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  1. Getting back to the point, of course you want one. I am heavily biased of course.
  2. Love the Morgan 3 wheeler in amongst them all.
  3. Hi Alex, A few weeks in now. How are the pads holding up? I'm looking at changing the rears on mine. Front I have the ones supplied by lotus with the AP calipers. Rear I've the greenstuff. So slightly forward biased at the moment. Stu.
  4. Hi James, I just had mine replaced with a unit sourced from the States. The company is "AC parts house" "10632N - New V5 A/C Compressor" this is the line item in their product range. It's a straight replacement for the Esprit unit. Not sure what american tank its off but it works. Cost me $156. I had it shipped to my girlfriends in LA so not sure if they will send to the UK. If they won't ship abroad, or its crazily priced then I may be able to bring one back for you in November. Hope the info helps, Stu.
  5. Hi Peter, Sorry for the tardy reply. In short I was looking for the info you posted above I had reset the memory by the time I managed to get your software sorted out on the Mac. (was using the wrong port) Thanks agin for your taken for this software and your support.
  6. For those that use a mac, the software works with full functinality using parallels and Vista. A great bit of software, thanks Peter for the hard work. One addition which would help is a code lookup function, or is it there and I've missed a trick somewhere? Stu
  7. Valuation taken care of, big thanks to Guy for that. I just hope Classicline accept it.
  8. Half a dozen emails sent to every man and his dog. Lets see what comes back. Cheers Bibs
  9. Great, thanks for the replies guys. Now I need to find the one nearest to London and go for a drive Stu.
  10. After being seduced by Classic lines lower premium than Hagerty I'm now told, a month later that I need to provide them with an independent valuation of the car as they can't do it in-house. Needless to say I'm a bit miffed at this as its after the cooling off period and Hagerty were happy to accept the agreed value, in fact the agreed price of the car came from Hagertys themselves and I just provided this price to Classic line for a comparison when ringing round for quotes! So after my little rant, does anyone know the best place to get "an independent valuation" for an Esprit? Stu.
  11. Glad I'm not the only rouged one amongst us!
  12. A bit burbley with a crack or two! Yes, wont forget that, a lot of concentration not to stall in traffic, or just making a noise. Amounts to the same really. Either way, a great day by all.
  13. Ha. Totally, I missed my exit on the M25, went through the Dartford tunnel for a fee and spent 1:30hrs in traffic trying to get through blackwall! At least the car got some thumbs up
  14. Great day with a great bunch of people. Glad I made the effort. Great to see the Vulcan fly. Helped a chap to get his overheating Scimitar going again at farthing services on the way home. Who says the factory tool kit in the esprit is no good! Turns out he's also an S2 esprit in need of a little Tlc, so I pointed him the right way with forums
  15. Must have missed that in esprit ownership 1.01!
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