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  1. I think it looks great, menacing and huge, bring back the big cat. I have to agree though, I would sooner part with my cash as the prospective second owner. Stuart
  2. Your age: 29 Car: V8GT Insurer: Hagerty Points: 0 Mods declared: Stainless sports exhaust, sports cats Mileage allowance: 5000 NCB: None Excess:
  3. Just found this on piston heads. Sounds as mad as a March hare. Or is it just another bloke saying that I can make better than that, in reply to the Bugatti? Stuart.
  4. Just tried talking to several Renault dealers about the seal insertion tool for the UN1. The number is not comming up on their computers as a current part. Figured it is something that I will use a few times during my ownership, and is handy for other chaps to borrow. So any other ideas where I could get one from? Cheers, Stuart.
  5. Glyn, Which HID lights did you go for in the end? I'm thinking of this conversion and there seen a bewildering array of lights and suppliers out there. Did you have any installation problems? cheers, Stuart.
  6. I worked on her a few years back. Had a ball, as well as working on some antiquated marine engines, side rotary exhaust valve Sulzer RD68. I'm in agreement with you Atle, the proportions of these liners are by far, more appealing to the block of flats that they build now. Stuart.
  7. I had a similar noise. Checked the heat shields and anything else that I though it could be. In the end it turned out to be the chain on the intermediate shaft. This has a pair of metal guide shoes that had slackened off, hence my rattle. Oddly enough it was only evident when the oil was cold and the car on tick over, revved or with a warm engine and the noise wasn't there. Stuart.
  8. Guys and Girls I have just renewed my subscription to the Tracker network. This unit was fitted by one of the PO's and I carried on with the subscription for a further 3 years. Now this being the 4th year of my ownership, the subscription was supposed to be upgraded to a 'duration subscription' i.e. I don't have to pay again for as long as I own the car. They didn't do this automatically, and it took a few phone calls to sort this out but we got there in the end. So a word of warning to the rest of you out there, you may be paying when you don't have to, and a hundred odd quid is nothing to sniff at. Reading the small print this only applies to people with the RETRIVE and HORIZON units. Hope this is of help to someone. Stuart.
  9. Si, I would be up for a complete detail when I get my car back from SJ. I live just over the hill from you (Brecon area ) so not too far for me to travel with the car. The only problem for me is when I can get her over to you as I am in and out of the country quite a bit. Definately up for a full detail though as well as the usual stone chips on the front. Stuart.
  10. Stuart


    It's worth going to St. Maarten just to have a beer and catch the landing of the KLM or Air France 747 at the sunset beach bar. What an experience, right on the end of the runway. Found this on youtube. As you are comming from Europe what about the Maldives? Stuart.
  11. Same with me Peter. Although I do remember someone talking about dribbley injectors being a potential issue. All I know is that my car has always done this since I purchased it from the PO, and it has never failed me either. It just takes 2 -3 seconds to fire when hot. Stuart.
  12. I'm with Travis. Post the maps and the upgrades required to make the best use of the particular blower.
  13. you could always get the gears superfinished. apparently it cuts down hugely on the noise, wear and overall losses in the box. Not sure how much this will set you back though. Stuart.
  14. Glad you got your mits on one, great colour by the way. B)
  15. Sonny, Did you get this sorted out in the end? I'm looking for front discs and bells for my nice new shiny blue AP calipers, ex Lotus sale. There are a lot of options there at a very wide variation in price. It is all a bit bewildering. Cheers, Stuart.
  16. 1: gghc87 Cliff 2: SE Owner Rog 3: Tentenths James 4; Simon350S Simon 5: Setras Eddie 6: Mayesprit Ian 7; Pauli Pauli 8: Alex --GT3 Alex 9: caulkhead68 Matt 10: hilly Hilly 11: Bazza 907 Barrie 12: obione Andrew 13: bigsi Si 14: matk Mat 15: OwenGT3 Owen 16: Dan Dan 17: GasmanGT3 Ade & Gina 18: Peteyg Pete 19: Esprit22 Chris 20: GT3-jonny 21: ambrose 22: MPx Mike 23: PeterEngland99 Peter & Jen 24: Stuart 25: *********** Count me in.
  17. I'd be definately interested. Always wanted to go there, and to have a meet as well would be 2 birds with one stone. Great plan guys. Stuart.
  18. What about this crowd, they say that they can do Mags. May be a silly question, but do OZ refurbish wheels? They did make them in the first place. Stuart.
  19. John, Well done mate. So you managed to replace the hoses without any problem I assume. Apart from the Carry on film esque fuel squirting incident? I am sure that some people on here will have to do the same thing in the near future. Me probably!!! So how easy were the hoses to replace, how many are there, rough cost? cheers mate and again well done on finding the source of your smelly problem. Stuart.
  20. Stephen, This may sound odd, but go to a good tool factors and get your hands on some spanners and ratchets. There will be several different brands available. Pick them up and see how they feel in your hands. This may sound odd but go with it. For me Snap On tools just don't feel right I much prefer Facom. You will also see a very different cost for different brands. Yes you do pay a premium for some brands. You have to remember though that these generally come with a lifetime guarantee. If you snap a spanner whilst using a pipe on the end for added leverage then you can take it back and get it replaced. This is what you are paying for with the extra cost. It is easy to blow a lot of money on tools. Start off with a socket set, and a set of combination spanners. Then add to this as you go along and as the need arises. As already said, a good set will last a lifetime. Remember the golden rule, never buy anything without a lifetime guarantee. It will pay dividends later on. Oh and get ready for some skinned knuckles But above all enjoy working on your baby. Stuart.
  21. I really want to attend this event. Although I have to agree with some of the other chaps that camping is not my preferred option. If that is the general consensus though then I'll go along with It, I'm sure that with enough of us, even staying in a tin shack would be entertaining. Anyone any reccomendations for hotels etc? Also anyone any idea of the price for tickets? As for getting across the channel, I would prefer to go on the ferry, I find it much more civilized than being shot down a tube under the sea, and the crew on the ferries treat anything around that time with kid gloves. They will even put you on the boat in a better place regarding ramps etc. Remember one very low sports car can hold up a ship when it gets grounded. so it is in their interest to treat us well, and yes I used to work on these ships. Stuart.
  22. Well done Simon. I'm sure there will be quite a few interested in these, me included. Another instance of people improving our cars as and where they can. Great news. Stuart
  23. I have to admit, that the heater knob is mostly set somewhere in the middle, not often to the full cold position. I agree with you there, perhaps we are being a bit too critical. Thanks to Dave for manufacturing and selling aftermarket parts for our cars. Stuart.
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