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  1. Thanks for the reply's, I use WAZE app on my phone for most of speed indication, and the Alpine unit matched the GPS signal on the app. Thanks for the thoughts about the key and the the dial not going to zero, very interesting🤨 I will watch that next time, maybe it was a one off, as it hasn't got my attention before
  2. OK I've owned my "stock manual" 400 for 4 years, and have until recently relied mainly on the GPS reading on my phone in most cases. and recently I bought a new phone and it doesn't fit the cradle. Last week on the freeway I noticed that at 100Ks the "analog speedo" shows 120k. Am I slow to realise this or is there an issue?
  3. Journalists get to drive lots of the latest new cars and there is always the next new one so having a favorite Marque can be quite personal, Harris has his Porsche's and Steve who is originally an Aussie, and by admittance is a LOTUS fan. and this comment made me smile. Thanks Steve It was reassuring; reminding me why over the years I’ve owned eight cars bearing the famous ACBC badge.
  4. Hi Gordon, It isn't that hard, but get an agent. I assume you have owned the car for more than 12 months that means you can import it. There are taxes but no Luxury car tax the biggest hurdle is shipping cost at this point in time. Resale can happen after 12 months or they will hit for more taxes. a lower mileage 2010 car will set you back about about $70K aud or $40K GBP 90,000 Australian Dollar equals 48,496.68 Pound
  5. You may well be correct, talking to Richard a SSC he wasn't sure but more than 100, none the less there have been about 4 or 5 on car sales and other sites now only one
  6. Just an interesting observation, of the possibly 150- 200 EVORA's of all models in Australia, there is only 1 for sale..
  7. As a thought, I have been wondering with TPMS units if when you first start driving watching which one is the slowest to register as an indication of battery condition.
  8. New LOTUS supplied TPMS sender arrived for my 400 and had it fitted not with out a call from the guy who I get to do my tyre work. I want you to now in your mind a very animated and excited strong French accent , ...”this doesn’t fit expletive expletive etc it designed for , they sell you the wrong one followed by more expletives... I go around to the shop and looking at the new valve stem against the original, it has a threaded sleeve inside the new valve stem. I borrow a deep socket and do it up .. Queue more expletives.. He has formula three back ground and is very particular about his equipment and his work. but his animation and language in this lightly broken English has me laughing all the way home. Back to the TPS After 5 kms of driving the car I’m thinking.. there is something else wrong...then the pressure came up and TPS warning extinguished... phew. I have an alligator programmer coming and will try a non lotus but genuine alligator TPM sender and program it.
  9. I have been in touch with the Elise shop and they tell me they have sold a number of sensors to 400 owners and no feedback about issues. What I find weird is that the Alligator units "apparently" are one of the largest manufacturers of TPMS and yet there hard to source other than OEM suppliers
  10. As I supected. Their info TPMS Sensors (2010/14 OEM) for Evora • Evora S cars Our high-quality Schrader Tire Pressure Monitor System sensors are OEM pieces with the same fit and reliability of the factory Lotus/GM sensors. These fit all 2010~2014 factory 18/19” Evora and 19/20” Evora S wheels as well as our BC Forged wheels. A bit more costly than the off-shore sensors but also a bit more reliable. Unlike old systems, modern sensor batteries are no longer serviceable so a replacement sensor is recommended every five or so years but replacing them with new tires is the best-bet since the labor to install them is similar to removing-& replacing tires. Replacement sensors or new wheels/sensors should be recognized by your Evora & Evora S without any special tools or procedures. Just install them and the TPMS control module will find these after a short drive. These are not compatable with 2016+ Evoras, and at this time, we are still searching for a supplier for the newer cars.
  11. I could be wrong and happy to be corrected, it seems the 400 onwards is different to the pre 400's it could be that the TPMS monitor is tuned to be specific to 434MHz, as Autel reader which is set for 433MHz wont recognise the frequency. "apparently" the actual frequency is 433.95MHz however just the .95MHz makes all the difference, even the email from the people at Alligator said its just rounded up.. yeah right From the 400 TPMS service letter Note: There are different TPMS transmitter and Modules available for Japanese market vehicles, although the functionality is identical the operational frequency is 315MHz for vehicles imported into Japan as compared to 434MHz for all other markets. The Sensit.bix Notes the Alligator
  12. Keith, No problem, it will be a while until the programmer arrives, international mail freight is like it’s being towed by a migrating whale, couriers are better. I live the best part of two hors from the local dealer s I like to be more self sufficient.
  13. That’s all good however as I found after two hours yesterday the programmer my shop has and it’s new would not read the 434 on my Evora 400 but happily read the new 433. The price of the sensors here is what the uk pays for 4, I get 1.....
  14. Keith, brilliant I’ve ordered a programmer and will sign up to Alligator.
  15. I contacted The manufacturer in the US and they sent me a link to local suppliers. The real problem is the frequency of the units is MHz 434, as most readers/ programers only work on MHz433 and 315
  16. Back again, and if I’m covering old territory appolagies in advance. I bought a set of TPMs from the Elise shop only after 2 hours at specialist work shop to discover that the ones fitted to the EVORA have a frequency of MHz434, where as the others are MHz433. the factory fitted ones on my car are made by Alligator, their website doesn’t list MHz434, so I’ve sent off an email. And has probably been previously mentioned the Lotus Service bulletin mentions a service life of 5 years. I have ordered 1 new factory one... $$$$$$$$ grrrr
  17. It could be either, as far as I am aware its 10 years after fitting them to the car, however my "suspicion" as has been discussed they are bought by the factory in batches and left in a box on the production line and used as needed and they occasionally don't get to the bottom of the box. By the time they are fitted they are a few years old and how old are the batteries when they the sensors are made. who knows.
  18. My 2016 400 one sensor is dead, they should have a 10 year life according to SSC tech guys.
  19. Harry, Sorry, silver is a very boring the car is a sorts car, trying to give it a Bentley look just doesn't work for me, OH well its his choice, I'm just jealous
  20. Some of you will know, JayEmm on cars from his EVORA. He got a surprise with the Europa TC.
  21. Given the price of the sensors here in Australia, it’s worth a try to change the batteries Aliexpress sells 4 batteries for about 22 GBP or $40 AUD.
  22. I'll give it a go, but first have the voltage checked to make sure its not the circuit. This guy had success
  23. OK who Jinxed me, my RR sensor died yesterday and it its only 7 years old ( Ha HA more like at least 10), I ordered a set from the ELISE SHOP, and Ill change the lot. At lease the ELISE shop units come complete the OEM ones the outer and inner are separate. and Beeping expensive. I am going to investigate changing the batteries in them.
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