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  1. Hi there chaps. I have finally gotten round (after 10 months) to fitting the AP calipers from the Lotus sale and front discs courtasey of Superdave. So now it is time to offer up for sale the old calipers, brackets and discs. The discs are only 6K miles old, mostly motorway driving. There are a set of EBC RedStuff and GreenStuff pads included. So sensile offers please. Cheers, Stuart.
  2. Hi chaps, Sorry to drag this up again but I have just replaced the Larini system with the lotus Centre Exit system. The sound of this with the hi-flo cats from Superdave is just astounding. The car is now quite angry sounding when you push the loud pedal, and honestly is the best that I have heard from a Lotus V8. I got rid of the Larini system because I was sick and tired of having the welding crack on me. It did sound good though, but not as good as the Centre Exit system. Hope this helps anyone undecided out there. I'm in the South Of France with the car at the moment so will post the obligatory Monaco tunnel run when I get around to doing it. there are Demons in there. Stu.
  3. Hi there chaps, I have decided to go with the final run look of a cheese-grater and central tail pipes. The only fly in the ointment is that Lotus don't have in any of the major bits for me to do this and can't give me a date when they will become available. So all you chaps out there that have done this, where did you get the parts from? Cheers, Stuart
  4. Credit crunch? Only for us small fry it would seem. This is the company that the RICH people get their yachts from. And their order books are full for the next 10 years. Got a spare
  5. Well, I managed to get one of the front wheels off between the rain, and we have 48 notches for the ABS sensors to count. Adjusted the TC program and will see how it performs tomorrow. Stuart.
  6. No it's not something saucy, but there is a 20 page spread of Lotus cars there. Seven Elite Elan Europa Elite II ESPRIT Elan M100 Elise Evora The photography as ever is great and they really captured the Evora in the right light, looks even better than it did in the flesh, well almost. One section is dealing with the interiors of all the cars in the feature. There is a definite bloodline thing going on when you see the interior and dash pics of the earliest car being the seven, right through to the new Evora. And a reference and thanks to bibs at at the end of the article. Stuart
  7. Just received this months Octane mag, and there is a 20 page Lotus feature. Not even had time to read it yet!!! Stuart.
  8. So it's all installed now, I only need to set up the software. Does someone who has already installed this have their data file that they could send me? Does anyone know the number of pulses per revolution for the abs sensors? Thanks. Stuart.
  9. Just finished installing this. And it started first time. I put it through a test sequence and you can hear the unit causing a misfire, needless to say it sounds a bit odd. No time today to set up the software or take the car out for a run. Maybe tomorrow. Stuart.
  10. Mark, I had the same thing with the speedo, the alternator died shortly afterwards, within a few miles. I don't recall the engine hunting or having problems at tickover though. Stu.
  11. Mark, That is what I had decided to do. It makes the most sense to me. I have just finished installing the unit, all that is left to do now is the power, ground and connect the digital adjuster. I have taken quite a few pics along the way so I should be able to put a guide together. Stuart.
  12. It makes a lot of difference. Going through the tunnels just over the border in the basque country was when it really hit me. Some of them are 2Km plus, and the resonance you get in the cabin was something else. Then open a window and drop it into third. Reminds me of the shriek of the turbo era f1 cars. But yes, the cab exhaust noise was a bit more. Stu.
  13. Does anyone have any ideas for the best place to put the control box for this unit. It's not the best looking thing in the world and I like the uncluttered look of the dashboard, so I don't want this alloy thing just stuck there in front of the gearstick. I can decide that later, lots of soldering to do first. Stu.
  14. I lost the left hand outlet pipe somewhere in France. It was on the car when I got on the train and was not there when I arrived at the motel later that night around LeMans. I have the right hand cat at the welders getting that re done. Also I have decided to install the traction control system, now I have the time and hopefully the weather.
  15. Neal, Thanks for that, I measure 655mm on mine. 7mm doesn't seem too much but I'll make a small plate to take it out and see if there is any difference. After removing the exhaust yesterday there are 5 fractures that I can see, I think there may be more of an issue here than just the exhaust. I'll go over the engine and gearbox mounts now. Fingers crossed I find something simple. Stuart.
  16. 1. It's fast, real fast... 2. Its to sexy for my shirt... 3. It's not Italian. 4. Its British 5. Looks Great 6. The handling. Makes any other car feel like it's going to topple in a corner it's so flat and sticks like glue! 7. Makes a big statement on the road. Says I haven't given up on life (and sticks 2 fingers up at the people who have, in their Citroen Picasso's / Vauxhall Zafira's). 8. Limited production run ensures exclusivity.
  17. I sent my unit back to Race Logic for a software change, to sort out the conflict with the ABS. (this was done free) Unfortunately I have not had time to fit it until now, in fact I have been working on it today. What I would like is a picture of any existing installation, I can't decide where on the dashboard to install the controller. The rest seems to be relatively straightforward. I'll take pictures as I go, and do a small writeup for it to be posted. All pictures of the installation are welcome Enjoy the good weather, Stuart.
  18. Hi Guys, I'm having some problems with vibration and cracks on my exhaust system. I think that the rubbers are too tight due to the brackets being too close together on the exhaust itself. Can someone please measure the distance between bolt-holes for a Factory exhaust. Or at least have a look under the car and tell me if the rubbers hang vertically or are canted inwards. Thanks, Stuart.
  19. Just downloaded it. We'll see how it performs, sadly not in the Esprit for a while, some remedial exhaust work required first. Stuart.
  20. John, I had both the standard Cats and Lotus sport exhaust to start with. I then changed to the Larini exhaust. This in fact was quieter than the Lotus unit at idle and lower revs. When driving and the revs start to climb, about 3500 and above then the Larini really comes on song. In short it was less annoying than the Lotus unit for me when puttering around town and easy driving, but when you put your foot down then it sounds much better, not louder but more rich if that makes sence. I have now the Hi Flow Cats as supplied by SuperDave (many thanks Dave) These Cats together with the Larini exhaust are much better, the throttle responce is a little quicker. As for the sound this is improved considerably. Still at low revs the exhaust is reasonably quiet for the type of car it is fitted to, but when you put your foot down then it truly sings. I recently ran down to southern Spain through France in the car and when the entire exhaust and Cat setup was hot then the sound is much improved. Going through tunnels high revving in third it sounds fabulous. Hope this helps, sadly my video camera packed up so I couldn't get any footage. Stuart. One thing of note is that I have had some cracking on the exhaust system. This I'm putting down to the rubber mounts being much tighter on the Larini muffler than on the Lotus exhaust. So there is not so much movement. There are other threads that have covered this so I'm not too surprised.
  21. Andrew, Have you checked to make sure that there is only one seal between the filter and the housing. It sounds silly I know but if the previous filter has been on there a long time or was perhaps over-tightened then they can stick. I know first hand, as I have had it happen to me on other engines in the past. Hope you find the issue, Stuart.
  22. Graham, The window wiper relay is the one that some have changed. It gives a programmable intermittent function. As for the indicators it was just an idea I had. Stuart.
  23. I know we have identified that we can use the VW unit for our window wipers, but has anyone tried to match up a unit for the indicators. So when we flick the indicator stalk they flash 3 times as most new cars seem to do? Stuart.
  24. I just had mine done Monday by autoglass. i have a lifetime warrenty on the workmanship, and the excess was only
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