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  1. Well, mine has gone again. It lasted about 3000 miles, 18 months. it has cracked at the top, not good as we have all agreed. I', looking into silicon rubber ones at the mo. I'll keep you all posted. Looks like we need nitrile rubber ones made up. Dave have you had any luck in an answer from Lotus. Perhaps we are using old stock? Stuart.
  2. Hi guys & girls, I have to go to Madrid for a month or so. In usual fashon I have decided to go by car, and we all know what I'll be driving. don't worry I have underground parking. So any suggestions on a route, specific roads that are not to be missed. In the Madrid area any good stuff around there. I'll also have to go down to Benidorm one weekend to see some family, any suggestions for this route? The car is ready, getting the AC re-gassed tomorrow. I just got my hands on a Garmin Nuvi sat nav, so if all is good I won't get too lost. Take it easy ladies and gents, and enjoy the summer. Stu
  3. SCCDA0824XHC15852 2000. V plate V8GT Stuart Barnes Brecon Beacons UK
  4. I did Hereford UK to Barcelona, about 1730km a couple of years ago and the car ran perfectly, not in one go of course but overnight. Fuel economy was surprisingly good even traveling at comfortable 3 figure speeds. I'm due to take the car down to Madrid a week Thursday, that is about 1950km, so I'll post with what went right and not after I get there. Happy motoring, Stuart.
  5. Well done mate. I spend a couple of months each summer there with work. In fact last week we had the rally and the Costa Smeralda porsche club and their annual do in Puerto Cervo, yes it was a very german affair. If you get into puerto cervo itself then make sure you go to the little pizza place on the outskirts called pomoderos, not sure of the spelling, they do the best calzone. Enjoy the ride, and remember the people their think it is their god given right to be on the wrong side of the road when comming around those tight corners above calle di volpe and further down the coast. Either way enjoy the ride and the weather. Not done this with the esprit yet, so very jealous. Oh ,and get used to paying
  6. Jon, I have the Larini sport box on mine, and to be honest i think the lotus sport box is louder. but he larini unit is nice and quiet around town but when you give it some stick then it wails, i say quiet, but it sounds more composed and not so raspy. i also have the cats that superdave has on his site, and these so far have been good. i can't say if the acceleration has altered much, because my car was off the road for quite a while between having the cats and box replaced and me driving it with the lotus units on. either way, lifetime guarantee on the box and a pair of race metal cats are cheaper than the standard lotus issue ones. as for the mot, mine passed without a hitch with the sport cat setup and larini box. hope this helps mate stuart.
  7. Perhaps we should just get a batch of silicon rubber ones made up and have done with it. This is a component that potentially lots of people will need in the future. It's just an idea. Stuart.
  8. just joined facebook and still a little bewildered by it all. joined the group as well. B)
  9. Stuart

    LEF Eurohoon 2008

    I'm in for this. We definately have to go over the Millau viaduct and pass through the tunnels at Monaco, just the thought of the sound of a fist full of Esprits thundering through makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck . As for the camping, I'm with Kimbers on this. Time to enjoy the life. Stuart.
  10. Thanks for that Jeff. Itr's definately on the wish list. Stuart.
  11. Jeff, That sounds like the setup I am after. would it be too cheeky to ask how much it all set you back? You can pm me if you wish. Thanks Stuart.
  12. Thanks for the info John. I'll probably look into this a little more for my car when I get back. At the very least I'll check the spray pattern. cheers, Stuart
  13. Sadly it looks like work commitments will not let me attend this year. Although I am trying to wangle out of them. I'll probably not know until the last monent, and then it will probably be too late. Regards, Stuart.
  14. I definately want to do this. Are we going to get the tickets through Club Lotus as has been suggested, or are we going to organise this ourselves? I'm not sure how far in advance we will need to arrange all this stuff? Anyone any prior ecperience with the classic event is more than happy to chirp up. It would be good to have a LEF delegation present and of course as many Esprits as possible. Cheers guys, Stuart.
  15. Well done John, Just a few questions. 1. Why did you decide to change the injectors? 2. How many miles had the car done? 3. How much smoother is she after doing the job? 4. Whose injectors did you use, and did you replace the secondaries? I'm just curious, but most of all make sure you drive her and enjoy all the hard work. Cheers, Stuart.
  16. Stuart

    Le Mans 08

    Glad to hear that you guys are going. I want to, but would prefer to stay in an hotel. Is there any one else doing this or are you lot going camping instead? Cheres. Stuart.
  17. Mark, I really want to attend this. I have not been before, but it is always something that I wanted to do. Have you sorted out accommodation yet? Also I'm not sure how difficult it will be to get tickets and how all that is arranged. I'm trying to persuade my better half that it will be a great event, and I'm slowly winning that battle. Stuart.
  18. SJ are back in the office today after the winter break.
  19. A Happy Christmas to everyone. Has anyone seen this idea, buy shares in a racing team and get double your money back after the season? I'm sure someone here knows a little about this. Have a good one Stuart.
  20. I used a tom tom this year in france and italy. the directions are all as you would expect. ie. round abouts anti clockwise etc. enjoy the drive stuart
  21. 2+2, Great news, means that I can justify another Lotus, purely on practicality sake as a family car, although we haven't any kids yet. I suppose I should hold fire with an Elise for the wife in that case. Either way I'll be looking in anticipation towards this. Cheers, Stuart.
  22. My doors work in the way that you have described there. ie. no central locking as I know it from other vehicles. One thing worring me though is that I do not have the resistor key thing, I only have the key fobs to open the doors etc. Anyone any idea if these are available from Lotus or Cobra? Cheers, Stuart.
  23. This is the link from the web site for applications. I'll give it a whirl and see what it is like. Thanks for the offer of the Mags Bibs. Cheers Stuart
  24. Are there many members here? What is the Magazine like? I'm thinking of joining, but still a little on the hedge at the moment. Cheers, Stuart.
  25. Peter, I'm due to get my car from SJ in the next week or so all being well. I have Dave's 200 cell cats and a Larini exhaust fitted. If you wanted to meet when I get the car and then you can draw your own conclusions, then the offer is there. Stuart.
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