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  1. I used the in CD slot type charging mount. cut the ball off the mount, bored out the center countersunk a 6mm cap head bolt used a spacer to off set the ball so the tightening nut can be assessed.

    Very pleased with the result originally I was using a screen mount on the right. The only down side is the phone gets hot with mounting position where as before it did get some airflow from the face vent.



  2. It always seems to me that EVO always turn up with a GT4, yes the price is similar however to me the customers the EMIRA target is not just GTS, but a specked up Cayman because by the time you add any options to any Porsche the price sky rockets.

    The other thing Jethro didn't mention the car in the teat was pre production.

  3. The Emira has an 8 year production life thanks to current Gov insistent ( that's the most polite word I could think off) EMIRA variants probably however with a focus on EVs who knows.

    I for one will keep the EVORA, In hind sight Ive made too many mistakes selling cars for the grass is greener....

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  4. Old models always drop when a new model comes out but as we are now in a totally different world perspective motoring, its anyone guess

    Another thought if I may, I se the Emira appealing to a different market which is what LOTUS wants and that's a good thing for the life of the company.

    However my best description for lots of the new buyers, is non enthusiast flippers, keep the car for 12 months to three years now whats next......

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  5. 20 minutes ago, C8RKH said:

    @au-yt if I wasn't happily married I'd ask you for a dance!

    Now, an Emira I4 GT4/3 special, stripped and full of carbon ... That could sit next to my Sport 410 for sure.

    Thank you at least one person agrees with me, not sure may will, but hey, may lotus sell many.

    When I first heard of the "new" lotus being developed, I was even advised then to keep the EVORA as the new car will be a more "shopping" mass market car, but by account it still has LOTUS DNA.


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