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  1. I had my 400 serviced today and speaking to the Richard at SSC there will be no more EVORA coming to Australia. Press release going out tomorrow to that effect. The factory only has enough parts for a hundred or so cars and and sadly 4 Australians had there deposits refunded last week. America and China are among the the last countries to get cars.
  2. And how it should be done, different car with 2ltr Honda.
  3. I’m having my 400 have have it’s 5 year service next week, should be interesting.
  4. Ease up some of us rather like the 400.
  5. Fantastic book, I would love one to the design team to sign it!
  6. I Took my new neighbor to my local cars and coffee this morning, yes its Thursday and yes we are all retired. This guy own 14 different cars including a Ferrari 458( Dancing donkey) etc. After the initial shock of quick it was and the sound he says, and that's a Camry engine? nothing was said then on the way home he says, I cannot believe the ride in this thing...unbelievable have you got it set on soft?.
  7. Jim. Are you planing to take the pads out? be interesting to see if you can. Graeme
  8. My 400 did this after I washed it the first time. And now drive the car for a short distance after a wash. Just a thought, a long had stop should put some heat in the brakes and that should help. I do wonder about the Disc material as a contributing factor, I’m sure a far more learners peson than me can shed further light on this.
  9. Welcome, from a OZ 400 owner, Enjoy, the guys at SSC are great bunch
  10. Australia article Lotus looks set to unveil its first all-new, internal-combustion-engined model in more than a decade later this year, according to new overseas reports.
  11. I have always been a member of cars I own, and often tell people looking for cars that’s the way to find cars they are looking for. Case in point, if it had not been for the Ginetta Owners Club I would not have found this car.
  12. Car by the time of posting should be either tied down in the container and being loaded on the ship which sales tomorrow. I should not have been surprised it would get wet before it left!
  13. Certainly no argument there! However the G27 is such a simple car by comparison compared to both the Elite and the Elan. And bargain as I paid 8,000 UKP for the car. They may have a Kit car background, however this one has a wonderful history. The fact that they even let me import it was a surprise. Built in 1992 it is eligible for the NSW historic club registration next year with the brief that it is as it left the factory.
  14. The car is in effect a G4S4, re released as the G27 and to me the prettiest of the G4S4 variant. Interesting G27 is 2” shorter than an Elan, shorter wheel base, and wider track. The engine fitted wasn’t stock and dynoed at 155hp.
  15. I thought this was a good story for the whole Lotus fraternity.
  16. I have always been a Ginetta fan and finally found a car which turned out to be a part of Ginetta resurgence History following the liquidation in the late 1980's. In the 90's I wrote to the factory and got the brochure, price list and the build manual which I still have. I was always taken with the car in the brochure picture. The G27 GRS plate was the factory display plate. I rejoined the Ginetta Owners Club and this car was sort of hidden on the website for sale. The car has been written up in the main stream motoring media and the Kit Car mags multiple times. Once in 1993 and revisited in 2016 by Ian Stent, who wanting to confirm it was as good as he remembered, and it was. Ian missed buying it twice, says something. I also had an appearance in an appearance on TV in the Preston front. It featured at car shows in the UK and in Europe and was demo car during, the Ginetta G27 challenge series. I have been in touch with the CEO of Ginetta at the time, The guys who built it, the people who maintained and settled it Alan Fereday, and two the previous owners who sent me 20 years of maintenance history. Having had the obligatory asbestos assessment, cleaning and fumigation done, It leaves the UK in a container with some one else's Porsche 930 on the 19th of January and arrives here on the 18th of March.
  17. In some ways Harry's Garage story answers the question of fun motoring.
  18. If I can but in,that sounds all the world like a dry idler bearing. difficult to lube as they are sealed. It’s in the maintenance manual to check them when the belt is changed. My Toyota Ute belt squealed until it women up, then Ok changing the belt stopped the noise. If I can but in,that sounds all the world like an idler bearing.
  19. Scott Good find. I'm sure the TLF forum thought the C8 was going be the undoing of the Evora but apparently not. and after all 12 years it just shows how good the original EVORA design is.
  20. Yan, Welcome, from an Aussie Evora 400 owner, you sum up the reason for owning a LOTUS very well even more so in Australia. Where I live, late 911s are very common in fact not a day goes by with out seeing one, and I don't live in Sydney.
  21. Aussie expression, the car has a concrete warranty , once it leaves the concrete (driveway)warranty is invalid. Sadly people who are not familiar with classic cars think they are like modern cars, jump in and drive away. I’m selling an 85 Caterham 7 and I get concerned when people ask will I fit, legit question, but it just says to me , “listen sunshine do you even know what you looking at?”
  22. My Westie ( Tillie 10 year old ) and My Daughter and son in-laws Cobber Dog (Dash 4 month old) Cobber Dogs are Specially matched Poodle Labrador cross. Bred as assistance dogs for my Grandson who in the Autism spectrum. The Australian Cobber Dogs is registered bread and only bred with selected DNA dogs, talk about hi tech. He doesn't shed is cage trained and obey commands, and puts up with being tackled by a 3 year old for now. Unlike my Westie who only comes for food and walks, loves people and takes over the house and is training Dash to lever her alone.
  23. Wishing every one a return to a Covid free 2021. May the Jab be with you! Graeme
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