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  1. Dave, Had a look on your web site and they look great, however I'm not sure about the grub screws being on the top half of the knobs. They do look the part though. Stuart.
  2. Wheels look great in black, sorry, the stripe is not for me. I'll get my spare set painted black when I get them re-furbed, or maybe a heavy graphite colour. Either way well done mate. Stuart
  3. So it looks like there are a few of us planning / wanting to go. So how about us organising this as a forum thing? Bibs, ideas? It would be great if we could properly arrange the convoy as it comes across the country and down to the ferry, then into France, what a blast. Also would be good to sort out the accomodation together / near to everyone else. Then with some local knoledge / planning for a route would be great to get on some of those fabulous roads over there. I would be willing to help out with this, but I have not been before and my French is a bit on the poor side. stuart.
  4. Dave, I think that these will go on my rather large wish list with the other alloy bits from you..... Stuart.
  5. I hadn't even thought about that Glyn. Have you sourced the gauge surrounds / housing yet? Let me know how this comes along. And yes I'm sure that the bit of plastic on the console is cheaper than the A Pillar trim. Incidentally, does anyone know the type of paint that Lotus used to get the finish on the plastic? Stuart.
  6. Good collection, I have managed to get my hands on a couple of magazine reviews of my particular vintage and sales brochure. It is a bug though, and you just want more.
  7. Daniel, Very envious, it is definately on my to do list, although I don't know if I have the bottle to take my car around that track. I am sure it is an absolute blast though, I can only imagine the buzz you get. Make sure you let us all know how it went. The covert camera is an interesting idea Jonathan, I am toying with the idea of a reversing camera, as I can't reverse for sh*t, and having it hooked up to the sat nav unit. Stuart.
  8. I've been looking, and can only find combined gauges in digital form. Personally I'm not too much of a digital fan, and would prefer some good old fashioned units with needles. The only problem being the scale becomes very small on the smaller diameter gauges. I'm in two minds about insing the A pillar for the installation. although it donesn't look too bad. Perhaps come creative dashboard work is required.... Stuart.
  9. You may be right there Dan. The main thing that I can see is that the combustion engine as a stand a lone unit is not very efficient. It's only when you start adding all sorts of goodies that it claws some of this back. even after all that, just think how much energy is wasted as heat. However the develpoment of bio-fuels is a very interesting issue, as well as the development of fuel-cell technology, and there is a vast amount of cash being invested in this. Not just for small power applications such as ours, but for bigger ones, ie. marine use etc, up to 100,000 Hp. So all in all I think there is a very interesting time ahead, bring on the revolution.
  10. Paul, Have you decided which version to go for? Do you have a model no etc for the optima units? How much are they quoting you? It is time to change mine too and I am not sure which type to go for, so many options out there But I will put larger diamerter cables to and from the battry at the same time. Stuart.
  11. Sorry I can't help you with any answers to this one. But I would love to attend this. I am sure we could round up a couple of cnadidates and make this a real event. Stuart.
  12. Very cool, so now we all know what magic goes on in each of our cylinders, when you think how many thimes this is happening each minute, then it really hits home. i did see a video of the engine that Shell were running, it had a crystal cylinder liner so you could see the complete process. Can't remember where I saw this though Make the most of it while you can people, as I am sure that our generation are going to be the last to use this kind of motive power. :crybaby: stu.
  13. ( from the V8 ECM upgrade thread ) This is something that I fancy too. I have been in touch with Claudius in the States about the gauge and pillar that they offer, but it is only available to suit left hookers, unless you want the gauge on the opposite side to the driver. Looks like a good unit though. I happen to think the interior quite uncluttered, and don't want to overdo it with additional gauges and controllers, I'm still deciding where to put the traction control unit so it won't be too in your face, but i like as much information about what is going on as possible. So, I know there are members here who have fitted a boost gauge to the late interior cars, where have you put them? Do Lotus make a boost gauge for any of our beloved Esprits' little sisters? It would be nice to have the design all in keeping with the existing instrumentation. Also are people running with analogue gauges, or digital units? One option would be to go for compound units, I'm not sure how good these units are, anyone any experiences? Stuart.
  14. Perhaps something a little more spacious? I may know a man who can help you. On a serious note, I ran aground on a 40,000 tonnes cruise ship, not a very nice experience, especially the accident investigation branch interviews afterwards. I am a firm believer that if you are in command of a vessel you have appropriate qualifications, that means aircraft carriers down to the scourge of the sea, Jet skis. Stuart.
  15. So from what I know, and that is very little. There are a few different options offered up to us if we want to keep the current Renault box. Derek Bells unit GTO Engineering Holloway Performance in collaboration with Derek Bell All three are options for keeping a helical cut gearbox but imporving it. From what I have read they all do a similar job of removing the 5th gear overhang weakness and that of the 1st motion shaft. So what is the real difference with these units in how they achieve this? I know that a lot of time and energy, not to mention money has been invested in the development of these upgrades, I just want to make sure that as a customer I (we) get the best units for our application, as for most of us it will be down to the advice on this forum that swings our opinions as much as cost. Sorry if this seems blatantly obvious to some of you, but I am sure there are those out there who are in the same position as I am, ie. Stuck about which I opt for when I finally get this upgrade done. Cheers guys Stuart.
  16. Will, Sorry to hear about the MOT failure. Just out of interest, who supplied your cats? Also how much did they fail the emissions test by? I am due to get some next week and was about to plumb for a set of the 100cpi ones, if they don't cut the mustard then I'll have to re think. Hope you get the car sorted sooner rather than later, Stuart.
  17. This crowd sell them. I would like to have this as well. But the thing is I don't want to ruin and clutter the simple design of the cars interior. With this and the traction control units installed it is pretty easy to have the dashboard looking like a christmas tree. So where are you guys putting this stuff? Where did Lotus fit it to the last run of cars? Fred, where did you mount yours, and not to sound to anorakish, can you post a pic? Great idea to have one though. Cheers guys Stuart
  18. Has anyone any experience with aftermarket paint protection systems such as venture shield and the like? Are they any good? Do they really stop stone chips? Cost? Lifespan? Problems? I'm sure someone here must have some applied. I would be interested in having some applied, it's just i can't get out of my head the idea of in acouple of years having the front of my car looking like it's poorly wrapped in cling film / gladwrap Stuart.
  19. Just wondering but what makes these better in your opinion than other metallic cats? Stuart.
  20. ''On a related note, sometimes the car wont start if you shut it off hot (>95 degrees) until it has had time to cool. This problem has been with the car since I got it. Not sure if it's related or not, but thought I would throw it out there.'' Sorry to hear about the overheating. Hope you sort that one out and it's not too costly. But with regard to the hot starting issue, mine is the same, it is difficult to start when the engine is >95 degrees. It will start, but it takes a good few cranks. I read somewhere about possible gassing up of the fuel system, and subsequent vapour locking. Anyone have any info? Stuart.
  21. Glyn, If you are going to get a quote from them, could you ask if they would be prepared to make a complete set and not just chop up the originals? I'm sure at a good price they would have alot of interest from this forum alone. I have also gotten in touch with JAE in the states and can get a set of magnaflows for just under
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