I said a left field thought.
  22. Left field thought if I may, for the engines with charge coolers keeping the coolant in the system cold is by a radiator, no new news there. Something to think about, a friend who is A/C specialist, rigged a second evaporator into the intake of his V8 Holden, and got an extra 50kws at the rear wheels on a 30c day. The improved cooling of the charge cooler would be interesting. Only hang up is in very cold environments you will have intake icing on the throttle body, so a temp control system would be needed ask any light aircraft pilot about this issue. any way just an idea, carry on...
  23. It’s an interesting subject, sorry I haven’t read any Toyota forums on the subject, reading the 400 workshop manual, its a three shaft design with both the input shaft are in mesh with the crown wheel, as an educated guess it’s the free play of the non driven input shaft at low revs that causes the chatter.
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